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Benefits of Gargling Salt Water

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  • 31/01/2024
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One of the most beneficial and dentist-recommended age-old remedies for all issues regarding oral hygiene is gargling with salt water. Grandmothers of different generations swear by this one healthy practice.

There are numerous benefits of a daily warm saline gargle, and given the simplicity of this remedy, it is suitable for all age groups.

A simple water and salt solution can help fight a range of diseases, and thus, knowing the right way to do it is necessary to enjoy the various benefits of gargling salt water.

This blog will discuss the top benefits of gargling, the right way to do it, and some precautions to follow for the best results.

Salt Water Gargling: Explained

The spread of viral infections like flu, cold, and fever is at an all-time high today. All these infections directly impact the throat and cause immense discomfort in swallowing, along with other health benefits.

Out of all the possible solutions, gargling hot salt water is the quickest and the most straightforward solution to fight these infections and provide you with instant relief.

Regular salt water gargles help remove any irritants present in the throat and mouth while releasing any food particles stuck in between the teeth and gums.

The movement of water in and around the mouth also helps with releasing stuck mucus inside, helping reduce the risk of bad breath. Whether it be the case of scratchy throat or gum inflammation, this simple remedy is all you need.

How to Gargle with Salt Water Properly?

  • Take a cup of water and boil it for a few seconds to one minute.

  • Add ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt into the water and mix well.

  • Take a big sip of water and tilt your head back to face the ceiling.

  • Close your mouth and move the water around your mouth, ensuring it reaches every area of your mouth correctly.

  • Next, move the water to the back of the throat and gargle for 15 to 30 seconds, based on individual capacity.

  • Once done, spit it out.

  • Repeat this process with the remaining water and salt mixture, and you are done.

Please Note: In case of discomfort, spit out the water immediately, wash your mouth with room temperature water and consult a doctor.

Oral Health Guide: Common Benefits of Gargling Salt Water

With the inclusion of salt water gargles in your day-to-day life, you can reduce the risk of falling prey to many of the common dental issues. There are numerous benefits of gargling, especially for oral hygiene, and they are as follows.

Salt Water Gargle for Throat

Bad or sore throat results in excessive coughing due to dryness and mucus collection. When you do a salt water gargle for a cough, you allow the saline water to wash out the irritants stored in the throat. This reduces the swelling and pain in the throat, ensuring minimal discomfort while swallowing.

Salt Water Gargle for Teeth

Tooth decay or cavities is an aftermath of excess deposition of food particles on the upper surface of the tooth. With a salty water gargle for teeth once or twice a day, you can benefit from a reduced risk of tooth decay and plaque as it washes out the stuck food particles easily.

Warm Saline Gargle to Maintain pH Levels

Regular participation in a warm saline gargle is said to help balance the pH levels of the throat and mouth. The natural saliva present in the mouth is slightly acidic, which can attract harmful bacteria to grow. When the salt and water solution enters the mouth, it helps fight the bacteria and optimises the pH levels to allow good bacteria production.

Benefits of Gargling for Wound Healing

For people recovering from an oral wound due to injury or surgery, gargling with salt water can help increase the healing time.

One potential reason behind this benefit is the ability of warm saline water to increase the blood flow around the region when it comes in contact with the mouth. This speeds up the recovery period and reduces the risk of bacteria or infection growth on the wound significantly.

Warm Saline Gargle For Bad Breath

Practising salt water gargles regularly can help fight the concern of bad breath without the effort and expense of purchasing expensive mouthwashes from the market. When you gargle with warm salty water, it helps fight and remove the harmful bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath, thus keeping your mouth clean and fresh.

Warm Saline Gargle to Reduce Inflammation

Warm water and salt together work as anti-inflammatory agents to help reduce any pain and inflammation in the mouth and throat. Any type of minor inflammation caused due to an allergic reaction can easily be treated with warm water and salt gargles. However, if the inflammation is persistent, get in touch with a doctor immediately.

Benefits of Gargling for Gum Health

When your mouth comes in contact with warm salty water, and you swish it around, all the harmful bacteria hidden in your gum get washed away into the solution. This antibacterial solution prevents the risk of developing severe gum diseases and infections like periodontitis, gingivitis, etc.

Other Benefits of Gargling

To Reduce Nasal Congestion

Many allergic reactions cause instant irritation in the nasal cavity due to excessive mucus collection. This causes congestion in the nose, reducing its ability to breathe normally as the nostrils get blocked. Salt water gargles can help weaken the mucus lining and push them out of your nose and throat for comfort.

To Treat Mouth Ulcers

Canker sores or mouth ulcers are common concerns for everyone. They are painful and uncomfortable. Other than the application of prescribed medication, to help with faster healing, salt water gargles are highly recommended. Regular use of warm saline salt water can reduce the inflammation around the ulcer and neutralise the surrounding tissues to promote faster healing.

To Improve Respiratory Health

Gargling with warm water and salt can help prevent the frequency and impact of common colds and coughs. This is because it helps fight viruses and bacteria collected in the upper respiratory tract. Moreover, as it releases mucus congestion in the throat and nose, you benefit from instant relief during sinus infections, allergic reactions, and other similar issues.

To Prevent Voice Hoarseness

Some singing professionals, speakers, and teachers rely on warm water gargles as a great warm-up exercise to get their vocal cords stimulated. This happens due to the increased blood flow around the throat, directly improving the voice quality.

Additionally, people who often lose their voice due to changing weather or improper health also benefit from this remedy as it allows them to release the irritants and remove the debris to improve their voice.

For Post Dental Surgery Care

After completing a dental surgery like a root canal, a tooth extraction, etc., many doctors recommend rinsing your mouth with warm water and salt mixture two to four times a day.

One of the main reasons behind this is to prevent the collection of food particles or bacteria in the infected area, which can lead to slower healing and attract unnecessary bacterial infections to the open wound.

List of Precautions for Gargling

Avoid swallowing the salty water - While doing the warm saline water gargles, be very careful and ensure you do not swallow the water. If you swallow the saline water, your body digests it, causing dehydration. Additionally, the washed-out food particles and bacteria enter your system.

Do not use boiling water - Before taking a big sip of the solution, always check the water temperature. This is necessary as gargling hot salt water can lead to immediate discomfort, increase the risk of burns, and harm the tooth enamel.

Refrain from overdoing it - Generally, gargling with salt water should be limited to once or a maximum of twice a day. Overdoing this process more than this can harm the tooth enamel and lead to other dental issues relating to tooth health. Start slow and keep the frequency limited.

Keep yourself hydrated - Salt, as an ingredient, has the ability to absorb water very quickly. Due to this, the throat and mouth tend to dry up shortly after a warm water gargle routine. To avoid this, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Consult a doctor - Often, minor cuts and blisters can react when they come in contact with warm saline salt water, causing instant irritation and, in some cases, pain. To avoid this, if you face discomfort during the first attempt, consult a doctor and seek their advice before proceeding.

Always accompany a child - Young children should always gargle in the presence of an adult as they might swallow the water or do it incorrectly, leading to severe consequences.

Final Thoughts

The changing lifestyles and eating habits, along with the exposure to new-age medications for instant relief, is one of the prime reasons why the salt water gargle remedy might not be an active thought,

However, given the various benefits of gargling with salt water and the simplicity and suitability of this remedy, adding it to your morning and night routine is recommended.

From young children to older men and women, this 5-minute fix is a perfect solution to reduce the risk of viral infections, colds, sore throat, gum diseases, and so much more. Practise it regularly to make a healthy habit and see the positive change almost instantly.

Role of Health Insurance for a Secure Future

Incorporating warm saline gargles into your everyday routine is highly recommended to maintain healthy oral hygiene. However, other than daily practices, understanding the need for a medical insurance plan for a better tomorrow is crucial.

With a health insurance policy, you can secure your finances from unexpected burdens during emergencies and keep up with the growing healthcare expenses worldwide more effectively.

Tata AIG curated plans offer numerous benefits of health insurance to the policyholder and their family members in case of any urgent medical requirement.

From pre and post-hospitalisation charges to ambulance fees, doctor payments, accidental cover, and room tariffs, you get coverage for all of them with Tata AIG health insurance policies.

Additionally, with us, you can avail of cashless treatments, restoration benefits, customisation flexibility with a wide range of add-ons, paperless policies, and quick claim settlements, ensuring maximum support is available for all our customers whenever needed.


Can I do a salt and warm water gargle every day?

Doing salt water gargles every day is highly recommended by most doctors and dentists as it helps maintain optimum pH levels, reduces inflammation, and fights bacteria, ensuring proper oral hygiene and well-being.

Is it okay to gargle with cold water?

The purpose of salt water gargling is to keep the mouth clean and help reduce the risk of infections and sore throats. It is a standard practice to use lukewarm water to complete this process. However, if you prefer using cold water, we recommend using room temperature water and not refrigerated one to help achieve the best results.

After completing a warm saline gargle, can I rinse my mouth right after to get rid of any remains of the saltwater taste from my tongue?

If you do warm saline gargle the right way, you will not feel any taste or discomfort in the mouth. Even if you do, avoid rinsing your mouth right after doing a warm saline gargle as it washes out the salt water thoroughly, reducing the effect for the same.

How many times can I do saltwater gargles in a day?

For best results, you can do the gargles twice or thrice a day. However, ensure you do them correctly, and in case of any irritation or other discomfort, discontinue immediately and consult a doctor.

Disclaimer: This is a general guide on salt water gargles and its health benefits. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. It is advisable to consult a qualified health professional for treatment of health conditions.

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