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How to Manage Employee Health for Better Productivity?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 08/05/2024

Every business, small, medium, or large, wants to have the best results. However, very little is done to achieve the expected outcome. In the evolving landscape of business, betterment and efficiency are closely related to productivity.

But what determines the productivity of your business?

Your employees and their ability to perform at their utmost best dictate the future and finesse of your business. However, there are some factors that can directly affect employee wellness and productivity. Of these, a crucial aspect is the mental and physical health of the people who work with you.

Let us discuss this concern in the blog.

The Link Between Employee Health and Productivity

Two terms, which are absenteeism and presenteeism, have been coined to support observations regarding employee health and its relation with productivity.

The term absenteeism refers to when an employee takes an unplanned sick leave due to injury or illness. This has a direct effect on the quantity of work getting done on the day and in the week. Moreover, productivity is hampered as well in such cases.

However, presenteeism affects productivity indirectly and more than absenteeism. When an employee works in spite of having poor physical or mental health, the overall productivity gets hampered. There is no way to calculate the damage done, and it might continue for a long time if ignored and avoided.

When motivated and in great health, employees find it in themselves to be better at work and improve, which makes it important to understand how to handle employee health and motivation.

How to Manage Employee Health for Better Productivity?

It is important to understand that a big portion of responsibility lies in your hands as an employer to keep your employees happy, healthy, and motivated. Their monthly salary alone can sometimes fall short of motivating them to work towards efficiency.

Here are a few strategies that can make substantial changes in work attitude and employee health.

Group Health Insurance

How does getting group health insurance affect employee health? With employee health insurance policies, getting an early diagnosis, better healthcare, quick and cashless hospitalisation, and more such factors are possible. With a group policy, employees can also get preventative healthcare coverage, if chosen.

Employees seek corporations that offer such policies to feel safe. The assurance of financial and medical security alone can be a great motivation for individuals to work at their utmost capacity.

Employee Wellness and Productivity

As discussed above, employee wellness and productivity in the workplace are integrally connected. When employers prioritise employee wellness and health, employees feel valued. These programs not only spread awareness amongst employees but also create a safe space to speak up.

Initiatives like yoga classes, meditation sessions, wellness programs, an outing once in a while, mental health support sessions, and open discussions can help employees. Try and foster a positive and caring environment in the workplace to boost confidence and self-esteem. These factors add up and contribute to motivating employees.

Stability in Schedules

Working hours have been a discussion point for many years. Some corporations extend working hours to an extent that can put employees in harm's way. It is not humanly possible to keep up the quality of the work after a certain point in time.

Making employees work for longer hours, say 10-12 hours every day, can significantly affect their productivity negatively.

Keep the schedules stable and allow them to breathe whenever necessary. Small, regulated and periodic breaks can help employees gain energy and motivation and get back to their work with a bang.

Essential Care

Employees are human beings at the end of the day. They need social interaction, sleep, stress-free days, and compassion. If you fail to provide these essential factors to your employees, you might hurt the productivity of your business unknowingly.

A stressed and sleepless employee is just as dangerous as an intoxicated and absent employee. An optimal level of stress and pressure is perfect for motivating an employee. As an employer, it is your duty to keep your employees stimulated and challenged.

Making efforts to avoid this will prevent anxiety issues, low self-esteem, insomnia, depression, and more mental health issues. Stress and lack of sleep can also lead to physical discomfort, fever, migraines, digestive issues, and a messed-up lifestyle.

Adequate Employment

As an employer, it is your fundamental responsibility to ensure equal or proportionate distribution of duties, responsibilities, and rights. If your business is inadequately employed, you might be failing at that.

Fewer employees mean all or some employees are overworked. Overworking can cause health issues that can affect your employees’ physically and well as mentally. At the same time, underemployment can make them idle.

In both cases, your productivity will suffer. So, adequate employment matters a lot for optimal productivity.

Be Flexible and Adaptable

Allowing your employees to work with flexibility will definitely increase your company’s productivity. Work can seldom be more important than a doctor’s visit, fulfilling sleep, meals, and family.

You can permit different start and stop times for different employees. Allow work from home when it is possible and grant designated leaves without further questions. This will help employees build a trusting relationship with you and feel at peace in the workplace.

It is paramount to keep your heart in the right place while judging the situation wisely. You can say “No” where it is absolutely necessary. Strike the perfect balance and increase productivity by attaining good employee health!

Final Words

There is an intrinsic link between employee physical and mental health and their ability to work at full capacity for your organisation. Joining the tender wellness culture by incorporating various programs and offering new possibilities will improve the work environment and push your employees to be better at their jobs.

Investing in a group mediclaim policy will yield you the productivity you seek from your employees. Primarily because you are securing their future and finances. The inclusion of a group mediclaim policy will also boost their confidence due to the added sense of security!

Tata AIG’s SME insurance offers multiple benefits to small and medium businesses. One of the many important policies in SME commercial plans is group health insurance.

With countless features, such as maternity cover, cashless hospitalisation, convalescence benefits, recuperation expenses, ambulance expenses, and more, small and medium companies can ensure their employees’ well-being.


Should mental health be a part of the wellness activities for my employees?

Mental health awareness and care sessions should certainly form a part of your wellness and productivity activities for your employees. It is crucial for fostering a healthy work environment!

How to make wellness and health management initiatives accessible to all employees?

In order to make your proactive initiatives accessible to all the employees, you can keep consistent and open communication, hold discussions regarding the same, announce the programs in common meetings, etc. You can ask for preferences like languages, topics of interest, comfort zones, and availability to ensure presence.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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