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Is Nut Bolt Covered Under Car Insurance Policy?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 05/10/2023

All cars require certain consumable parts or substances for repair. In automotive terms, consumables are materials that fill a specific need, such as nuts, bolts, or oil. Due to constant usage, consumables must be refilled or replaced frequently.

A comprehensive car insurance policy doesn't cover damage to a four-wheeler's nut bolts or other consumables. However, you can purchase consumables add-ons on top of your standard policy, and it will cover the consumables.

Read on to learn more about consumable cover add-ons in car insurance that covers car nut and bolt expenses.

Consumables Cover in Car Insurance

Many people have a confusion about the consumables meaning in car insurance. But it is very simple. Consumables are commodities with specific and limited use, like tyres, brake pads, engine oil, oil seal, nuts and bolts, etc.

  • Consumables are not reusable in the future. Car nuts and bolts, for instance, cannot be reused once used once they are worn out.

  • It would be necessary to replace them periodically. Similarly, your car's engine oil burns out once it is used.

  • Consumables items like brake oil, nuts, bolts, screws, washers, engine oil, gearbox oil, etc., require constant expenditure.

What All Cover Under Consumable in Car Insurance?

The following is a list of consumables that most insurers cover under their consumables cover add-on.

  • Engine oil

  • Break oil

  • Oil filter

  • Lubricants

  • Gearbox oil

  • Nut and bolt

  • Screw

  • Grease

  • Distilled water

  • Bearing

  • Washers

  • Air conditioner gas

  • Clip

  • Other similar items.

Consumables Add-On Cover Exclusions

In terms of consumables add-on cover, the following exclusions are standard. Under the following conditions, the policyholder cannot file a claim.

  • An electrical or mechanical breakdown

  • Delay in informing your insurance company

  • Wear and tear of the car's components

  • Driving without a valid licence or active licence

  • Drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or using any other substance while driving.

How to Raise a Car Insurance Claim for Consumable Expenses?

The cost of consumables in a car insurance claim is not as high as that of part replacement, but saving money with an add-on policy is never wrong. To claim this cover, you must inform the insurance company about the need and reason for replacing the consumable item as soon as possible.

If you have purchased a Tata AIG car insurance policy, you can get your claim settled in two ways.

Cashless Claims

We have 7000+ Network Garages across the country. You can claim consumable cover if your car is taken to a network garage. In this case, we will settle the bill directly with the garage. You will only need to pay the deductible amount.

For verification, you will need to contact us, share basic information, and our representative will visit the garage for inspection. Before starting the repair work, ensure the insurance executive examines the damage and consults with the garage mechanic.

Reimbursement Claim

In this claim process, you can repair your car from any garage of your choice. You must send us the garage bill and documents like your policy copy once your car has been repaired. But make sure you inform us before the vehicle is repaired. We will send a surveyor to inspect the damage as part of the claim process. And this is the process for most insurance companies in India.

In this process, you will pay the garage upfront and then coordinate with the insurance company for reimbursement.

Consumable Expenses in Car Insurance – Documents Required for Claim

When filing a claim, you must submit all receipts, repair bills, and other necessary documents requested by the car insurance company. You need to provide the insurance company with information about your active insurance plan and details about your vehicle.

Not informing your insurance company about the repair or the reason behind the consumable parts replacement can invalidate your claim. If you are a Tata AIG insurance holder, you can simply call our toll-free number, 1800-266-7780 and inform us about the repair.

Consumables in Car Insurance Cover – Benefits

Consumable in insurance covers offer the following benefits:

  • This add-on enables policyholders to save their hard-earned cash.

  • Consumable car insurance offers a broader range of coverage than standard car insurance, resulting in peace of mind for policyholders.

Who Should Opt for Consumable Cover?

Consider adding consumables add-on cover to your policy if:

  • It will save you money if you do not wish to pay for consumables, such as new engine oil, as part of the repair bill.

  • Whenever you need minor repairs or replacements, you don't need to worry about claim settlement.


Typically, standard car insurance does not cover the repair or replacement of nut bolts, but the consumable cover add-on does. So, for those wondering, the cost of consumables in car insurance is minimal, and it can be a wise addendum to your base car insurance policy.

With that said, before finalising your car insurance policy, compare car insurance quotes from Tata AIG and get the most competitive rate with consumable add-on cover. It is also hassle-free to make a car insurance claim with Tata AIG.


Which parts are not covered by car insurance?

Car insurance policies do not cover general wear and tear on the car, consumable replacement, and any parts required for car modification.

What are consumables in car insurance?

Generally, consumables in car insurance refer to items that need to be replaced regularly. Consumable items include nuts and bolts, tyres, rubber parts like washers and seals, gearbox oil, engine oil, oil filters, lubricants, power steering oil, radiator coolant, and similar items except for fuel.

Does insurance cover the wheel damage?

No. Generally, car insurance policies do not cover wheel damage unless there is an add-on cover that covers wheel damage.

Are engine parts covered in insurance?

No. Car insurance policies do not cover mechanical or electrical failures of engines, so such damage will not be covered. Policyholders can purchase the Engine Protect Add-on to cover such damages.

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