Texting while driving is not cool – and it’s dangerous!

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  • 27/06/2020

It can be tempting to check your phone or text someone while driving. This habit of texting while driving can have hazardous consequences for all. Read on to know more.

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Texting while driving is not cool – and it’s dangerous!

A major reason for road accidents, texting while driving endangers the driver and others

Driving in one’s dream car is pure pleasure – tempered as it is with love for one’s car and the peace it brings. Going on solitary drives to mull over things, taking the family out for late night ice cream and even driving to greet a friend at the airport…having one’s own car adds a joyful dimension to life.

And yet, many motorists take the driving privilege for granted. Driving comes so naturally to them, that they soon become complacent and let their minds wander. Even worse than distracted drivers are those that text and drive. This habit of texting while driving can have hazardous consequences for all.

Text or drive – don’t do both!

There is a need for controls on distracted driving as the numbers of people answering calls on their mobile phones or texting while driving continues to rise.

Texting and driving both require close focus. The human brain is unable to focus on two such tasks at the same time. At some point, a texting driver MUST take his eyes off the road to read the text he has composed on his phone, or the one he has just received. His car is still running at the same speed as he scrolls through his messages and even composes replies to them. The driver, thoroughly focused on his phone, does not see incoming traffic, dividers or speed bumps or even a pedestrian crossing the street.

The result? An accident, sometimes a potentially fatal one that claims more than one life.

Car insurance can take care of some financial losses due to accident but the best thing is not to test luck. Avoiding texting is the best insurance to ensure safe driving.

The possibility of meeting with a road accident that damages one’s car and causes injury to oneself or others is a driving factor for many people taking motor vehicle insurance. The costs of repairs and restoration of cars are immense, but even higher are the costs of medical treatment required for an injured driver and his occupants.

A comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy covers both damages to the car & third party liability which cover third party property damage & bodily injury. As per Motor Vehicle Act 1988, Third party car insurance cover is mandatory.

But while you may be assured that your motor vehicle insurance policy to some extent in protecting the financial loss, car damage and your third party liability, isn’t the wiser option to be more careful while driving – and never text while doing so?

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