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Driving Licence Fees Andhra Pradesh

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 21/01/2024

In Andhra Pradesh, a driving licence is an essential legal document that permits individuals to operate vehicles on public roads. It is a crucial requirement for ensuring that all drivers are adequately trained and knowledgeable about traffic regulations, contributing significantly to road safety.

The process of obtaining a driving licence in Andhra Pradesh involves specific fees for various stages. These fees are set by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and may vary depending on the type of vehicle and licence.

To guide you with it, this page delves into driving licence fees in Andhra Pradesh, how to apply for it and much more.

Types of Driving Licences in Andhra Pradesh

Learner's Licence: A temporary licence valid for six months, granted to beginners. It is a prerequisite for obtaining a permanent driving licence.

Permanent Driving Licence: Issued for private vehicle users, allowing them to drive cars, motorcycles, and other non-commercial vehicles.

Commercial Driving Licence: For individuals who drive commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and taxis. Applicants must meet specific age and experience criteria.

Two-Wheeler Licence: Specifically for riding motorcycles and scooters, with or without gear.

Light Motor Vehicle Licence: For driving light motor vehicles like small cars and jeeps.

Heavy Vehicle Licence: For operating heavy vehicles such as lorries, trucks, and other large transport vehicles.

Driving Permit: A licence that allows holders to drive in foreign countries, valid for a specific period, and to be used in conjunction with a permanent driving licence.

Each licence type has distinct eligibility criteria and testing requirements to ensure that drivers possess the necessary skills and knowledge for the vehicles they intend to operate.

Driving Licence Fees in Andhra Pradesh

Here’s a list of Andhra Pradesh driving licence fees online:

Sl. No. Service Description Revised Fee (₹)
1 Issuance of Learner’s Licence for Each Vehicle Class 150
2 Learner’s Licence Test or Retest Fee 50
3 Competence to Drive Test or Retest for Each Vehicle Class 300
4 Driving licence fees for 4-wheeler in Andhra Pradesh Two-wheeler driving licence fees in Andhra Pradesh 200
5 Issuance of International Driving Permit 1000
6 Addition of Another Vehicle Class to Existing Driving Licence 500
7 Endorsement or Renewal of Authorization for Hazardous Goods Vehicle 100
8 AP Driving Licence Renewal 200
9 Late driving licence renewal charges in Andhra Pradesh (Additional Fee of Rs. 1000 per year after Grace Period) 300 + 1000/year
10 Licence Issuance or Renewal for Driving School 10000
11 Duplicate Licence for Driving School 5000
12 Appeal Against Licensing Authority Decisions 500
13 Change in Address or Other Details on Driving Licence 200
14 Driving Licence Issuance on Surrender of Military/Foreign Licence 200
15 Issue of Duplicate Driving Licence 100

Note: These rates for. DL Fees in Andhra Pradesh generally vary yearly. The regional transport officer has the authority to modify the charges.

Driving Licence Application Process in Andhra Pradesh

Online Driving Licence Application Process

  • Visit the official Parivahan Sewa website.

  • Select "Apply Online" under the "Driving Licence" section.

  • Fill out the application form with your personal details and the type of vehicle you intend to drive.

  • Upload the required documents, including proof of address, age, and identity.

  • Pay the application fee via the online payment options provided.

  • Book a slot for the learner’s licence test and attend the test at the designated Regional Transport Office (RTO) on your scheduled date.

  • After holding the learner’s licence for at least 30 days (and within 180 days of its issuance), apply for a permanent driving licence through the same website.

  • Select the option for a permanent driving licence and complete the required application form.

  • Submit the learner’s licence along with other necessary documents.

  • Pay the fee for the permanent driving licence application.

  • Schedule and appear for the driving test at the designated RTO.

  • Upon passing the driving test, the permanent driving licence will be issued and sent to your registered address.

Offline Process to Apply for Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh

  • Choosing offline mode can be more convenient for some people; the following is a brief process of applying for a driving licence offline:

  • Visit the nearest RTO to get the learner’s licence form.

  • Fill out the form, attach documents, and pay fees.

  • Book, appear and pass the learner’s test.

  • After 30 days, apply for a permanent licence at RTO.

  • Submit documents, pay fees, and pass the driving test.

  • The permanent licence will be issued and sent by post.

Documents Required to Apply for a Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh

To apply for a driving licence in Andhra Pradesh, you will need the following documents:

Age Proof: Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, Passport, or PAN Card.

Address Proof: Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Utility bills, or Rental Agreement.

Passport-size Photographs: Recent photographs, usually 3-4 in number.

Application Form: Duly filled application form for either learner's or permanent driving licence.

Learner’s Licence: A copy of your learner’s licence if applying for a permanent licence.

Medical Certificate: Form 1-A is completed by a certified doctor, especially for applicants over 40 years or for commercial licences.

Educational Qualification Certificate: A basic qualification document may be required.

Other ID Proofs: Any additional identity proof like a PAN Card or government ID.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh


16 years for two-wheelers without gear.

18 years for cars and bikes with gear.

20 years for commercial vehicles.

Learner’s Licence: Must be held for at least 30 days before applying for a permanent licence.

Knowledge of Traffic Rules: Understanding of traffic rules as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

Medical Fitness: Required, especially for those above 40 years or for commercial licences.

Residency: Must be a resident of Andhra Pradesh.

Driving Test: Pass a driving test for a permanent licence.

How to Check Your Driving Licence Application Status?

To check the status of your driving licence application online, you would need to follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official Parivahan Sewa website.

  • Click on the "Online Services" section and choose "Driving Licence Related Services".

  • Select the state where you applied for the licence.

  • Click on "Application Status".

  • Enter your application number and date of birth.

  • Complete the captcha verification.

  • Click on “Submit” to view the current status of your driving licence application.

  • To verify the status of your driving licence application offline, visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) where you submitted your application. The officials there will access their system to provide you with the current status of your application.

How is the Driving Licence Test Conducted in Andhra Pradesh?

In Andhra Pradesh, the driving licence test is conducted as follows:

Appointment Booking: Applicants must first book an appointment for the test, usually after obtaining their learner's licence.

Arrival at Test Venue: On the scheduled date, applicants must arrive at the designated Regional Transport Office (RTO) with a vehicle suitable for the test.

Verification of Documents: Before the test, RTO officials verify the necessary documents, including the learner's licence.

Test Procedure Briefing: The applicant receives instructions on how the test will be conducted.

Practical Driving Test: The test involves driving on a designated track or on public roads, as per RTO guidelines. The test typically includes manoeuvres such as turning, reversing, parking, and navigating various road signs and signals.

Evaluation of Skills: The applicant's driving skills, understanding of traffic rules, and ability to handle the vehicle are assessed.

Test Result: The result of the test is usually announced shortly after its completion. If the applicant passes, they proceed to get their permanent driving licence. If they fail, they can reapply for the test after a specified period, as per RTO guidelines.

Need for Motor Insurance in Andhra Pradesh

Just as a Driving Licence, having third-party insurance for 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers is legally mandated for every vehicle. It saves the owner from damage or loss caused to a third party because of any mishap that happened to the vehicle.

However, to protect one's own vehicle, one needs to opt for own damage or comprehensive car or two-wheeler insurance policy. Tata AIG facilitates online purchase of car and bike insurance policies. With us, you also have the flexibility to add on insurance drivers to make your policy more comprehensive, as per your needs and budget.


Getting a fresh AP driving licence or getting an AP driving licence renewal is a comprehensive process that ensures road safety and legal compliance. It involves clear steps, from selecting the appropriate type of licence and fulfilling the necessary eligibility criteria to completing the application process either online or offline.

A structured fee system supports the process and requires specific documents for application. Furthermore, the driving test in Andhra Pradesh is designed to assess an applicant's driving skills and understanding of traffic rules. Overall, this system ensures that only qualified and capable individuals are granted the privilege of driving, thereby contributing to safer roads in the state.

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