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Knowing About These Road Signs Can Save Your Life in India

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 02/08/2022

While you are driving on the roads in India, you will come across various signs that depict some caution or information. These types of road signs in India help to make the roads safer for people driving. Therefore, it is essential for the driver to follow all these traffic symbols in India, as ignoring these might lead to a lot of trouble for you. You should remember that negligence and ignorance affect you as well as others who are driving or walking on the road.

If you are unsure about the driving signs in India, we have a list of types of road signs in India that might be helpful for you. However, before we get into the list of the traffic symbols in India, it is essential to understand another important aspect that you must know while you are driving. It is a motor insurance plan. Insurance for your car and bike will ensure that you are financially covered if a mishap takes place on the roads. Also, having third-party only insurance for your car and bike is mandated by the law.

Buying a motor insurance plan from Tata AIG is uncomplicated and straightforward. You can simply go to the website, choose a plan, and make the payment. The motor insurance plan will be mailed to you in a few minutes. Also, undertaking the car insurance renewal online is a breeze, and you can also take help from our customer service executives if the need arises.

Now, let us understand the road safety signs in India.

Types of Road Signs in India

Here is the list of the types of road sign boards in India that you need to take care of while driving in the country:

  • Mandatory road signs in India

The name itself offers an explanation about these road signs in India. These road safety signs in India are mandatory to follow, and in case you do not do so, you will have to pay a fine. Therefore, when you are on the road, you must stay alert regarding these signs, as missing these signs can prove to be a big mistake.

These signs ensure that you are safe on the roads and that others are also safe. Also, these ensure that the movement of traffic on the road goes on smoothly and that there are no problems on the roads. Moreover, they also make sure that the pedestrians are safe on the roads. Some of the traffic symbols in India that are mandatory to follow include stop, speed limit, give way, one-way only, no entry, school ahead, no horn, barrier ahead, pedestrian crossing, no standing or stopping, etc.

  • Cautionary road safety signs in India

These types of road signs in India point out a potential hazard on the road ahead. This means that you must take some corrective measures before taking that part of the road. Sometimes the problem might be there, or you might not face it. Either way, these road signs in India are a caution that a problem is there and you must take care of it. These are some hazardous circumstances that need to be handled by the common sense of the driver, but these are not legally mandated to follow.

Some of the driving signs in India include left-hand curve, right-hand curve, reverse bend, falling rocks, loose gravel, steep road, animal crossing, cycle crossing, hairpin bend ahead, etc.

  • Informatory road signs in India

These are some driving signs in India that provide the driver with necessary information when they are driving on the road. These include a hospital, distance to the toll, distance to the petrol station, toilet, public convenience, parking lot, etc.

Important Road Safety Signs in India that You Must Know

Here are some road sign boards in India that you must know:

  • Hospital

Many drivers tend to miss the hospital sign when they are on the roads. If you see a road sign board in India with a red cross and a bed, it means that there is a hospital. These areas have a no-horn rule in most cases, so be mindful when driving in the zone.

Also, if you have an emergency and are in need of a hospital, you might miss the sign due to the panicked state of your mind. So, even if you do not need a hospital, it is essential that you keep a lookout for the sign so that your mind gets acclimatised to it.

  • Speed limit

Driving within the speed limit will not only ensure your safety but will also ensure that others are also safe. If you see a road sign board in India with a number written in black and then circled with red, that is the speed limit that you must follow. Although a lot of drivers tend to complain about the speed limit, it has been derived carefully after taking the average traffic, the number of people in the vehicle, the types of vehicles on the road, etc., into account.

Moreover, an increased number of accidents on the roads in the country make the enforcement of the speed limit a necessary requirement. Therefore, you must obey the specified speed limit to be safe and also avoid having to pay a fine.

  • Give way

When driving on the roads, everyone is always in a hurry to reach. This can lead to accidents if two vehicles coming from opposite sides do not reduce their speed while they pass each other. This can make one of the drivers apply the brakes suddenly to avoid having a collision or can force the person to get off track. The give-way road safety sign in India ensures that one person slows down and allows the other driver to pass due to the conditions of the road. The onus is placed on the driver driving on the particular side to slow down the vehicle and give way, decreasing the chances of a collision. The give-way driving sign in India is denoted by a red triangle that is upside down and hollow.


Thus, it is essential to know the types of road signs in India so that you can ensure your safety on the road. Also, ensure that you get a motor insurance plan from Tata AIG so that you can take your car for a ride without having to worry about financial liabilities if an accident were to happen.

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