Ways to Motivate Employees Under Adverse Conditions

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Everyone working for a company, may it be the higher-level management or the employees, is a human being. If there is anything constant in a human’s life, it is the changing circumstances and situations of their life. These circumstances can change for the better or the worse.

Times of crisis can be personal or professional. Since an employer cannot interfere with their employees’ personal lives, they can ensure their well-being and self-confidence at the workplace with the help of employee motivation strategies. Such times of crisis can affect the resilience and productivity of the employees and, consequently, the company’s performance.

As an employer, one can definitely boost morale because motivated employees are more quality-oriented and performance-driven. Here are a few things a manager can do to motivate their employees in critical and adverse situations.

Ways Of Motivating Employees Under Adverse Conditions

Recognition and Appreciation

When one is in distress, all they need is a word of appreciation for what they are doing despite facing such difficulties. A few words of recognition of their effort, pain, or problem can go a long way to boost their morale.

“Hey, I know you are going through a tough time, but the way you are handling it is super amazing, and I wish to help in any way possible!”

Hearing this recognition of pain and appreciation for efforts from one’s manager or department head can get things done.

Provide Better Benefits

Providing employee benefits like mental health leave, short breaks throughout the day, medical insurance plans, or something as small as feedback sessions can make a lot of difference.

Things like getting health insurance have an effect on them in the long run. These things show that the management cares and is ready to show mental and financial support whenever necessary.

Providing Professional Opportunities

When an employee is in an adverse condition, providing better professional opportunities can help.


It motivates them to do better because they can see the trust the office has in them despite the current situation. It will also divert their mind and focus from their problems for a while.

This isn’t avoidance; rather, it is a reminder that they are much more than the problems they are facing. It reminds them that they are capable of greater things and that they can overcome the situation in no time!

Being Empathetic

Being a little careful while talking to them and behaving with them is essential. This behaviour shows that one is empathetic towards their situation and cares about their feelings.

When they feel heard and seen, they might be more free and find a way out of the adversity.

At last freedom is all we need, at the end of the day! So, be empathetic and make them feel heard as much as possible.

Employee Welfare Programs

As a manager or employer, one can implement different wellness programs for their colleagues.

These can include mind and body awareness, stress management, yoga workshops, mental health awareness, nature walks, or anything that will make them aware of themselves. There can also be provision of access to services like counselling and meditation classes.

Building Trust and Faith

There are various ways one can build trust with their employees. Showing faith in their good work, including them in decision-making procedures, actively listening to their suggestions, and motivating them to speak up can help them find faith and courage.

This will show them different ways they can cope with their pain while working at their best capacity.

Be Flexible and Adapt

Flexibility in work leads to better adjustment with happening in life. If one is facing difficult times in their personal life, flexibility in the workspace gives them an opportunity to solve those issues easily and at a quicker pace.

If they are facing professional challenges, they can work more or at a different pace than others.

But this is only possible if one gives them that space and freedom. So, be flexible and adapt to the pace of the employees.

Have Transperant Communication

Since communication is the most important pillar of a business, it should always be effective, efficient, and explicit.

But apart from that, having open and transparent communication will make them feel included and influential in the team. It will boost their morale and motivate them to be more open and effective with their communication.

Ensuring Health and Well-Being With Tata AIG

As mentioned above, provide the employees with great financial instruments that will make them feel secure in their workplace. You can further safeguard the future of your company with Tata AIG’s SME insurance or any commercial business insurance in India.

Along with that, providing the employees with financial assistance with potential health risks is also a sign of care. Apart from offering compensation, you are offering them a haven that they can lean on with corporate health insurance powered by Tata AIG.

Tata AIG’s group health insurance offers great employee health benefits that can be extended to their families as well. This inclusive insurance solution will only motivate the employees towards productivity and loyalty to the company.

Final Reflection

Staying with the employees through their tough times can be challenging since it can often hinder the overall productivity and performance of the company.

But that is a very temporary way of thinking. In an era of job hoppers, if an employer wants someone to stick with the company for an extended period of time, attention and care are crucial.

Ensure employee well-being. That way, one creates loyal and successful employees as a manager, which honestly, is a big feat!


Can a small and medium-sized company afford insurance and other employee benefits?

Yes! With Tata AIG’s SME insurance, you can find different types of commercial insurance that will offer an amazing variety of benefits for your employees.

Why must a manager motivate employees in adverse circumstances?

A manager’s fundamental responsibility is to manage and maintain the workplace with efficiency. If the work is suffering because one or more employees are facing adversities, it is the manager’s duty to make things right. Motivating employees is one way of doing it!

Does a supportive company culture help an employee cope with difficulties?

Yes! A supportive and open company culture most certainly helps an employee to make things right and increase their productivity.

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