5 Things To Teach Your Kids About Dental Hygiene From An Early Age

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  • 27/06/2020

Things To Teach Your Kids About Dental Hygiene From An Early Age

Do you know that only 28% Indians visit their dentist once a year? Oral health is the last area of concern on most people’s mind and thus, is often ignored. When someone suffers from symptoms like high fever or chest pain, we instantly rush to seek medical assistance, but that’s not the case for a toothache.

Oral health is vital to one’s overall wellness. Dental issues can affect every day functions such as eating, talking, or even just being. This is why you should move dental health a little higher on your priority list and teach your kids the right dental care from an early age. After all, nobody likes bad breath!

Here’s what you can teach your kids about dental hygiene.

##1. The correct method to brush teeth-

Ideally, dental care should start as soon as the first tooth comes out. From the time they’re three, they should brush at least once a day. And by their next birthday, they should brush twice a day. Teach them how to brush gently and ensure they brush all over – from the inside of the cheeks to the tongue and the gums too for a minimum of 2 minutes. Initially, you can brush along with them to encourage them.

##2. Flossing-

You can start teaching them to floss once two teeth erupt together. Food particles can get stuck in their teeth which can lead to the formation of bacteria, gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath, and flossing is one of the easiest ways to prevent it. Starting out early ensures that it becomes a habit by the time they are older.

##3. Nutritious diet-

Healthy and nutritious food goes a long way as it strengthens and even helps protect the teeth. Too much of sugar, candies and sweets, beverages, juices can cause cavities or build-up of plaque. As a parent, limit sweet snacks and foods. Instead of a candy bar, give your child strawberries or dates. Swap sugary beverages for homemade flavoured water. If they start this habit at a young age, they will continue it even when they’re older. Sugary foods tend to stick to the teeth, so ensure they rinse their mouths or gently brush after having some.

##4. Regular check-ups-

Prevention is better than cure. We often think going to a dentist without a prominent problem doesn’t make sense, but it does. It can help you prevent any problems in the first place. You should start taking your children to the dentist at least twice a year while they are still young, so it becomes a routine.

##5. Rinse after every meal-

Teach them to rinse their mouth to remove any residual food after every meal. Food particles left in teeth can cause bacteria and cavities. So, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner encourage them to clean up afterwards.

Sometimes even after taking all sorts of precautions, there are still chances of developing dental issues.

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Think ahead, be healthy and always keep smiling!

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