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Secure Your Car With The Super Car Insurance Plan!

Believe it or Not! Save upto* 75% on TATA AIG Car Insurance

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10 Basic Car Maintenance Tips for First-Time Car Owner

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  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 06/02/2023

Being a first-time automobile owner can be an extremely thrilling experience. For the majority of us, our first vehicles represent independence and liberty. However, let's not lose sight of the significance of learning to take care of your car on your own in this quest for independence. Every new driver needs to learn the fundamentals of new car care tips because they may not be able to go to a mechanic immediately or go to someone for help whenever they have a problem. You need to be able to look after your car yourself, and having some general car maintenance tips can help you with that.

However, before we talk about how to maintain a car, let us first deal with something more important. The first thing you want to do when you get a new car is to drive it on the streets. But before you can get to that point, you must have 4-wheeler insurance for your car. If you do not have valid car insurance, be prepared for a lot of trouble on the legal front. Because 4-wheeler insurance is so important, and many people may not have the bandwidth to visit an insurance office to get their policy, most insurance providers offer their car policies online.

If you are considering getting a car policy online and are confused about which provider to pick, here are some reasons Tata AIG’s car insurance is the ideal choice. If you are looking to buy comprehensive car insurance with world-class features at affordable rates, your search needs to stop at Tata AIG. Further, we have multiple plans you can choose from as per your requirements and budget. Once you decide, you can buy your car policy online in a matter of moments. So when it comes to 4-wheeler insurance, let Tata AIG be your choice.

After learning a little about insurance, let us look deeper into some new car maintenance tips.

How to Maintain a Car?

If you are looking for general car maintenance tips to help you keep your car in top condition, you are in the right place. We will be giving you 10 vehicle maintenance tips you can use for the rest of your life. You are sure to find these new car maintenance tips to be highly beneficial.

So without further ado, let us look at 10 new car care tips always to remember.

Depend on your User Manual

Before starting to follow general car maintenance tips, you should first and foremost examine the user's manual. The user manual is a useful resource for new vehicle owners who require assistance and direction with new car care suggestions. Here, you may find detailed information about your car and its intricacies. In addition, the maker of the car's website likely has user manuals readily accessible online. Finally, if you cannot access the physical copy of the user manual, this is helpful in an emergency.

Ensure the tyre pressure is always adequate

The riding quality and overall condition of the tyres are improved with proper tyre pressure. Tyres that are properly inflated also slow down wear and tear. However, with time, tyre pressure does decrease. Have the tyre pressure inspected at any petrol pump to assess the tyre pressure at least once each month. Additionally, a good new car care tip is checking your tyres once weekly if you travel regularly.

Clean the engine regularly

The cornerstone of a well-running car is a healthy engine. Thus, you should always keep your engine clean. It should be part of your daily car maintenance tips. Being a first-time automobile owner, you shouldn't be managing your finances carelessly because having to change an engine due to inadequate maintenance may be very costly. In addition, unwanted oil leaks and built-up dust can harm your engine and prevent it from operating to its full potential.

Check the spark plug

Only when your spark plug is in functioning order will your car start. The best part is you can quickly determine whether a spark plug is defective or likely to cause you trouble shortly. Therefore, check your spark plug for your general car maintenance tips.

Clean and wax your car regularly

Getting your car cleaned should be part of your daily car maintenance tips. However, that is not the case with waxing. Your automobile should be washed and waxed regularly to remove dirt and grime from the road, as well as to prolong the life of the paint and prevent corrosion. Waxing a vehicle also gives you a more thorough understanding of its status and if it needs deeper care.

Keep an eye on the headlights

Check that both headlights are correctly positioned and operating once a month by turning them on while standing in front of a level plane. Examine the parking indicators and turn signals properly. Additionally, this is an excellent chance to check the brake lights for functionality. This is a new car maintenance tip every driver should know.

Know your tell-tale signs

A range of warning indicators is probably present on your vehicle's dashboard, alerting you if something is wrong with it. A smart driver should be familiar with these cautionary signals, their significance, and the appropriate answers. For example, the presence of open doors, the absence of a seatbelt, a malfunctioning power train, or the use of economy mode indicate that the vehicle may be functioning on reserve or short on oil.

Ensure your battery is clean

Keeping your batteries clean can increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Unplug the battery cables before you begin cleaning them. This helps you avoid any accidents.

Keep the car light

To maximise fuel efficiency, steer clear of carrying heavy objects. This is a vehicle maintenance tip that also helps in the overall upkeep of your car.

Check your brakes

The brake pads should be checked if you detect any disturbance or feel the brake levers vibrating. Go to a car shop when you're in this situation to have the problem fixed immediately.

What are the Benefits of Getting Garage Cash Cover in Car Insurance?

It helps hire an alternative vehicle

The first thing a garage cash cover does is help you hire an alternative vehicle to go about your daily affairs without any stress. You don’t have to worry about searching for another private vehicle or borrowing one from your friends and family. You can choose the most comfortable and convenient form of travel and get reimbursed for it.

It can come in handy during emergencies

You might think that staying without a vehicle while your car is getting repaired at the garage is okay, especially if you have a work-from-home, freelance, or business type of employment. But having a vehicle ready is necessary to tackle any unforeseen emergency that might come your way. For instance, if there’s heavy rain, a thunderstorm, or a life-threatening health complication where you have to rush to a hospital, you will need a vehicle to get by as soon as possible.

It is cost-cutting and value for money

You might think, why pay an extra premium and spend on an additional garage cash cover? Because nothing is worth making your life inconvenient. Besides, did you know you can end up saving more with a separate cash cover than by paying from your own pocket? For instance, if you get a cash cover of Rs. 600 for a period of 10-15 days while your car is in repair, as opposed to spending Rs. 400-500 from your pocket every day, you will end up getting more financial benefits.

It makes commute convenient and safe

Getting a garage cash cover makes the daily commute convenient and safe. You don’t have to compromise by travelling on public transport like buses or trains to get anywhere. Oftentimes, the public commute is overcrowded and unsafe at night time, especially for women. Natural calamities can also pose a threat to your safety, and having something that covers your vehicle costs at the time is essential. So, whether you want to go to your office or take a cross-city trip, the garage cash cover can cover those expenses.

It pushes you to get comprehensive motor insurance

A garage cash cover is available only with comprehensive motor insurance. While getting third-party insurance is mandatory, you should also put your own physical and financial safety at the forefront. Purchasing add-ons mirrors your commitment to secure your life and get the protection you deserve, even if you have to pay higher premiums for it.

To Conclude

Keeping these tips in mind, you should see your car stay by your side for the long haul. When you go the extra mile to keep your car in good shape, it helps you get the most out of it too. And when thinking about your car maintenance, do not forget to get a car policy online from Tata AIG!

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