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New Car Registration Process

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/02/2023

Are you going to purchase a new four-wheeler and register it yourself or via a dealer?

Do you believe your four-wheeler dealer is overcharging you for new car registration? Some fraudulent four-wheeler dealers create a profession out of this document completion process by using unlawful tactics and charging extra fees for it. But you should quit thinking about it right now.

There is no longer any need to pay a bribe or any other money. The RTO (Regional Transport Office) has a well-defined checklist when it comes to the registration process for new cars.

Let us tell you that, even though there are certain changes in the new car registration process, one thing remains the same - i.e. requirement of a minimum of third-party four-wheeler insurance. You need to have it. As per the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle, private or commercial, is not permitted to drive on Indian roads unless they have proper car insurance. Any car discovered driving without motor insurance is fined by the Regional Transport Office. At Tata AIG, we offer third-party as well as comprehensive four-wheeler insurance for you to stay legally and financially protected in times of mishap. We offer the finest plans with the option of personalising your policy, ensuring you peace of mind while you're out with your car.

Now, coming to the central point. In this informative post, we'll concentrate on the RTO new car registration checklist and the method of registering your car so that you may finish the registration procedure on your own. Once you understand the process, you can do it without the assistance of brokers who charge additional fees. Let us assure you that it's as easy as purchasing insurance for cars online.

New Car Registration Process

While you may obtain the RC (Registration Certificate) for your four-wheeler from the car dealership, you may also register your four-wheeler at your nearest Regional Transport Office. Four-wheelers, both private and commercial, may be registered with the Regional Transport Office without the assistance of a dealer. The RTO new car registration process is as follows:

  • Bring your new car to your nearest RTO office.
  • Complete Application Form No. 20 and submit your application.
  • The RTO Superintendent will scrutinise or check your form.
  • You should pay the requisite registration tax and fee at the cash counter.
  • The IMV (Inspector of Motor Vehicle) will inspect your new four-wheeler.
  • The Regional Transport Office will put the vehicle information into their central database.
  • The RTO Superintendent will double-check the vehicle dealer information submitted into the database.
  • The vehicle registration will be approved by the ARTO (Assistant Regional Transport Officer).
  • The Regional Transport Office will start the Smart Card procedure, and once completed, it'll be mailed to the applicant's registered postal address.

RTO New Car Registration Charges

The new car registration is increased by ₹600 for four-wheelers. The new rule went into effect on 1 April 2022. According to the revised fees, the registration cost for imported vehicles is ₹2,500, and the renewal charge is ₹10,000. If you fail to renew your vehicle on time, you will be charged an extra ₹500 per month.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration

Make sure that you obtain certain documentation from your four-wheeler dealer as soon as possible before taking ownership of the vehicle. Listed below are the documents needed for car registration in 2022:

Invoice: You must both obtain and submit:

  • Retail invoice issued against the four-wheeler
  • Car's manufacturer invoice which is invoiced to dealer against specified Chassis number

If you intend to self-register, be sure you request both invoice copies from your four-wheeler dealer ahead of time.

Application Form No. 21 (Certificate of Sale): The RTO Application Form No. 21 is basically a Certificate of Sale. According to the Regional Transport Office, a certificate of sale must be presented. This document contains vehicle information such as month and year of manufacture, model details, as well as invoice amount. Before taking ownership of the vehicle, request this from your four-wheeler dealer.

Application Form No. 22 (Certificate of Roadworthiness): RTO Application Form No. 22 effectively shows that the sold car complies with the Road Worthiness, Safety, and PUC Certificate (Pollution under Control). If you intend to self-register, you must receive it in its original form from your vehicle dealer. Otherwise, you can request a photocopy for your records.

Your four-wheeler does not require a PUC check for one year from the date of its registration. Four-Wheeler Insurance Copy: If the vehicle dealer offers four-wheeler insurance, a policy with the same chassis number, engine number, address, name, and model details as listed on the bill must be procured from the dealer. You can also obtain it on your own using particular digital means.

Application Form No. 34 (Hypothecation): It isn't a needed paper. It's only required if the four-wheeler is purchased on financing. Application Form No. 34 is basically the loan hypothecation form. In such cases, this particular form should be completed and sent in addition. It necessitates the use of a genuine stamp as well as the signature of the relevant lender. Your four-wheeler dealer can help and guide you through the procedure.

Application Form No. 20 (Vehicle Registration Form): RTO Form No. 20 is actually the form for vehicle registration. It's a critical document and must be duly filled and submitted together with:

  • Temporary Registration Certificate copy, which comes with a validity period of 7 days (30 days upon applying letter for extension).
  • Authentic address and identity evidence in accordance with the RTO's list. Remember that in most states and Union Territories, a rent agreement isn't regarded as valid proof.
  • If you live in rent, you'll need a Police No Objection Certificate + registered rent contract + landlord utility bill.
  • Some Regional Transport Offices need a pencil imprint of the vehicle's chassis on a plain sheet as well.

Do not forget that in the event of self-registration, the relevant four-wheeler dealer must complete the temporary registration.

If you acquired your four-wheeler in one state and have registered it in another, you'll need the following documents in addition to the ones listed above:

Inter-State GST Bill: This isn't CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax) but rather IGST (Inter-State Goods and Service Tax). This invoice should include all pertinent information, such as your address and name, car details, as well as the state from where you bought the car.

Valid Identity and Address Evidence: For any sales deed over ₹50,000, the PAN Card is regarded as the most valid identification evidence in the nation.

  • RTO-accepted identity evidence includes:
  • PAN Card (Mandatory)
  • Aadhar Card for identity and address evidence
  • Voter ID Card (identity and address proof)
  • Driving Licence (identity evidence)
  • State Government ID proof

To Conclude

This is a comprehensive list of the amended documents required for vehicle registration in 2022. Hope we have been able to explain the registration process for new cars.

Now let us tell you that purchasing four wheeler insurance and registering your four-wheeler are two interrelated activities. You must submit this document within the time frame specified to ensure total safety and compliance as well as prevent any legal liabilities.

You may get four-wheeler insurance by conducting internet research and selecting a reputable insurance provider with great client ratings and a solid market presence, as well as easy and rapid claim payouts. Tata AIG four-wheeler insurance offers comprehensive car insurance policies that are feature-rich at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, with a lightning-fast claim resolution princess and no-fuss accessibility, Tata AIG assures you receive financial assistance whenever you need it. So, leverage our online car insurance calculator to determine the amount of your car insurance premium and get insurance for your car without any hassle.

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