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What to Do in Case of Car Breakdown?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/07/2022

Cars have become a preferred mode of transport among people due to the comfort and availability of cheaper options in the market. People use their cars for going to the office, for adventures, and numerous other things. And while taking your car out for a spin is great, there are times when the car breaks down on the roads, and that can lead to a lot of stress and worrying.

The car breakdown reasons can be plenty, and it is essential to check what happened before you decide on the steps to take. We have a list of reasons for car breakdowns and ways in which you can tackle them. But, before we get to that, it is essential to outline the importance of having a car insurance plan. Insurance of your four-wheeler helps you safeguard yourself financially from any losses that may arise if you have an accident on the road. You can also opt for add-on covers like car roadside assistance cover to enhance the coverage of your insurance for your 4-wheeler.

With Tata AIG, you can simply buy your preferred car insurance plan online from anywhere in the country, and from the comfort of your home. There are a host of plans like comprehensive insurance of your four-wheeler, own damage insurance, and third-party only Insurance of your four-wheeler. You can also file a car insurance claim in a hassle-free way.

Now, let us get into the car breakdown reasons and ways to tackle these issues, such as getting roadside assistance.

Top Car Breakdown Reasons

Here are the top vehicle breakdown reasons and how you can tackle these:

  • Dead/ low or faulty battery

One of the major reasons for a vehicle breakdown is a low, faulty, or dead battery. The issue in the battery can be because of corrosion of the battery terminal or poor electrical connections. If you get your battery checked regularly and maintain it well, you will be able to avoid facing a car breakdown.

  • Flat or damaged tyres

In your tyres, the tread depth needs regular checking and maintenance. You must also get the pressure in the tyres checked as under pressure can cause extra strain on the wall of the tyres. Any sharp things like nails might also harm the tyres. You can avail of 24x7 roadside assistance if your tyres get damaged on the roads.

  • No petrol or diesel in the car

If you do not check the fuel gauge of your car, then you might get stranded on the road while you are travelling. Also, if you put low-quality or wrong fuel in the car, then your car can face internal damage causing a breakdown. If any of this happens, you need to get roadside assistance.

  • Engine overheating

Due to the rising temperatures and the heavy traffic on the roads, your engine might get overheated. The cooling system needs to be checked to see if there are any coolant leaks in the car. You can avail of 24x7 roadside assistance if your engine is giving you issues on the roads.

  • Misplaced or lost keys

Key misplacement and loss of keys are issues that lead to problems. Thus, you must always have a spare key so that you do not face hassles on the road. Or you might need breakdown assistance if you are unable to find your keys.

Tips to Keep in Mind in Case of Vehicle Breakdown

Here are some tips that you must remember if a vehicle breakdown happens:

  • Take your car off the road

If you think that your car is facing issues, it is important that you do not panic. Take your foot off your accelerator and do not apply the brakes suddenly. You can take the car to the breakdown lane on the road or just take it to the side. Give signals to other drivers before you do this and switch the hazard lights on. Also, get car roadside assistance if needed.

  • Call people for help

You can call the traffic police, any emergency numbers, or the insurance company to get breakdown assistance. Ensure that your car insurance includes the 24x7 roadside assistance cover.

  • Stay with your car

If you are stranded, it is not advisable to leave your car. You must switch the hazard lights on to inform others. If you are finally able to take your car to the side, then stay with it until you get roadside assistance.

  • Do not panic

Sometimes, in case of a car breakdown, people tend to start panicking. You must stay calm and handle the situation with utmost caution and common sense. Do not make any hasty decisions and wait till you get breakdown assistance.

  • Do not experiment

If the car breakdown reasons are simple and fixable, like a flat tyre, then go ahead and fix it. However, if you lack experience in this, then do not experiment and let the mechanic takeover.

  • Wait to get assistance

Waiting can be tough, but you will certainly get help from either the police, car breakdown services or your insurance company. It is essential that you patiently wait for the assistance to arrive and help you out. Panicking and taking hasty steps can make the situation worse.

Also, if the car breakdown has been caused due to any of the reasons included in your comprehensive car insurance plan, you can take your car to the network garage to avail of the cashless car insurance claim service offered by the insurance company. Tata AIG has a vast network of over 7500+ garages where you can file cashless claims with ease.


Thus, these are the car breakdown reasons and ways you can tackle it without too much worrying and stress. Although a car breakdown can be a hassle, you must tackle it calmly using the ways mentioned above. Also, do not wait to get roadside assistance if you require it. Moreover, get a comprehensive car insurance plan so that you get coverage for damages caused to your vehicle due to natural and manmade disasters. With Tata AIG, you can compare plans, calculate the premium that you will have to pay for the plan and get the plan online in a few simple steps.

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