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What is a FASTag scanner and how does it work?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 27/11/2023

While driving on a highway, you come across a toll plaza. To pay the toll fee, stop your vehicle, open your window, and use cash or a card. You have to wait for the change, the receipt, and the barrier to open.

You have to repeat this process at every toll plaza you pass by. How frustrating and time-consuming is that?

That is where FASTag comes in handy. This technology allows you to drive through the toll plaza without stopping or paying in cash or card. But how does FASTag work? How does the toll plaza know that you have a FASTag, and how much to deduct from your account or wallet? The answer is the FASTag scanner.

What is FASTag Scanner?

A FASTag barcode scanner is an electronic device installed at the toll plazas to scan the FASTag on your vehicle's windshield. It employs an advanced RFID system to communicate with the FASTag and the toll system.

RFID employs radio waves for object identification and tracking. It has two key components: a tag and a reader. A tag is a small device that contains a chip and an antenna. A reader emits radio signals and receives the tag's response.

Different Types of FASTag Scanner?

There are different types and features of car FASTag scanners, depending on the design and the functionality.

Handheld scanner

It is a portable device that can be operated by a toll operator manually. It is useful for backup or emergencies when the fixed scanner malfunctions or the vehicle does not have a FASTag.

Fixed Scanner

It is a stationary device mounted on a pole or a gantry above the toll lane. It can scan the FASTag automatically without any human intervention. It is suitable for dedicated FASTag lanes or mixed lanes.

Hybrid Scanner

It is a combination of both handheld and fixed scanners. It can scan the FASTag either manually or automatically, depending on the mode of operation. It is flexible and adaptable to different scenarios.

How Does a FASTag Scanner Work?

The process of toll collection using the FASTag scanner online is simple and fast. It involves the following steps:


As your vehicle nears a toll plaza, the FASTag scanner detects and starts scanning. It emits radio signals to search for the FASTag on your vehicle's windshield.


When the FASTag receives the radio signals from the scanner, it responds by sending back its unique identification number and other details. The scanner reads the information and sends it to the controller for verification.


The controller verifies the tag details with the toll system and checks the validity and the balance of the FASTag. If the tag is valid and has sufficient balance, it authorises the transaction and deducts the toll amount from your linked account or wallet. If the tag is invalid or has insufficient balance, it rejects the transaction and alerts the toll operator or the driver.


The toll system records the transaction and generates a receipt for the toll fee. It sends the receipt to your phone or email and updates your account or wallet balance. It also sends a signal to the scanner to display the result of the scanning process.


The scanner displays the result of the scanning process on the display. If the transaction is successful, it shows a green light and a message of "Transaction Successful." It also signals the barrier to open and allow your vehicle to pass through.

FASTag Scanner Not Working — Reasons and Consequences

Sometimes, the FASTag scanner may not work properly due to various reasons, such as:

  • The FASTag is not affixed correctly or is damaged.

  • The FASTag is not activated or has insufficient balance.

  • The FASTag is expired or blocked.

  • The scanner is faulty or has poor connectivity.

When the FASTag scanner is not working, it can cause several problems for the vehicle owners and the toll operators, such as:

  • You may have to pay double the toll amount in cash or face a penalty.

  • You may have to wait in long queues and waste time and fuel.

  • The toll operator may lose revenue and incur operational costs.

  • The toll operator may face complaints and disputes from the vehicle owners.

  • The purpose of FASTag to reduce congestion, pollution, and corruption may be defeated.


The FASTag scanner is a key component of the FASTag system that enables cashless toll collection in India. It offers many benefits for the drivers, such as saving time, fuel, and money and reducing congestion and pollution at the toll plazas. It also provides many benefits to the toll authorities, such as improving the efficiency, transparency, and security of the toll collection system.

Car Insurance with Tata AIG

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The car insurance policy protects you financially against any damage your car sustains while running on the road or standing idle. In order to make the most of your policy, it is best to learn about the car insurance claim process.


What is a FASTag scanner?

A FASTag scanner is a device that reads the RFID tag affixed to the vehicle's windshield and deducts the toll fee automatically from the linked prepaid account.

Which part of FASTag gets scanned?

The part of FASTag that gets scanned is the RFID tag, which contains a unique identification number and other information related to the vehicle and the owner.

How FASTag works?

FASTag works by using RFID technology. When a vehicle with FASTag passes through the toll plaza, the RFID tag signals to the reader, which verifies the tag details and deducts the toll fee from the linked prepaid account.

Can FASTag be scanned by mobile?

No, mobile phones do not have the capability to read RFID tags.

What is the FASTag barcode scanner app?

The FASTag barcode scanner app is an application that lets you scan the barcode of the FASTag sticker and activate it online.

How to check FASTag balance?

For FASTag balance check, access the online portal of the issuing bank or wallet and check the information on their dashboard.

How can I recharge my FASTag online?

To recharge your FASTag account, use the net banking portal of your issuing bank or wallet and initiate a fund transfer.

How do you check if my FASTag sticker is working or not?

You can check if your FASTag sticker is working or not by following these steps:

Ensure that the FASTag sticker is affixed correctly on the vehicle's windshield and is not damaged or tampered with.

Ensure that the FASTag account is active and has sufficient balance.

Observe the display board on the toll plaza. If it shows a red or no signal and the SMS notification does not confirm the toll deduction, then the FASTag sticker may not be working properly.

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