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Petrol, diesel, and CNG are India's most common fuel types. Needless to say, fuel compatibility plays an important role when it comes to purchasing a four-wheeler. While cars and motorcycles rely mostly on petrol, larger motor vehicles such as trucks, buses, and SUVs run on diesel, while CNG is used as an alternative fuel option for all types of automobiles.

But have you heard about white fuel or white petrol? It is a type of petrol that comes with a different set of characteristics and applications. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about white petrol, including its meaning, uses, and the white petrol price in India.

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What is White Petrol?

In order to define white petrol, it is important to understand how petroleum fuel is produced. For starters, petroleum-based fuel is made up of several long-chained hydrocarbon atoms. These hydrocarbon atoms are then categorised into different types through a distillation process.

Note that the heavier and longer hydrocarbon strings settle at the bottom, and the lighter ones stay at the top of the distillation column.

According to this hierarchy, petrol or gasoline stays afloat as it has light chains of about 7 to 11 atoms. It is then followed by natural gas, kerosene, diesel, crude oil, and so on.

White fuel is slightly heavier than regular petrol and has around 12 to 15 hydrocarbon atoms per chain, which is very close to kerosene.

It is mainly used as an aviation fuel and has some other industrial applications, which we will discuss in the coming section.

Applications of White Petrol

The following are the main applications of white petrol:

As an Aviation Fuel

The main application of white fuel is its wide usage as an aviation fuel. In other words, it is used as a fuel in jets and aeroplanes due to its distinct properties. One of the reasons behind using white fuel in jets and aeroplanes is that it has a lower freezing point than gasoline or regular petrol.

Note that the temperature of aeroplanes drops increasingly down to 40 degrees Celsius, which is enough for freezing regular petrol. To avoid this, kerosine-based fuel with a higher freezing point is used.

For Industrial Cleaning

White fuel works great as an industrial cleaning agent. Since it has a higher solvency, it is used for degreasing and cleaning large machinery, metal parts and electronic equipment.

Manufacturing of Plastic and Rubber

White petrol is also widely used in manufacturing rubber and plastic. It helps in the shaping of various products.

Used Paint Industries

The paint industry uses white petrol as a thinner for various products such as varnishes and oil-based paints. It helps in improving the consistency of paints and making their application smooth and flawless.

Domestic Applications

Some other domestic applications include using white petrol for dry cleaning and removing tough stains from various surfaces. In some areas, it is also used as a fuel for lighting and cooking.

What is the Main Difference Between White Petrol and Regular Petrol?

Let’s discuss the major differences between white petrol and regular petrol on the basis of some important factors as mentioned below:

Composition of Carbon Atoms: The biggest difference between white petrol and normal petrol is their carbon atom composition. While the petrol we use regularly in our cars and bikes has a composition of 7 to 11 atoms, white fuel contains 12 to 15 hydrocarbon atoms.

Usage and Applications: Due to its higher efficiency, petrol is used dominantly as a fuel for combustion engines in automobiles. It is a common fuel for cars, bikes, and other vehicles. On the other hand, white petrol is used mainly in the aviation industry as a base fuel for aircraft. Besides, it is also used in manufacturing and paint industries as a solvent and an effective cleaning agent.

Flammability: Both white petrol and normal petrol are flammable. However, their storage and handling requirements vary due to differences in their chemical composition. While regular petrol is consumer-oriented, white petrol is handled according to industrial norms.

Cost: White petrol is more expensive than gasoline or regular petrol.

Regulations: The regulations for the use of petrol are laid around its usage as a fuel for combustion engines. On the other hand, regulations for the use of white petrol are more focused on its industrial applications and vary according to the environment it is used in.

Can We Use White Petrol in Cars?

While it may sound very tempting to use white petrol in cars, it is simply not possible. The straightforward answer is no. We can not use white petrol in cars as doing so can result in engine damage. The reason is simple: white fuel lacks lubrication and has a higher energy density, which can destroy the engines of normal automobiles.

But white fuel comes in various variants, and some of them can be used for diesel-based engines. However, it is always advisable to use the appropriate fuel that your vehicle manufacturer recommends for a safe vehicle operation.

What is the Cost of White Petrol Per Litre in India?

White petrol rate can vary depending on factors such as its variant, application and location. As mentioned above, it is quite expensive than regular petrol.

As of October 2023, the ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) cost has increased to ₹1,18,199 per kilolitre in New Delhi at Indian Oil Corporation Limited. This price has increased significantly due to the global economic slowdown.

Moreover, white petrol 1-litre price is somewhere around ₹200 per litre, which is almost double the average cost of regular petrol.

[Note: This is an approximate and dynamic price. For accurate white petrol rate, refer to the trusted local suppliers and vendors.]

Final Words

White petrol may sound very similar to our regular petrol, but it is completely different in terms of application and usage.

As discussed above, it is used as a base for aviation or jet fuels due to its higher energy density and higher freezing point. Besides, it also has many other industrial applications.

That’s everything you need to know about white fuel or white petrol. We hope it helps you in making the right decision.

Don’t Forget to Buy Insurance for Four-Wheeler

For better efficiency and safe operation, it is always recommended to use the fuel recommended by your manufacturer. Doing otherwise will not degrade the quality of your vehicle but may also endanger your life.

Whether you buy a petrol or a diesel-based car, it is mandatory to have a car insurance policy. Besides being a legal requirement, having car insurance serves numerous benefits. For starters, it safeguards you and your vehicle against any unforeseen accident. Further, by making a car insurance claim post an unprecedented accident, you can deal with hefty expenses resulting from damages and repair without struggling financially.

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Is white petrol and kerosene the same?

White petrol has a very similar composition to kerosene. However, they are not the same fuel.

Is white petrol available at Indian petrol stations?

No, white petrol can not be purchased from local petrol pumps. Depending on its variant, it can only be purchased from industrial suppliers and vendors.

Is white petrol environment-friendly?

No, the white fuel or white petrol is not at all environmentally friendly. It contributes to air pollution just like regular petrol.

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