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Driving Licence Fees Odisha

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 16/01/2024

Much like any other city in India, there is a meticulous system for DL fees in Odisha. There are different requirements and eligibility criteria for different types of licences and vehicles. From two-wheelers to transport vehicles, all processes are detailed and organised to ensure transparency and efficiency.

In this article, we will list all the details connected to obtaining a driving licence in Odisha and provide comprehensive details in the form of a roadmap for you to follow so you can plan your finances for your driving journey by making well-informed decisions.

Types of Driving Licences in Odisha

The categories of driving licences that Odisha offers are for the following types of vehicles:

Driving licence types Vehicle types 
Geared Private Four-wheelers SUVs, MUVs, Hatchbacks, Sedans, Coupés, etc.
Gearless Two-wheelers Mopeds, gearless bikes, scooters, etc.
Geared Two-wheelers Geared scooters and motorcycles, etc.
Commercial Vehicles Trucks, transport buses, etc.
Other Vehicles Transport trucks for carrying industrial and hazardous goods

Driving Licence Fees in Odisha

Driving Licence Apply Odisha Fees

Although there are no DL apply fees in Odisha, the costs for offline forms needs to be covered. Depending on the number of forms that one might need, the total cost may go beyond ₹300.

If one is looking for renewal, the forms need to be paid for along with the DL renewal; Odisha price for this could range around ₹1,000 if the fees are paid late. However, if one is looking for a driving licence renewal online, Odisha cost for this will exclude the form fees.

Application Process for Driving Licence in Odisha

Applications for driving licences in Odisha can be done in two ways: online and offline. The online application is more cost-effective and convenient compared to the offline application. Let us dive into how to do it.

Online Driving Licence Application for Odisha

Here are the steps to follow to apply for a driving licence online in Odisha:

  • Go to the Parivahan website.

  • Navigate to the 'Please select the state from where the service will be taken' box.

  • Select 'Odisha' from the list.

  • Fill out the application form with all the necessary information based on the guidelines.

  • Upload all the documents as instructed on the website.

  • Upload your photograph and signature wherever required.

  • Fill out details in the 'DL TEST SLOT BOOKING 'section and choose a slot for yourself.

  • Pay the fee online with the available modes of payment

Verify the Payment Status

Save the receipt on the screen and print it for future use.

Note: If your Learning licence expires during this period or you are not able to pass your test before the expiry of your learning licence, you are required to obtain a new learning licence through the expired class of vehicle.

For more information on online services by the Odisha government, click here.

Offline Driving Licence Application for Odisha

Although the official government website recommends getting the form online, it is also available at your nearest RTO. These, compared to the online forms, will be payable.

The applicants will be required to submit a list of documents along with a list of forms.

After this, there will be a round of verification that will be done by an RLA clerk.

If the file is rejected, the applicant will have to resubmit the application with the correct documents as instructed.

Upon approval, the applicant can pay for the test at the booking window while also booking a favourable slot. Keep in mind that the test date that you select is before the expiry of your learning licence.

Once the test is passed, you will receive the driving licence by post.

For more information on the application of various licences, click here.

Documents Required for Driving Licence in Odisha

Documents required for the application of a driver's licence are as follows:

Form 4

Form 6

Any Identity proof

passport size photograph

Valid learner licence

For more information on learning licences in Odisha, click here.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Driving Licence in Odisha

The eligibility criteria to apply for a driving licence in Odisha is primarily based on the age of the aspiring driver and the type of vehicle they are trying to obtain a licence for.

Individuals aged 16 and above can apply for a licence to drive motorcycles with an engine capacity that does not exceed 50cc

For those who are trying to learn how to drive any of the transport vehicles, the minimum age is 20.

Similarly, 18-year-olds are eligible to apply for any other licences except for the two mentioned above.

This structure has been put into action to ensure all eligibility criteria align well with the respective requirements and capabilities of the ages in question.

How to Check Your DL Application Status in Odisha

You can check your DL Application Status in Odisha very conveniently using the Sarathi Rarivahan website.

Here are the exact steps that you can follow:

Navigate to the Sarathi Parivahan website

Select ‘Odisha’ in the state box

Click on ‘Apply Online’

Then click on ‘Application Status’

How is the Driving Licence Test Conducted in Odisha?

Like all other states, the DL test in Odisha is conducted and administered by the RTO. This test evaluates the applicant's driving skills, navigation skills and driving aptitude. The evaluation varies depending on the type of vehicle.

Four-wheeler Driving Test

For four-wheelers, the test involves driving through a route that has been marked with boundary markers. It is crucial for the applicant to not touch any of the boundary markers.

Two-Wheelers Driving Test

For two-wheelers, applicants are required to drive in a figure-8 pattern without stalling.

Need for Motor Insurance in Odisha

Like most states in India, vehicle owners in Odisha too are mandated under the Motor Vehicles Act to get third-party car or bike insurance. Not having motor insurance is a punishable crime and you will be obligated to pay an e-challan, Odisha. However, it is not just because of the mandate that a four or two-wheeler insurance is so important.

Comprehensive motor insurance is crucial in safeguarding your vehicle and you against the unpredictable nature of the traffic. A good car or bike insurance gives you coverage from unforeseen damage that may occur during accidents or even natural disasters.

Tata AIG not only provides tailor-made packages that suit your personal needs but also makes them available at cost-effective prices. So before you think about getting a new driver's licence, look into a new car or new bike insurance, so you can navigate the roads securely and economically.


Staying informed about the financial details and procedures of a driving licence is just as important as knowing the rules and regulations of driving. It is more than just economic knowledge; it is about taking responsible steps to navigate the roads of the country more securely.


Can my driving licence be suspended because of an e-challan?

Yes, there is a chance of suspension of a DL if the offence is related to the U/S 206(4) of the MVA, 1988.

Within how many days do I have to pay my traffic fines to save my licence?

It is mandatory to pay fines within 15 days to avoid suspension of a licence or to avoid a court order.

What is the punishment for Juveniles who are caught driving?

This offence calls for a fine of ₹25,000 and suspension of eligibility from an LL or DL till the age of 25.

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