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The coronavirus or the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent implications have become the new normal for populations globally. Terms such as lockdowns, social distancing, masking, sanitising, RT-PCR, vaccinations, booster doses, etc., have become common parlance.

The virus originated in China in 2019 and wreaked havoc across the globe. Widespread distancing and sanitising protocols, as well as vaccinations, have, to a great extent, controlled the spread of the virus. However, to ensure sustained immunity against Covid-19, vaccinated individuals have to take a Covid booster dose or a precaution dose.

In this article, we will discuss the Covid booster dose in India, the booster dose eligibility and how to get the booster dose in India.

What is the Covid Booster Dose?

The Covid booster dose is an additional shot (or shots) of vaccine that will be administered to the vaccinated individuals after the efficacy of the original vaccine starts to wear off. A booster dose helps the vaccinated individual’s body to develop sustained immunity against the stronger effects of the Covid-19 virus.

Can you Get a Booster Shot in India?

Yes, the Government of India has opened up the administration of the Covid booster dose in India for all vaccinated adults (aged 18+) from 10th April 2022.

For senior citizens (aged 60+), frontline workers (FLWs) and healthcare workers (HCWs), considering their high vulnerability to the infection, the booster shot in India became available in January 2022.

Who is Eligible to get a Covid Booster Dose in India?

Here are the details of the booster dose eligibility in India:

  • All vaccinated adults (aged 18 or more) who have taken the first two doses of the vaccine can get the paid booster shot in India at any of the registered private vaccination centres.
  • Senior citizens, FLWs and HCWs, can receive their Covid booster doses at any Covid Vaccination Centre, including free booster doses at Government Vaccination Centres.
  • Only individuals who have completed nine months since their second dose are eligible for the booster shot in India.
  • For individuals travelling abroad, the government has relaxed the period to three months (90 days) from the date of the second vaccine.

Things to Remember When Getting a Covid Booster Dose in India

  1. Carry your Final Certificate of Vaccination, containing details of the previous two doses, downloaded from the Co-WIN website or the Arogya Setu app.
  2. Use the same ID proof and mobile number that was used for the earlier Covid vaccinations.
  3. While walk-ins are allowed in most vaccine centres, it is advisable to book your booster dose slot on the Co-WIN website or the Arogya Setu app for easy and timely vaccination.

How to Register for the Covid-19 Booster Shot in India?

The process for registering for the Covid booster dose in India is the same as the initial vaccination registration process.

  1. Visit the Co-WIN website or navigate to the Co-WIN portal on the Arogya Setu app.
  2. Input the registered mobile number used during the registration and previous doses. Four people were allowed to be registered from a single mobile number. So, if you were registered with a family member’s number, get the OTP from them when logging in.
  3. Once logged in, your profile with your name and other details will be visible, along with the downloadable link to the previous Certificate of Vaccination.
  4. If you are done with both doses of your vaccine, the screen will show the Precaution Dose tab in the Appointments section.
  5. Click on the Precaution Tab, select the nearest Covid Vaccination Centre as per your location/pin code, choose the date and time and book your booster dose appointment.
  6. Once confirmed, the appointment details will be sent via text to the registered mobile number and can be accessed on the Co-WIN portal as well.

Remember to carry a valid photo ID proof (one added to the Co-WIN portal during registration) and your Certificate of Vaccination. Senior citizens and persons with co-morbidities should consult with their doctors before getting the booster dose.

The booster dose appointment cannot be cancelled once booked. However, you can reschedule it if needed. Now that you know how to get the booster dose in India let us get into the details of any possible side effects.

Which Vaccine is Administered as a Booster Shot in India?

As is the practice globally, India will also follow a homologous vaccination when administering the Covid booster dose in India. That means, if you have taken the Covishield vaccine for your initial vaccination, your booster dose will also be Covishield. The same is the case with Covaxin and Sputnik V.

Are there any Side-Effects of the Covid Booster Dose in India?

The booster dose has similar side effects as the initial Covid vaccine doses. You might experience soreness or swelling at the injection site, fever, headache, body ache and fatigue for up to a day or two after the booster dose. Remember that booster dose side effects are common and are just a sign that your body is building up the immune system against the Covid-19 virus. Usually, these symptoms are mild and subside in a day or two.

Covid-19 Health Insurance Policy

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Vaccines and the subsequent booster dose (doses) will help your body build stronger immunity against the Covid-19 virus. But that does not mean you won’t get sick. However, vaccines ensure that even if you do contract the infection, the symptoms are mild and manageable. Additionally, it is important to be secured against any medical expenses that may arise in case you test positive for the virus.

The benefits of health insurance are many - hospitalisation cover, pre+post hospitalisation cover, room rent cover, ambulance cover, benefits of critical illness insurance and so on. Additionally, since the pandemic, most health insurance providers also cover Covid-19 hospitalisation and treatment expenses. So, to ensure comprehensive coverage against major healthcare expenses, get a health insurance policy


With newer mutations of the virus reported regularly, it is critical to get timely Covid-19 vaccinations and booster doses to ensure protection against the severe effects of the virus. Along with the preventive measures, it is also important to be prepared for any healthcare expenses that may arise, and that makes health insurance an essential purchase in today’s times.

If you are looking for comprehensive health insurance coverage, then check out the Medicare range of health insurance plans from Tata AIG. You can also top-up your existing health cover with the Medicare Plus super top-up plan.

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