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Group Health Insurance

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Why Health and Wellness are Important for Employees?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 08/05/2024

Employees are the backbone of any organisation, and the importance of their wellness and health cannot be ignored. Employee wellness is company wellness, as employees contribute to the success and smooth functioning of any organisation.

Tight deadlines, work-related stress, and a competitive work environment often stress out employees, negatively affecting their health. Health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, etc., have become widespread and cannot be ignored.

In this article, let us discuss the importance of health and wellness for employees, how companies can ensure the same, and the role of an employee mediclaim policy.

Why is Health and Wellness Important for Employees?

Employees are a valuable asset for the company, and their health and well-being are crucial for the success of any company. The importance of wellness in the workplace is crucial for the following reasons:

Enhances Employee Productivity- A physically and mentally healthy employee is more productive at the workplace. Healthy employees are efficient at completing the assigned tasks and responsibilities, can think creatively, and are more efficient than unwell employees. Thus, health & wellness is directly proportional to employee productivity.

Enables Work-Life Balance- Healthy individuals are more efficient at striking work-life balance. They are physically and mentally fit to accomplish their tasks at work, allowing them to dedicate time to their families.

Improves the Chances of Success- Employees who are in good health have higher chances of attaining success at work. They achieve their goals and climb the success ladder with their dedication and hard work. All their energy is channelled towards achieving individual and company goals, allowing them to succeed.

Contribute to the Company’s Success- Healthy employees are a significant asset of any organisation. They have high productivity, which manifests in the form of a company’s success.

  • Employee well-being is not just the responsibility of the employee but also of the organisation he is working for. Here are ways companies can take care of their employees' health.

Importance of Wellness in Workplace: The Role of Organisations

Supportive Work Environment- Organisations must be aware of the importance of employee well-being and provide a supportive work environment to their workers. A supportive work culture makes the employee feel valued and creates a positive work environment, which, in turn, fosters productivity.

Flexible timings, paid leaves, maternity benefits, etc., are some of the ways in which organisations can make the work environment supportive.

Hire Adequate Staff to Avoid Work Overload- Organisations must ensure that they hire sufficient employees for the tasks to avoid overburdening a few employees. If the staff strength is sufficient, it will not overburden the existing staff, leading to improved productivity and motivation.

Organise Wellness Programs- Organisations must take the initiative to organise wellness programs for their employees to ensure that they receive the desired support in terms of physical and mental health.

Some of the programs that are beneficial for the well-being of the employee include fitness activities, healthy lunch and snacks, mental health assistance, group health insurance, and so on.

The Role of Group Mediclaim Policy in Employee Wellness

One of the most efficient ways in which employers can ensure the good health of their employees is with group health insurance. Group insurance plans provide financial assistance to the employees in case of medical emergencies.

Group health policies take the financial burden off the employee, allowing him to avail of the best medical treatments without financial strain.

Expenses Covered Under Group Insurance

Hospitalisation charges after an accident- If the employee meets with an accident and gets hospitalised, all the hospital charges will be covered under the group mediclaim policy. It includes pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, ambulance charges, room rent, medication, and so on.

Maternity Expenses- Employees can also claim maternity expenses under the group insurance plan provided by Tata AIG. It provides the delivery expenses and also covers the baby for the first 90 days.

Critical Illness Cover- Group insurance also offers monetary assistance for critical illnesses like cancer, heart disease, etc. Employees or their family members can get the best treatment without worrying about the cost.

Annual Check-Ups- Group insurance also covers the expenses that an employee incurs for periodic check-ups, such as blood tests, scans, etc. Such health check-ups are essential to prevent serious medical conditions and treat them in the initial stages.

Benefits of Group Insurance

Easy on the Pocket— Since the premium of group insurance is shared by all the employees, it is much cheaper than an individual insurance plan. Therefore, such plans are more affordable and accessible for all employees.

Ensure your Loved Ones- A group mediclaim policy protects the employees as well as their loved ones. Employees can add their dependents under the policy and need not buy separate insurance for each family member.

Simple Claim Process- Under a group mediclaim policy, the employee is relieved of all the hassle of the claim process. You can opt for cashless treatment and contact the HR department to help complete the formalities of the claim procedure.

Accommodates Pre-Existing Diseases- Under an employee health insurance plan, employees can raise a claim for any pre-existing disease from day one of the policy without any waiting period.


It is essential to prioritise employee health, as their well-being is of paramount importance. Healthy employees are highly productive and contribute greatly to the company's success. The importance of employee well-being is well-known, and it benefits both the employee and the employer.

Fitness programs, group mediclaim policy, and flexible work culture are some of the ways in which the employer can contribute to the health of its employees. It makes the employees feel valued and motivates them to work efficiently.

Tata AIG offers SME insurance to organisations who want to protect their business as well as the health of their employees.

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