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How to Do Self-Inspection Video for Car Insurance Policy Renewal?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 04/10/2023

Gone are the days when you had to wait for an insurance company surveyor for a car inspection in case of policy renewal. The process was not only complex but also took time. With the advancement of technology, the process of 4-wheeler insurance renewal has become easy.

The new self-inspection video feature for online car policy renewal can be done by policyholders anytime without filling out lengthy forms.

Further, you can renew your comprehensive car insurance policy without waiting for a surveyor. You may have several questions here about how you can make a self-inspection video of your car and what are its benefits. Let us discuss the various aspects of making a self-inspection video for renewal of car policy online.

What is a Self-Inspection Video in Car Insurance?

Car inspection is the standard step carried out by the insurance company whenever a claim or car insurance policy renewal request has been raised. By doing the inspection, insurance company surveyors assess the vehicle's condition. This process consumes time and delays the car insurance renewal.

This is where the self-inspection video feature comes in as a saviour. As the name implies, the feature allows policyholders to inspect their vehicles using a smartphone. All they have to do is record a 360-degree video of their vehicle and send it to the insurance provider.

The feature was launched to carry out online car policy renewal easily at any time of the day. It saves the policyholder’s time and makes the whole experience customer-friendly.

Benefits of Self-Inspection Video for Car Insurance Renewal

A vehicle inspection is necessary whenever you try to renew your lapsed or expired car insurance policy. The whole purpose of an inspection is to assess the vehicle's condition before doing four-wheeler insurance renewal.

The surveyor will examine the vehicle's age, existing damage, and several other aspects that affect car insurance. But with a self-video inspection feature, the lengthy process has been cut short. Some of its benefits are listed below:

1. No paperwork needed: As long as you have a phone with a proper internet connection, you do not need to worry about anything while doing a car policy online renewal. Compared to traditional inspections, which are swamped with paperwork, the self-inspection video feature makes the process hassle-free. With this feature, there will be negligible paperwork.

2. No need for physical inspection: Earlier, when the car insurance renewal request was raised, the company would send the surveyor to assess the vehicle's condition. Though the step was necessary, it used to lengthen the whole process.

With this new feature, there is no need for physical inspection. The customer can shoot a high-quality video with their phone and send it to the insurance company for inspection directly.

3. Requires less time: One of the challenging tasks these days is taking out time from a busy schedule. In this fast-paced world, we want everything to be done on time with less effort.

The self-inspection video feature was launched to provide convenience to policyholders. In the case of a four-wheeler insurance renewal, the policyholder must submit the vehicle's video, and within hours, the policy will get renewed, if other conditions are met.

Considerations for a Self-Inspection Video Process for Four Wheeler Insurance Renewal

The self-inspection video feature makes the whole renewal process straightforward. However, insurance companies have a set of protocols that need to be followed while submitting a video. Some of them are listed below:

  • The insurance company asks for specific documents, such as last year's policy and vehicle RC, to get recorded while shooting the video.

  • The video should be shot in proper light so that every aspect of the car’s condition is visible clearly while inspecting it.

  • Vehicle chassis number is very crucial and should be appropriately recorded in video. The number is usually near the driver's door or under the front bonnet.

The insurance company could ask for a reshoot if the video was not recorded per the company's standard.

Procedure to Do Self-Video Inspection for Car Insurance Renewal

The process of doing a self-video inspection for car insurance renewal differs from insurer to insurer. It usually depends on the type of technology they are using which makes the whole process either simple or complex. To utilise the self-video inspection feature, you need to follow these steps:

1. Download application: You must download the insurance company application to do car insurance renewal online. Android users can download the application online from the Google play store, while iOS users can download the application from the Apple Store.

2. Submit details: After downloading the application, you need to submit the details as the insurance company asks, such as policy number, vehicle registration number, etc. In most cases, when you log in with your registered mobile number, the application will auto-fill all the details.

3. Shoot video: Once you have logged in successfully, you can use the feature of self-video inspection and record a video. Make sure to follow the standards of shooting videos given by insurance companies.

Buying Car Insurance Renewal Online

Many times, it skips policyholders' minds to renew their 4-wheeler insurance. Further, the lengthy process is another reason why policyholders delay the process until the last date. However, with Tata AIG, car insurance renewal online is convenient.

WIth our Tata AIG comprehensive car insurance plans you can easily buy and renew your car policy online. Moreover, use our online car insurance calculator to calculate the premium for your car insurance plan with us.


Here is the information about a self-inspection video for car insurance policy renewal. The new feature of self-inspection video for four-wheeler insurance renewal makes the whole renewal process more accessible. It is best for policyholders who are usually busy and wait until the last moment before filing a renewal request. With a self-inspection video, the car insurance renewal would be fast-tracked.


1. Does car insurance renewal require inspection?

Before renewing the car insurance policy, the insurance company needs to assess the vehicle's condition, also called vehicle inspection. Earlier, a surveyor was sent to examine vehicle conditions, but now it can be done using smartphones.

2. Is it possible to do a self-inspection for a lapsed policy?

If the 4-wheeler insurance policy has lapsed, then insurance companies follow their standard protocol of inspection before renewing. But if you renew the policy within the due date, self-inspection might be an option.

3. What is the right time to renew a car insurance policy?

The policy renewal time is based on the policy validity. Further, if you have short-term vehicle insurance, it is best to renew it 15 or 30 days before the expiry date.

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