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Is Airbag Covered in Car Insurance Policy in India?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 12/09/2023

Poor quality of roads, increased number of vehicles, and inattentive drivers/riders are all the factors that combine to make a recipe for disaster. To counter the ill effects of these accidents, it is essential to invest in comprehensive car insurance. Additionally, to mitigate the risks of being involved in these road mishaps, car manufacturers continue to enhance the safety features of vehicles. One such important element of safety is car airbags.

Even a general glance at road mishap statistics will reveal how car airbags have played a prominent role in saving thousands of lives. Therefore, like comprehensive four-wheeler insurance, car airbags are also indispensable safety elements. However, when you think about strengthening your financial safety with car insurance, you might wonder whether car airbags are included in your insurance coverage. But before we answer this, let’s first understand how car airbags work.

How Do Airbags in Cars Work?

The physics of car airbags is uncomplicated. A car's onboard sensors keep an eye out for movements indicative of a collision. If such a movement is detected, the airbag is triggered to fire to reduce the impact of the crash.

Car airbags are typically made out of a thin nylon fabric that saves a lot of space when folded. Within a car, the airbags are fitted in different places (depending on the make and model of the car), such as:

Front: Amongst the most common types of airbags, the front airbags are fitted on the dashboard and the steering wheel. Their objective is to protect the driver and the front-seated passenger from a frontal collision.

Side: The side airbags are mounted on the backseat of the car. These airbags inflate between the car door and the seats when they detect an impact.

Knee: These airbags are fitted below the dashboard. In the event of an impact, the airbags inflate to fill the space between the dashboard and the passenger.

The inner workings of an airbag are fascinating: when a car detects a collision, a small explosive device that is fitted within an airbag module detonates. This causes the bag to inflate, protecting the driver and the passengers in the vehicle.

Over the years, airbag safety technology has continued to advance and improve. Some car manufacturers have made airbags that can detect the forces involved in the collision. This data is then used to inflate the airbag to the right extent.

Car airbags are also termed "supplementary restraint devices" that work in conjunction with the seatbelt, which also controls the body movement in the event of a crash.

Considering their significance in saving lives, many might wonder what is the car airbag price in India and whether it is covered under a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance plan.

Is the Airbag Replacement Cost Covered by Four-Wheeler Insurance?

A comprehensive car insurance plan is designed to secure the insured member from unfortunate road eventualities. Car insurance offers much-needed financial security in case your car suffers from damages because of an accident or other unpleasant situations such as theft, natural calamities, fire, etc. However, several insurance seekers like to further enhance their safety by opting for add-ons to their basic four-wheeler insurance that is available at a higher premium. These add-ons are particularly beneficial for owners of expensive vehicles. Therefore, before purchasing insurance, individuals are always advised to analyse their specific insurance needs and compare car insurance policies to find the right coverage. Tata AIG car insurance comes with a choice of 12 unique add-ons to further enhance protection for insurance seekers.

To compensate for the missing aspects of a basic car insurance policy, insurance companies offer add-ons that provide coverage against several crucial liabilities. Although a basic four-wheeler insurance plan will cover policyholders against road mishaps, the coverage does not include damages arising from regular wear and tear and the ageing of your car, i.e., depreciation.

Typically, here is how the depreciation rates are applied to the replaced parts of the insured car:

  • Zero deduction on the car parts made out of glass

  • Fibreglass components in the car suffer a 30% depreciation

  • Car parts made up of rubber, nylon, or plastic undergo 50% depreciation. These include car components such as tubes and tyres, batteries, and airbags.

And so, while your basic car insurance policy will cover the airbag replacement cost, the depreciation rate will come in the way of providing complete compensation. However, if the policyholder has chosen zero-depreciation cover over their four-wheeler insurance plan, they are compensated for loss or total damage without deduction of depreciation for up to five years. Without this cover, policyholders will be expected to pay the balance for their cost of airbag replacement in India.

Benefits of the Zero Depreciation Add-On

At the time of claim settlement, your insurance provider will only compensate for the current market value of your vehicle and not the actual price at which you have made the purchase. However, with a zero-depreciation add-on cover to your comprehensive car insurance, your insurance provider is liable to compensate the full amount for the depreciated car parts. This includes the entire compensation for the cost of airbag replacement in India.

With a zero-depreciation add-on, your financial burden is almost nullified without the deduction of any depreciation percentage on your car parts. Therefore, this add-on cover is called a bumper-to-bumper or nil-depreciation cover.

If the insured vehicle is involved in an accident and is secured with zero-depreciation cover, the policyholder can raise a claim for the total cost of the car airbag price in India. In this case, the depreciated value of the damaged airbags that need replacement will not be deducted from the sum assured.

Wrapping Up

Accidental injuries come unannounced and leave a significant impact to deal with. Therefore, it is essential to adequately secure oneself with comprehensive car insurance that is strengthened with zero-depreciation coverage. The zero-depreciation add-on protects you from bearing the financial burden that comes with depreciation. With the zero-depreciation coverage to the basic four-wheeler insurance, the policyholder need not worry about the airbag replacement cost as the insurance provider will entirely compensate this amount.

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