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Is Insurance Required to Test Drive a Car?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 12/06/2023

Planning to buy a new car?

The best way to select the car that meets your requirements is by getting in the driver’s seat for a test drive. Sounds exciting, right? Indeed it is! A test drive helps you ensure your car meets your expectations.

Moreover, it allows the car dealer to show you all the vehicle’s features. However, a question that may cross your mind at this point is, do you need a car insurance policy to test drive a car? So let’s find out if you need insurance for a four-wheeler to test drive a car.

What is Test Drive Insurance

Car insurance is a commonly known term, but what is test drive car insurance? A test drive insurance is a short-term insurance plan that provides coverage when you take out a car for a test drive from the showroom. As a general practice, the car dealer takes a comprehensive car insurance policy for test-driving cars. Such a plan covers both own damage insurance and third-party damage. The third-party liability covers the damage or injury caused to a third party. The own-damage insurance covers the damage to the test-driving car.

Is It Possible to Test Drive a Car Without Insurance

Under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, all vehicles plying on Indian roads must be covered by at least a third-party insurance. The vehicle may be a private, commercial, or a vehicle taken out for a test drive. All these types require mandatory third-party insurance. Driving an uninsured vehicle may lead to penalties and imprisonment.

It makes it necessary to inquire about the insurance of a car you plan to test drive. A comprehensive car insurance policy provides broader coverage as compared to a third-party car insurance policy. It insures the vehicle, its owner and the third party involved in the event of a mishap. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure the car is fully insured before taking it out for a spin.

You may even ask the car dealer if you are responsible for any damage to the vehicle when you take it out for a test drive. This way, you can minimize the anticipated obligations in the event of an accident when you take a test drive.

The Benefit of Test Drive Car Insurance

Even if you end up not buying the car you take out for a test drive, it is necessary to have appropriate insurance. Irrespective of whether you are driving your car, someone else’s car, or simply taking a test drive, there are always chances of an accident on the road. If you are test-driving a car, chances are you need to become more familiar with the car’s features and controls. It is further essential to be adequately insured when taking a test drive.

Driving Test Insurance Requirements

Test driving several cars before you make a final selection validates your choice. It is a common practice among car dealers to allow car buyers to take a short test drive of the vehicle of their interest. Before the dealer allows you to get in the driving seat of the vehicle, he would ask you for your driver’s licence and understand your interests.

You will not be asked to buy car insurance to test drive a car. The auto showroom dealer is responsible for the insurance in this case. You only need a valid driver’s licence to test drive a car. Additionally, the auto showroom dealer should ensure that the test drive vehicle is legally compliant to be driven on public roads. There can be variations in different states in this policy. Hence, ensure the dealer has checked the compliance before letting you take a test drive.

How to Test Drive a New Car

Usually, the car dealers have a predefined short route for the test drive. You must follow this road map when taking a test drive. A salesperson from the car showroom will accompany you on your drive. If you want to drive a little longer to test the vehicle, you may ask for it.

  • Familiarize yourself with the car’s steering, braking system, handling, and suspension. Also, test how the car responds under different driving conditions, like driving on hills, turning on corners, and applying sudden brakes. Note if the car’s engine is strong enough to endure these conditions and see how its transmission behaves.

  • Avoid playing the audio system when taking a test drive. Instead, listen for sounds and noises. Some cars may have a louder cabin noise than you like.

  • These days, cars have advanced features that you must understand. Therefore, once you are done with the test drive, learn how to use the infotainment and navigation systems.

  • Check whether the car has enough advanced safety features you would like in your new car. A salesperson can take you through these features and help you review them.

  • Test-driving several models and cars on the same day is a good idea. It allows you to compare the features and driving experience of different cars to make an informed decision

Why is a Test Drive Necessary

A test drive can be a game changer when buying a new car. It allows you to get an actual feel of driving the car of your choice. It is possible to understand car flaws only when you get behind the wheel. Test driving a car helps you invest your hard-earned money in a worthwhile vehicle. Test driving a car can also save you from unwanted expenses and unpleasant discoveries later.

Can You Test a Used Car Without Insurance

Even if you plan to buy a second-hand car, you need to ensure that the vehicle has at least third-party insurance before taking it for a test drive. Taking a test drive of an uninsured used car can lead to hefty penalties and even jail time for the driver. Therefore, always ask the car owner about the car’s insurance status before taking it for a test drive.


Car dealers need to insure all their vehicles with four-wheeler insurance to allow them to be taken out on public roads. Always inquire about a car’s insurance from the dealer before taking it out for a test drive. Use a car insurance calculator and save up to 75% on car insurance premiums with Tata AIG.

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