Keeping Your Car New Always

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But buying that new car is just the first step, for making sure that your assets continue to stay in mint condition requires regular maintenance and care.

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Keeping Your Car New Always

With the auspicious Navratri around the corner, it’s time for traditional reverence and family bonding. The festival being synonymous with new beginnings, you may consider celebrating this joyous occasion by investing in new assets such as a new car. But buying that new car is just the first step, for making sure that your assets continue to stay in mint condition requires regular maintenance and care.

Here are six tips to maintain their longevity and safety

1. Get the car washed regularly A regular wash-down prevents dirt and debris from affecting the new paint. Try to water down bird droppings as soon as you can, because their excreta is corrosive.Also get the interiors cleaned regularly, this helps to remove dust and moisture. These damage the upholstery and cause respiratory issues for regular passengers.

2. Use the right products Use two sets of soft cleaning cloths- one wet and the other dry. Avoid dry wiping directly over dusty window panes to prevent scratches. Use the dry cloth to completely absorb moisture after cleaning the interiors to keep it from smelling damp and attracting mould.Use a gentle detergent mix to maintain a bright, shiny look.

While they may be quick and convenient, automated wash stations use hard motorised bristles that erode the paint job one roll splash at a time. The active chemical mix in the detergents is also something you would not wish for your prized possession.

3. Select a parking spot carefully The harsh Indian sun ages your car a lot quicker and affects the chemistry of the plastic interiors. Indoor parking spots are the best to keep the car cool and away from the sun, grime and bird droppings.If you absolutely must park on the road, look for a parking spot that is less crowded and safe, even if it means you have to take a short walk to get to your destination. It’s always a better option to burn off some calories than have heartache over nicks and dents from unruly drivers.

4. Peek into the bonnet every once in a while Modern cars don’t need frequent lubricant changes. You can now drive around for over 20,000 kilometres before requiring an oil change. However, as with any machine, it is always better to check how the vitals are performing. Get a certified mechanic to have a look at the engine and brake oil, coolants and other electricals once every three months.

5. Be judicious on the road Frequent and hard braking wears out the brake pads sooner and makes them grubby with dust accumulation. Instead of breaking suddenly or flying off, think ahead and slow down the car on potholes and speed breakers. It is vital to keep the chassis in good health and prevent creaking sounds while driving.

While you're going the extra mile to keep your car in shipshape, make sure you get the right add-ons for your car insurance that can cover the damages if anything happens. The right insurance partners, such as Tata AIG, think of every small detail that ensures your well-being and help keep your car running smoothly.

Happy Navratri. Think ahead.

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