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What is Antral Gastritis

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/02/2023

Antral gastritis is caused due to unhealthy choices. Whether it is due to lifestyle disorder, food disorder, stress or unprescribed drugs. There is a whole list of such choices you need to avoid. To help you make better choices for yourself and your family, let's understand what antra gastritis is, antral gastritis symptoms & antral erosions treatment.

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Meaning of Antral Gastritis

Antral gastritis is the medical term for the inflammation(injury or irritants) of the stomach lining in the stomach's antral region.

In medical terms, the lower part of the stomach is referred to as the antrum. The mucosa, which coats the stomach's interior, is a protective layer that secretes mucus. This lining protects the stomach from the stomach's corrosive acid, which speeds up digestion by dissolving food.

The mucosa irritates and develops gastritis when something strengthens or weakens this protective barrier; the mucosa irritates and develops gastritis. A type of bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori infection is considered a very common cause of gastritis (H. pylori).

Types of Antral Gastritis

There are two categories of gastroenteritis:

  • Erosive Antral Gastritis: Also known as Hemorrhagic gastritis, the kind of gastritis causes inflammation and erosion, i.e., bleeding of the stomach lining. This disorder is also known as reactive gastritis. Contributing variables include smoking, drinking, corticosteroids, NSAIDs, viral or bacterial infections, stress from illnesses or traumas, and corticosteroids and NSAIDs.

  • Non-Erosive Antral Gastritis: In this condition, the belly lining turns infected except for eroding or unfavourable the belly lining.

Causes of Erosive Antral Gastritis

The various other causes of Erosive Antral Gastritis

  • Mostly caused by chemicals or medicines, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or steroids, which are seen in roughly 50% of cases.
  • Alcohol-induced (observed in 20% of GI bleeding) Corrosives (acid, alkali)
  • severe stress brought on by previous procedures, trauma, a CVA, and extended bed rest
  • Bile reflux and gastropathy associated with portal hypertension
  • AIDS is caused by viral infections such as cytomegalovirus (CMV) and herpes simplex virus (HSV).
  • Eating spicy food, fried food, junk food, and meals with dyes can cause gastritis. So, keep away from spicy foods, fried foods, dyes, junk food, alcohol, and caffeine which can lead to heartburn at some stage in or after eating.
  • Acidic foods like citrus fruits, tomatoes, vinegar, coffee, cocoa, and chocolate can also motivate gastritis. So, do not consume any of these acidic meals with gastritis.
  • Ingestive fruit juices due to the fact it mixes with gastric acid and can irritate the belly lining.

Whether Erosive Antral Gastritis Curable?

Of course, it is curable-

  1. First, you need to consult with a doctor instantly.
  2. You need to check for increasing symptoms or if it continues for a long
  3. You might need to take antibiotics.

Most Common Symptoms of antral gastritis

The main cause of symptoms is the antrum's (the lower part of the stomach) onset of inflammation. The stomach's contents are discharged into the small intestine by this area. As a result, the following signs and symptoms could appear:

  • Severe Indigestion- As it affects digestion and empties food into the intestines, it is regarded as one of the most typical signs of antral gastritis. A burning sensation in the upper abdomen is another possibility.
  • Nausea & Vomiting Lost appetite Nausea is a common side effect of indigestion and results from any kind of inflammation that manifests within the stomach lining. From mild to severe, it could cause vomiting in certain people. A natural result is a decrease in appetite.
  • Gas Issues-The processes of food emptying into the intestine are impacted by the inflammation's location. Food that has not been fully digested enters the intestines, causing bloating and gas. In addition, burping may result from an accumulation of extra gas in the stomach.
  • A lot of Discomfort.-Pain experienced when eating may be caused by inflammatory processes and an excess of gas building up.
  • The stool movement issues-The stool may turn dark or tarry, but this rarely happens because it's a sign that the gastrointestinal tract is bleeding. If this is seen, immediate medical assistance is required.

Treatment for Antral Gastritis

The following are frequent redress for managing and treating antral gastritis:

  • Take antacids and prescribed medicines to decrease belly acid
  • Avoid spicy and warm foods, greasy, fried, spicy, or acidic. Keep it light and simple.
  • Prescribed combination of antibiotics and an acid-blocking medicinal drug to deal with gastritis prompted by using H. pylori infection
  • Prescribed B12 medications (if gastritis is precipitated using pernicious anaemia)
  • Getting free of irritants in the diet, which might include lactose from dairy or gluten from wheat
  • Reduce caffeine consumption.
  • Eat smaller foods
  • Stress management.
  • No consumption of alcohol.
  • After a meal, keep away from falsehood for up to two to three hours.

Home Remedies for Antral Gastritis:

  • Chewing sparkling ginger earlier than meals
  • Consuming a teaspoon of carom seeds
  • Drinking coconut water as it smoothening for stomach
  • Using a heat compress or warm water bottle on the web page of distress
  • Increasing fluid consumption by way of ingesting extra water or juice
  • Adding buttermilk and curd to your ingredients

Diet during Antral Gastritis:

  • Diet can play a critical role in the expression of signs related to any kind of gastric pain. Following a gastric-specific weight-reduction plan can assist in the higher manipulation of symptoms. In addition, consuming smaller foods in five to six instances a day can assist in manipulating gastric acid production.
  • It is recommended to consume liquid or smooth meals such as soups if experiencing acute gastric pain, as it will be simpler on your stomach.
  • Avoiding meals that might also set off gastric aches is simply as important.

Healthy foods to include in your diet

  • Soups from barley, semolina, and rice
  • Lean meat
  • Fish
  • Cereal with milk
  • Yoghurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Honey


Gastritis is a frequent clinical situation that can be managed and handled besides predominant complications. Most humans can prevent gastritis from developing with a wholesome lifestyle and a well-balanced diet. If you are dealing with chronic gastritis signs and symptoms for a prolonged duration, seek medical advice at the earliest.

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