7 Maintenance Tips for Maruti Car

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As one of the most affordable car manufacturers, Maruti Suzuki cars are popular and well-favoured in all parts of India. Maruti Suzuki Alto and Wagon R are some of the company's most commonly purchased car models because they require minimum maintenance and up-keep. Their accentuated features, powerful engine and affordable car insurance premiums are three main reasons why Maruti Cars are the starter cars for almost all Indian households.

The Need for car maintenance

Being one of the most popular companies, the insurance premiums of these cars are easily obtainable. TATA AIG car insurance covers damage and loss in natural calamities and accidents. However, this is only applicable if you maintain your car properly.

The Need for car maintenance

Car maintenance is usually not covered by motor car insurance policies, which is why many people skip the maintenance requirements. Maruti provides their customers with top-of-the-line fuel efficiency, unrivalled by any other automobile company. However, to get the most out of the car, maintenance is not optional. Any car's fuel efficiency changes once it is used for several years. Maintenance is used to ensure that the car's engine is working properly and to restore some of the efficiency. Without proper maintenance, a car of any model or type will not be able to function properly in the long run.

**Tips for Maintaining your Maruti car **

● Replace your air filters

For Maruti cars, the replacement of air filters is decided by the type of fuel your car uses. For Petrol cars, clean your air filter every 5,000 km and replace it after every 40,000 km. For diesel cars, cleaning is not an option. Instead, you should replace your filter every 20,000 km.

● Drive between 45-55km/h

Many drivers tend to increase speed when the road is free and then decrease it once they approach the traffic. To get the best out of your Maruti cars, drive at a steady speed between 45-55km/h. This will increase your car's fuel efficiency and mileage. When going for long drives, it is also recommended that you stop to provide your engine with a break. So that when you start driving again, your car can drive smoother.

● Follow the manual

Maruti cars come with an 'inspection and maintenance' section informing you how often the car needs to visit a service centre. Following this manual will reduce your maintenance costs and make your drive trouble-free and safe. It is also important to do frequent visual checks to find out whether your car requires maintenance more often or not.

● Ask to inspect your fuel filter

The fuel filter should be changed at regular intervals. For Maruti cars with a carburettor, this should be changed every 20,000 km, and for MPFI vehicles, it should be changed every 40,000 km. However, if your fuel quality is poor, you should ask the service manager to inspect and change your filter more often.

● Protect your battery

Your car battery can get discharged even if you don't use your car. To prevent your battery from discharging, start your car at least once a week. It is recommended that you keep it running for 10-15 minutes. If you're going on an extended vacation, remove the negative terminal of your battery to prevent it from discharging.

● Don't overuse the hand brake.

The hand brake is an excellent safety measure. However, many people use hand breaks while they are parked at a traffic signal. This can easily jam your break and create problems in the long run. Additionally, this can also cause problems if the car is parked downhill or uphill. Before using the hand brake, make sure to understand the terrain and park accordingly.

● Get four-wheeler insurance.

Motor car insurance is a necessity for all cars. While third-party insurance is compulsory under the Motor Vehicle Act, you should also invest in personal accident cover as part of four-wheeler insurance. This will ensure you have complete protection while you're driving and can cover any losses incurred in case of an accident.

Of the many car insurance plans that are available in the market, you can bank on the TATA AIG car insurance policy.

**Maruti Car Insurance from Tata AIG **

TATA AIG car insurance company provides a car insurance policy for Maruti cars, covering loss or damage to the insured vehicle. TATA AIG car insurance policy also covers liability to third party vehicles and persons as well as a personal accident cover that will protect you and your passengers. The policy covers a wide range of situations and calamities, including riots, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and theft. You can easily customize your plan by choosing one of the various add-on covers provided. TATA AIG insurance for the car also provides online renewal of car insurance, so you don't have to go through a lengthy documentation process.


Car insurance is one of the most important requirements for any car owner. Without insurance, not only can you face a legal fine, but you can also incur financial losses. The car insurance policy provided by TATA AIG is the perfect partner for your car and will ensure you remain safe and financially secure in the face of any situation.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions you may refer to:

What regular maintenance should be done on a car?

Regular maintenance should include check-ups for the following:

● Spark plug inspection ● Fuel, oil and other fluids check-ups ● Inspection tyres ● Electrical connections ● Inspecting gear, clutch and breaks

What is the most important maintenance required for a car?

The most important part of any car is the engine. You should especially focus on the engine oil and how often you replace it. Changing oil regularly ensures that the engine can function smoothly and provide you with maximum fuel efficiency.

Which insurance is best for Maruti car?

TATA AIG car insurance is a good choice for your Maruti car. With a network of 7,500 garages, you can avail services in any part of the country. The insurance covers loss and damage to the car in case of accidents, burglary and natural or human-made calamities.

What car maintenance can I do myself?

You can easily do basic car maintenance yourself like:

● Changing the refrigerant/coolant ● Cleaning headlights ● Replacing wipers ● Checking air pressure in tyre and replacement of tyres

However, maintenance to any other parts of the car should be handled by a professional.

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