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How Long Can You Wait to File a Car Insurance Claim?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 04/10/2023

When filing car insurance claims, there is no one-size-fits-all deadline. Depending on the severity of the accident, people file for insurance claims. If the individual had a major accident and was immediately rushed to hospital, filing a car insurance claim would be the last thing to come to his mind.

However, if the accident is not severe, what would be the ideal time limit for submitting an insurance claim? In this blog, we will understand all the attributes of car insurance claim time limits.

Is There a Time Limit for Submitting an Insurance Claim?

Car accidents can affect a person's physical and emotional well-being. Even if the accident is not severe, it leaves a shocking mark on the victim's mind. The traumatic car accident experience can be stressful, which makes most people forget about carrying out the insurance claim process.

The most common query here is the exact time limit for filing an insurance claim. The claim filing time differs from one insurer to another. Having said that, as per the car insurance claim rules, filing a claim between 48 to 72 hours after the car incident is advisable.

However, as stated before, the claim time can vary based on individual circumstances, too. If you need immediate roadside assistance or water ingression has caused damage to your vehicle, then you must file a claim as soon as possible.

What Happens If You Forgot to File Claim In a Decided Timeframe?

Most individuals consider filing a car insurance claim according to their convenience without considering the results. If a person does not file the claim on time, it can lead to rejection. Insurance companies have procedures to follow before releasing the claim amount.

If you file an insurance claim late, the procedures will get disoriented, resulting in a delay in getting compensation. Not just this, if you fail to file a claim on time, the insurer will have difficulty assessing the damages.

There will not be any witnesses or third parties that can verify the incident. Further, it will raise the suspicion of why you waited before filing an insurance claim.

However, the car insurance company does not immediately discard the claim, even if it is filed late. They carry out an internal assessment considering the circumstances of the policyholder. Every insurance company has different protocols when processing a claim, and checking your car insurance policy for details is best.

How to File for Accident Insurance Claim Amount?

Follow the process given below to file your accident insurance claim amount sooner with Tata AIG:

  • The first thing to do after an incident is to inform us. We may ask for some basic information about your car and the accident. You can reach out to us 24/7 through our toll-free number 1800-266-7780.

  • After receiving your request, we will send a surveyor to investigate the scene.

  • The surveyor will thoroughly inspect the vehicle and request you for documented proof, such as photographs and video of the incident.

  • They may also ask for documents like the vehicle RC, driving licence, insurance policy, copy of FIR report, and more to support your claim case.

  • Once we verify the insurance claim, the vehicle will be sent to one of our network garages nearest to your location for cashless repair. We will settle the amount with the garage directly. With that said, you can also send your car to your preferred garage, and in that case, we will reimburse the repair cost.

Popular Reasons for Car Insurance Claim Rejection

Filing car insurance is easy, but small mistakes can sometimes lead to claim rejection. Some of the popular reasons for car insurance policy claims to get rejected are:

Invalid document: Proper documents are essential when you file for a car insurance claim. Fabricated and expired documents only create suspicion and lead to the rejection of the claim. The insurance company verifies every document, so it is crucial to submit a proper and complete set of documents.

Illicit substance consumption: Another reason car insurance claims get rejected is if the individual is found to be under the influence of illicit substances such as alcohol, drugs, and other illegal substances at the time of the accident. Drunk driving is illegal, and policyholders found under the influence of any illicit substance while driving can lead to insurance claim rejection.

Late Filing: The insurance claim process takes time, and every insurance company has a proper structure. In case of an accident or if the vehicle gets stolen, the priority of the policyholder should be to inform the insurer about the incident within the car insurance claim time limit, unless they have a valid reason.

The longer you wait to file an insurance claim, the harder it becomes for insurance companies to investigate the claim case. The usual car accident insurance claim time limit is 48 to 72 hours. However, some individuals file very late without a valid reason, often resulting in claim rejection.

Points to Remember for Filing Successful Car Insurance Claim

Insurance claim rejection can be stressful as it burdens individuals financially. Also, the process might seem complex if a person is filing a claim for the first time. Here are some pointers that will help you to file a successful car insurance claim.

  • Every car insurance repair time has a limit. So, try to file the four-wheeler insurance claims on time without missing the deadline.

  • Do not hide anything from the insurance company about the accident. Be transparent and provide actual information.

  • Further, have documented proof of damages such as videos, photos, CCTV footage, and more.

  • All your documents should be legit and proper, such as driving licence, RC, insurance policy copy, etc.

Make sure to take regular updates about the claim processing to know when you will get the accident insurance claim amount.


Whether the accident is minor or significant, filing a car insurance claim on time is crucial as it quickens the settlement process. The insurance company has its set of procedures and time limits depending on the policyholder's situation. Even if you file a late claim, the insurer will wait to accept the claim for genuine reasons. But to get it processed quickly, it is advisable to submit insurance for a 4-wheeler on time.

Tata AIG smoothens the complex insurance claim process. You can easily register online for a car insurance claim on our website. Our committed team of claim experts provide complete support to customers in filing their claims.


Can I claim car insurance 6 months after the damage?

The time within which a car insurance claim may vary depending on the circumstances. For genuine cases, the insurance company will not reject the claim immediately, even if it is filed months after the incident. However, to get the claim amount passed, it is essential to file a claim within the time frame of the insurance company.

What happens if you do not report an accident within 24 hours?

The car accident insurance claim time limit is 48 to 72 hours. Even if you have missed the 24-hour window, you have sufficient time to file the claim.

Can I file an insurance claim for minor damage?

The coverage of insurance claims depends on the car insurance policy. Some insurance policies cover minor damages like scratches and dents. It is best to read the policy for the damages they cover. But filing small claims is not advisable because it can stop you from availing a no-claim bonus.

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