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Having a car affords a person a certain degree of freedom to move around without needing the help of anyone or waiting for crowded public transport. So when a person gets their car, they cannot wait to drive it home and enjoy the benefits the car brings them. However, a person must always remember that they cannot take a car home without getting it registered. And since registration can sometimes take time, people are given a temporary registration number. You need this number before you can take your car anywhere. If you wish to know how to get your temporary registration details, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide.

But before we dive into temporary vehicle registration, let us look at one more important factor without which you cannot drive your car anywhere. This factor is the insurance for your car. Just as driving without a registration number is illegal in India, so is driving without motor insurance. If the authorities ever find you driving your car without valid insurance for your car, you could be in a lot of trouble. Motor insurance is mandated under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. So, while finding out about temporary car registration, you should also consider insurance for your car.

If you are thinking of buying comprehensive and customisable insurance, you need not look beyond Tata AIG’s car insurance. We offer a variety of plans that you can choose from per your needs and budget. You can also opt for your car insurance renewal online. When you have motor insurance with us, you can be assured that you will always be taken care of in your times of need.

With that covered, let us now see what is temporary registration of a vehicle and what we need to do to get a temporary registration number.

What is Temporary Registration of a Vehicle?

Indian law prohibits the use of any vehicle which does not have RTO registration. Therefore, even the new vehicle you intend to take from the dealership to your home must be registered. RTOs permit us to obtain a provisional registration number for a new car because it takes a while to provide a permanent registration number. In fact, without first applying for temporary registration details, one may not even take the car from the showroom to the RTO office for permanent registration. Since you may now apply for it online, the process has been simplified. Yellow stickers with provisional registration numbers are provided to be applied to a blank licence plate. The temporary vehicle registration process is handled entirely by dealerships before you pick up your vehicle. However, there may be instances where you need to get your temporary car registration done on your own.

How to Get a Temporary Registration Number?

The procedure for temporarily registering a car with the registration authorities in the area where the holder of the car resides is outlined below. You must complete your temporary vehicle registration before applying for a permanent registration number.

  1. Filling out Form 20 is the first step.
  2. The form must be delivered to the agency whose jurisdiction the car registration falls under.
  3. If your car dealer specialises in the distribution of new cars, you can also submit the paperwork to them if the dealer has a licence provided by the Transport Commissioner.
  4. The registering body will assess the temporary car registration fees, which must be paid following the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989.
  5. To register the car temporarily, the required documentation must be delivered to the registering authority.

Documents Required to Apply For a Temporary Registration Number?

The documents you need to submit to get your temporary registration details include;

PAN card copy: Submitting the PAN card is usually expected for all official procedures in India. However, if you do not have your PAN card, you could always submit Forms 60 or 61 in its place.

Form 20: This is the first document that must be submitted at the start of the application procedure. It functions as your application form; you can get it from internet websites or a copy from your local RTO.

Certificate of Roadworthiness: This certificate, which the vehicle's manufacturer issues, further verifies your car's roadworthiness. It also confirms that your car is safe to drive on public roads.

Form 21: This serves as your vehicle's selling certificate. It includes information about the seller, the purchaser, and the car itself. Your application documents must include a duplicate of this certificate.

Certificate of Pollution Under Control (PUC): Being responsible for the environment is essential in the modern world. Many gases produced by motor vehicles are potentially harmful to the environment. Emission tests are created to verify that all motor vehicles comply with emission standards and do not go above them. A PUC certificate verifies that your car's emission levels adhere to the established standards for pollution control.

Car Insurance Document: According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, third-party liability car insurance is a requirement to operate a vehicle on public highways. Getting found driving without motor insurance could result in legal repercussions.

Address Proof: You must provide documentation of your address, such as an Aadhaar card, power bills, a ration card, etc.

Proof of Fee Payment: You will also be required to submit proof of payment for the temporary vehicle registration. The fee you are required to pay changes from state to state based on the guidelines provided by the RTO office. If you have paid your fee offline, you will need to ask for a receipt for the same, and if you have paid it online, you need to provide a printout as proof.


All cars in India are assigned a registration number, which is a special code. The vehicle's state and district can be determined from the registration number, among other things. Even if a car is completely new, you should have it because it is utilised for identification purposes. Therefore, you need to apply for a temporary registration number to use your car before you can get the permanent registration number. And when you are getting your registration details in place, do not forget to get your motor insurance from Tata AIG!

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