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NOC for Vehicle

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 07/07/2022

In India, vehicles have to be mandatorily registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the locality of the owner. When a vehicle is sold, then the buyer and seller are required to complete the required paperwork and documentation to transfer it to the new owner. Also, if you own a vehicle and decide to move to a new city or state with it, then you are required to complete the legal process regarding the change in its location.

A No Objection Certificate or NOC is an important document when a vehicle is transferred from one RTO jurisdiction to another. Hence, if you are planning to buy or sell a used vehicle or transfer it to another RTO jurisdiction, then you need to understand a NOC for a vehicle and how you can obtain a NOC Certificate online.

What is NOC for Vehicle?

A NOC or No Objection Certificate is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). It is permission given by the RTO, releasing the vehicle from its jurisdiction. Only after you obtain a NOC from the RTO where it was initially registered, it can be registered in another RTO’s jurisdiction provided all other documents are in order. The NOC verifies that you do not have any pending dues or taxes at the existing RTO.

Now that you know what is NOC let us move further.

When Would You Need to Acquire a NOC Certificate?

A NOC Certificate from the RTO is required when a vehicle’s registration needs to be moved from the jurisdiction of one RTO to another. Here are some scenarios when you would need to acquire a NOC for a car or any other vehicle:

  • Transferring the vehicle to a new owner

Vehicle ownership is transferable in India. This means that once you have registered a vehicle in your name, you can transfer it to another person when you sell it or auction it. Also, after the death of the vehicle owner, it is transferred to the legal heir.

If the new owner’s address falls under the jurisdiction of the same RTO, then a NOC is not needed. However, if it falls under the control of another RTO, then you will have to acquire a NOC for the vehicle from your existing RTO.

  • Moving to a new state or union territory

When you change your residence address to a place that falls under the purview of another RTO, you are required to get a NOC for the vehicle from your existing RTO. This is a mandatory requirement if you are moving to a new state or union territory. However, if you are changing your address within the same state, then it might not be needed.

If you are planning to travel to a new state or union territory for less than three months, then you will not have to change your address or re-register your vehicle there. Legally, you are obligated to re-register your vehicle at the new address if you are planning to keep it there for more than three months.

How to Apply for NOC for the Vehicle?

There are two ways of applying for a NOC for a vehicle:

  • Offline – by visiting the RTO office

  • Online – via the Parivahan website. However, this facility is not yet available in all states

Offline application for NOC for the car

Here are some quick steps to apply for a NOC for car transfer from one RTO to another:

  • As the owner of the vehicle, you need to visit the local RTO in person to submit the application

  • Submit the completed Form 28 as specified in Chapter IV, Section 48 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Also, provide the documents specified by the RTO

  • Pay the fees applicable for the issuance of the NOC.

  • If there are any pending taxes, then ensure that you clear them for quick processing of the certificate

  • The RTO will verify its ownership and check with the police if it was used for any illegal or antisocial activities

  • Once all the checks are done and there are no pending issues, the RTO approves the NOC

  • Post-approval, you should receive the NOC within three working days.

Application for car NOC online

In some states, vehicle owners can apply for a NOC online by visiting the Privahan portal. Hence, if you are looking for a car NOC online, then make sure that your state offers it and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the Parivahan website

  • Enter the registration number of your vehicle

  • Select the option ‘Application for No Objection Certificate’

  • Enter the last five digits of the chassis number of your vehicle

  • Provide the required details and upload the specified documents

  • Pay the fees for the issuance of the NOC

  • Take a print-out of the application form and the acknowledgement receipt

  • Submit the print-outs along with the required documents in-person to the RTO

Documents Needed for a NOC Certificate Online and Offline

You will be required to submit the following documents along with Form 28 for the NOC certificate online and offline application:

  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle (Attested Copy)

  • An attested copy of the vehicle’s insurance policy (two or four-wheeler insurance)

  • Tax-payment receipts

  • A pencil print of the engine and chassis number

  • A valid PUC Certificate (Pollution Under Control Certificate)

  • Address Proof and photo identity documents of the owner

NOC Validity

The validity of a NOC is six months. Therefore, if you have received the certificate from the RTO, then you need to ensure that it is re-registered with the new RTO within this period. If you have purchased a used vehicle and the seller has provided the NOC, then make sure that you get it re-registered in your concerned RTO within six months.

Remember, once you obtain a NOC for the car, the RTO clears it of its jurisdiction and allows its movement to another state. If you change your mind about selling or moving to another state, then you will need to apply for a NUC or Non-Utilization Certificate from the original RTO to restore the jurisdiction back to the initial RTO.

Some Points to Remember

A NOC for the car is a mandatory document while transferring your car to an address falling under the jurisdiction of another RTO. Ensure that you get all the documents in order for a smooth transfer.

If you are purchasing a car from another state, then you will need a NOC for car transfer. Further, you will have to purchase a 4-wheeler insurance policy for your car.

Tata AIG offers a wide range of options allowing you to buy a car policy online. You can opt for third-party insurance or a comprehensive car insurance policy depending on the type of cover you need.


The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Department has launched an online NOC application process in many states. If you are planning to move or sell your vehicle to a buyer from another state, then check with your RTO if the same is available online. Else, get an updated list of required documents, visit the RTO office, and submit the application for NOC for the car.

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