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If you are planning to sell your car or gift it to someone, it is necessary that you also transfer the car registration to the new owner. Whether you are selling your car within or outside your state, transferring car registration in both cases is necessary.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) requires you to formally change the registered owner name on the RC (Registration Certificate) book when the vehicle ownership is transferred. Doing so will allow the buyer to legally drive your car without attracting any penalties.

Also, failing to transfer the car registration can lead to many legal issues and delays in processing your car insurance claims.

This article will discuss the detailed RC transfer process, documents required for vehicle transfer, RC transfer costs, etc.

What is a Vehicle RC Transfer?

RC stands for Registration Certificate. It is a document that proves that your vehicle is registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Transferring the RC is a lengthy and strenuous process that involves informing the RTO about the sale or transfer of the car through Form 29 and Form 30, paying the RC transfer cost, and getting the RC book transferred to the new owner’s name.

Documents Required for Vehicle Transfer Process within the Same State

Whether you are selling your car, donating it, or giving it as a gift, you will need to transfer the car's RC along with it. To do that, you will need certain documents applicable only if transferring the car RC within the same state.

The documents required to transfer the RC vary greatly when you go for inter-state transfer. Let us discuss the documents required to transfer the RC within the same state.

For Sale Agreement from a Notary

  • Generally, when you go to sell your vehicle, you will need to submit two forms, form 29 and form 30. You must submit two copies of Form 29 and one copy of Form 30 at your nearest Regional Transport Office.

  • Here is a comprehensive list of all required documents for the RC transfer process.

Documents that the seller needs to submit

  • Original RC

  • Service History

  • Original manual of the vehicle from the owner

  • Copy for the clearance certificate

  • Tax-related documents from the relevant RTO

  • Copy of delivery note of the vehicle

  • Copy of the original invoice of the purchased vehicle

  • Car insurance policy

  • All warranty-related documents

  • Copy of PUC (Pollution under Control Certificate)

Documents that must be submitted by the buyer for vehicle RC transfer

2 copies of Form 29

  • Copy of PAN card

  • Address proof

  • Copy of valid car insurance policy

  • One copy of a passport-sized photograph

  • Copy of PUC

  • Original Clearance Certificate

  • Original RC

  • Notice of ownership transfer

Car Registration Transfer Process - Within the Same State

Follow these **Steps to transfer the registration certificate of your four-wheeler.

Step 1: Inform the RTO

Notify the RTO of sale within 14 days through Form 29 and Form 30. The buyer and seller must submit these forms to the RTO within the given time frame to avoid unnecessary gaps in the RC transfer process.

Step 2: Submit Required Documents

Submit the original RC, car insurance copy, PUC, address and identity proof documents, sale affidavit, and NOC only if the vehicle is financed.

Step 3: Pay the Applicable Fees

The RTO transfer charges depend on vehicle type and state. The RC transfer cost for private cars is usually ₹300 to ₹500. You can pay via demand draft, cheque, or digital modes.

Step 4: Get New RC Book

After processing, a new RC book with the buyer's name is issued. The old book is cancelled. In some states, car transfers are marked on the vehicle's official records, but the old RC book continues.

Step 5: Change Insurance Policy

Transfer the car insurance policy within 14 days of purchase to continue coverage. Otherwise, file forms 29 and 30 to insurers for a refund of the old policy and buy a new car insurance policy under the buyer's name.

Step 6: Update Vehicle Records

Apply for an updated registration certificate, pay road tax if applicable, and complete other paperwork to record the transfer fully.

That completes the offline RC transfer process.

You can also initiate the transfer vehicle registration online, as it is enabled on the Vahan portal for selected RTOs. All you need to do is check the availability with your RTO before proceeding. Please remember physical verification may still be needed to confirm details or other documentation queries.

Car RC Transfer Process - Inter State

The transfer of RC from one state to another can be tedious because it involves the RTOs of both states and takes much longer than the RC transfer process within the state. The rules and documents required might change depending on the state. Here is the detailed process.

Get an NOC from your RTO

First, you will have to get an NOC from your RTO, and then you must re-register your car in the RTO of the state you are transferring your car to. The list of documents required to get a NOC includes:

  • Forms 27 and 28

  • Original chassis imprint

  • Car insurance policy documents

  • An optional document is the NOC from the local police station

  • Copies of CMV Form 28

  • PUC.

  • Your existing registration certificates

  • Tax documents

Re-Register in the New RTO

You must re-register your vehicle in the new RTO by providing the NOC from your RTO and the documents mentioned above. After submission of all the documents, the RTOs generally issue the new registration number and blue card within a matter of days.

The list of documents required to re-register includes.

  • Photo identity proof and local address proof

  • Copy of original RC

  • PUC certificate

  • NOC received from your old RTO

  • Copy of the car insurance policy of your vehicle

  • Form 29 and 30 for re-registration

Make all necessary payments against car transfer charges

You will be required to pay all the fees of a re-registration at the new RTO. The fees you will be paying will already include the Road Tax, which can start from ₹1500 and can go up to ₹10,000 depending on the state.

Apply for a Road Tax Refund

Although this step is not mandatory, if you are transferring your RC from one state to another, you might have to pay a double road tax. That is why applying for a refund of the Road tax will save you significantly.

Here are the documents you will need to file for a refund of Road Tax:

  • Application for refund of road tax

  • Self-attested RTO Form 16

  • Copy of new RC

  • Copy of old RC

  • Car Insurance policy documents

  • Certificate with the new registration number

  • Photo identity proof and address details


Transferring RC is essential if you want to sell or buy a car legally. Completing the RC transfer process on time allows you to eliminate any unnecessary additional car ownership transfer costs or legal implications.

As a buyer or seller, investing in the right four-wheeler insurance is an essential aspect of the car ownership transferring process. This is because it allows more options for a smoother transfer with ample support to complete the process.

Tata AIG offers multiple insurance policies for your four-wheelers with various features and add-on benefits. Moreover, we also provide an easy-to-understand and follow car insurance claim process for a faster and hassle-free customer experience.


1. How long does transferring RC to the new owner take?

The RC transfer process has a standard timeline of 7-10 working days after submitting documents and fees. It may be faster in the case of online transfer.

2. Can I drive a car without transferring registration to my name?

No, you cannot drive a vehicle without transferring its registration to your name post-purchase. This can attract penalties under the Motor Vehicles Act.

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