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What is ORVM in Car and How Does it Work?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 29/04/2024

A car is assembled using a variety of small and large automotive parts. All of the different parts have their own significance in the functioning of the car, be it directly related to driving or enhancing the driving experience.

So, what is an ORVM in a car? It is one such significant part of your car that you must have substantial information about. Read further to understand!

An Introduction to ORVM

The full form of ORVM is “Outside Rear View Mirror.” As the ORVM full form suggests, it is a rearview mirror located on the exterior of your car. It helps you keep an eye on the exterior of the car while driving because it provides great visibility of what is behind the car. With the help of the ORVM, a driver can look at two different sides and enhance safety while driving.

So, we can establish that the ORVM is an automotive technology that adds to the safety quotient of the car. But how does it work to increase safety?

Outside Rear View Mirror: Functioning

With the increasing hazards on the road, it is paramount for you to make extra efforts to understand your car’s safety functions. ORVM works on a basic physics principle: Reflection Of Light.

The rearview mirrors are located on both sides of the car in the frontal region, next to the windows. They are made up of glass. The backside of this glass is covered with a silver reflective coating that allows the glass to work as a mirror. When the source of light, mostly sun or roadside lamps, hits the mirror and the driver’s eyeballs, it creates an environment that allows the driver to look into the mirror and see behind the car.

The driver cannot turn their neck and look at the vehicles behind them. Regardless of your driving capabilities, retracting your eyes from the road is extremely dangerous. Keeping your eyes on the road ahead of you is the primary requirement of driving, and hence, rearview mirrors make a difference.

The rearview mirror captures an accurate and clear image of the surroundings behind and to the sides of the car, alerting the driver of anything around the car. With the correct utility, a rearview mirror can save you from various mishaps and accidents.

ORVMs are used while changing the sides of the road, making a U-turn, making a side-turn, reversing the car, for parking assistance (where there is limited space and accurate turns are required), etc. It is also essential for the driver to keep on looking in the mirrors periodically for safety purposes, just in case!

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, there are different types of ORVMs available in the market.

Types of Outside Rear View Mirrors

Standard ORVMs

Standard rearview mirrors are very commonly found in cars. These are manually adjustable ORVMs, where you move the mirrors to an angle that helps you see behind your car accurately. These are the primary forms of the external reflective device technology that helped modernise the idea and advance it.

Electric Power Foldable ORVMs

It can be a hassle to get out of the car each time you want to adjust the mirror on the other side of the car. Manual adjustments can also be inaccurate. This electric adjustable ORVM technology has made it possible to adjust the mirrors from the inside of the car.

While auto ORVM adjustments help you to manage the angles, the power foldable technology in these ORVMs allows you to fold the housing of the mirror without having to touch it. This can come very handy while parking your car in a tight spot without getting a scratch on the mirror housing.

Blind Spot ORVMs

Blind spot mirrors increase the scope of a standard mirror by allowing the driver to view more area than is usually possible. These mirrors are positioned on the outer edge of the standard mirrors, broadening the horizon of the driver’s vision with the help of the convex glass.

Auto-Dimming ORVMs

Sometimes, the reflection of the headlights of a car from behind can be blindening. This can cause a horrible accident due to the lack of optical capability of the driver.

In order to avoid such situations, technology has gifted us with a suitable mechanism: auto-dimming ORVMs. These rearview mirrors will automatically dim the power of the mirror to reduce the impact of light hitting the eyeballs of the driver.

Importance and Benefits of Outside Rear View Mirrors

Expanded Vision

The ORVMs make a substantial contribution to the safety quotient of the car because they expand the scope of vision by allowing you to view the rear region of the car. This increases the significance of the ORVMs, as it benefits the driver with its utility to such an extent.

Increased Accuracy

Accuracy is essential while driving, especially parking. The ORVMs can help you increase the accuracy of your turns and angles at the time of parking. Even when you are stuck in bad traffic, with barely any space around the car, you have ORVMs’ assistance and help.

Works as Indicators

The indication mechanism helps keep the roads safe by keeping cars from crashing into each other due to abrupt turns or misunderstandings. Nowadays, cars have indicators integrated with the ORVMs. This helps cars from all directions read the signal of your turn and make space.

Enhanced Safety

All the above mentioned benefits result in a safer environment for your car. Given that humans both drive and occupy these cars, ensuring their safety is paramount. ORVMs are one significant step towards this overall protection.

Enhancing your Car’s Safety with Tata AIG Car Insurance

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The issue of road safety has escalated into a substantial level of concern in the country. One has to be extra careful while driving or riding the roads. Understanding ORVMS, the different types, and its benefits will ensure awareness and proper utility of the mirrors.

Here, tackling the unsafe environment with good driving practices, compliance with laws, and car insurance is of topmost importance.


Can ORVMs be replaced or customised?

Yes! ORVMs can be customised according to your preferences. They can even be replaced with another type of ORVM mechanism.

Can ORVMs be adjusted while driving?

While ORVMs can be adjusted while driving, it is advised to adjust them before starting the drive. Otherwise, you can take a brief stop to adjust your rearview mirrors.

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