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Cheapest Countries in Asia for Budget Travellers

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  • 03/10/2023

Asia, the largest continent in the world, is home to 48 astonishing countries. With numerous gems hidden in this enormous piece of land, covering it all in one lifetime may seem impossible. Still, if you are a globetrotter who loves to explore places, countries in Asia cover everything on your checklist – from diversified culture and vibrant cities to serene beaches and striking mountain ranges.

While some countries have a reputation for burning a hole in your pocket, others offer a great bargain. There are several budget-friendly Asian countries to visit that will amaze you with their existence and offerings.

To help you get better value for your money, we have listed some of the cheapest Asian countries to visit that you can add to your bucket list! So, go backpacking, grab your passport and travel insurance and explore these fabulous Asian counties in your next budget-friendly trip.

Popular and Cheapest Asian Countries to Visit

There is something about Asia that draws tourists towards it. The culture, visuals, friendly nature of the locals and many such things that can be experienced within affordability are major attractions. Here are a few budget-friendly Asian countries to visit. However, note that the costs mentioned are the average cost incurred by similar previous travellers on a budget trip to these countries.


Thailand is undoubtedly the first destination that comes to our mind for a budget-friendly pick in Asia. The country famous among travellers for its picture-perfect beaches, magnificent temples, shopping extravaganza and rich culture is one of the cheapest countries to visit from India. Thailand offers inexpensive accommodation, cheap yet delectable eats and easy, stress-free and economical public transport – everything a budget traveller needs. Whether an affordable beach vacation or a cultural getaway, Thailand indeed cuts into the top league.

Cheapest Places to Visit in Thailand

Bangkok For nightlife, history and regal heritage.

Chiang Mai For trekking, night markets and Thai culture.

Krabi town For beaches, local entertainment and cosy restaurants

Budget-Friendly Travel Planning to Thailand

Flight tickets (round trip) ₹15,000 - ₹20,000

Average Daily Cost (per person, per day) ₹3,123

Accommodation (per person) ₹1,122

Meals (per day) ₹560

Transportation ₹390

Visa and Insurance requirements Indians require a visa to enter Thailand. If the travel duration is at most two weeks, you can get a visa on arrival. Although travel insurance is no longer mandatory to enter and travel to Thailand, it is still highly recommended.


Vietnam, one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, is a traveller's delight. It is a popular tourist destination for those looking to explore its untapped natural beauty, rural villages and lively cities. The country draws in several budget travellers annually as Vietnam is one of the cheapest places in Asia, with affordable accommodation, transportation and dining. Surprisingly, the capital city of Hanoi is also one of the cheapest in Vietnam with its other counterparts.

Cheapest Places to Visit in Vietnam

Hanoi For its architecture, monuments and rich culture.

Halong Bay For limestone cliffs and caves

Lan Ha Bay For white sand beaches and thrilling watersports

Budget-Friendly Travel Planning to Vietnam

Flight tickets (round trip) ₹25,000 - ₹35,000

Average Daily Cost (per person, per day) ₹1,951

Accommodation (per person) ₹838

Meals (per day) ₹486

Transportation ₹387

Visa and Insurance requirements** Indian passport holders require a Vietnam visa to travel to and enter the country. However, you can also opt for a visa-on-arrival provision. As per the Embassy of Vietnam in India, a travel insurance plan is not required for travelling to Vietnam, but it is always a good option to have an insurance plan for your safety.


Nepal can be considered an ideal destination for those looking for the cheapest Asian countries for their next travel plan. Not only is this county light on your pocket, but it also offers a variety of incredible sights and experiences. You can trek through stunning Himalayan landscapes or explore the capital city of Kathmandu without spending much. Be it getting a glimpse of monastic life or dizzying city life, you can get comfortable accommodations and food at every location. Remember to indulge in some light shopping or try your hands at mountain biking or paragliding.

Cheapest Places to Visit in Nepal

Pokhara For incredible mountain views and tranquillity

Mustang district One last untouched area in Asia

The Bouddha (Boudhanath temple) in Kathmandu UNESCO World Heritage site

Budget-Friendly Travel Planning to Nepal

Flight tickets (round trip) ₹10,000 - ₹15,000

Average Daily Cost (per person, per day) ₹1,156

Accommodation (per person) ₹424

Meals (per day) ₹308

Transportation ₹344

Visa and Insurance requirements Indian passport holders do not require a visa if visiting Nepal for travelling purposes. Overseas travel insurance may not be mandatory to visit Nepal. Still, consider purchasing it, as medical benefits are easily available if you require treatment during your trip.


Due to its fast-growing yet stable economy and affluent cities like Kuala Lumpur, you might think Malaysia is an expensive country to travel to. However, it is not only one of the cheapest Asian countries to visit from India but also one of the most attractive ones. The country famous for its pristine beaches, glorious national parks, architectural gems and modern shopping malls has something valuable stored for every type of traveller. For a stricter on-budget traveller, note that Peninsular Malaysia is cheaper than Malaysian Borneo. All and all, the country is relatively cheaper than its neighbour Thailand.

Cheapest Places to Visit in Malaysia

Taiping The city was named the world's third most sustainable city in 2019 for its greenery and historic spots.

Kuala Lumpur For the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and other architectural wonders

Langkawi For unmatched natural landscape, pearl white sand beaches and exciting nightlife.

Budget-Friendly Travel Planning to Malaysia

Flight tickets (round trip) ₹15,000 - ₹20,000

Average Daily Cost (per person, per day) ₹2,439

Accommodation (per person) ₹1,273

Meals (per day) ₹574

Transportation ₹359

Visa and Insurance requirements Indian travellers must obtain a visa to enter Malaysia. There is no provision for a visa on arrival unless you enter the country from one of the third countries like Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia. Travel insurance is not a mandatory requirement to enter Malaysia, but it is advisable to have one for your safety and protection.

The Philippines

Travelling on a budget need not necessarily mean not having the best! With pristine, beautiful beaches, attractive palm trees, excellent diving spots, and memorable sunsets, the Philippines is the perfect country to pamper yourself and indulge in a luxury-like experience on a budget. The Philippines, with more than 7000 islands, is no less than a heaven for beach and coastal lovers. Although it may not be the cheapest country in Asia, primarily due to its transportation, everything else covers up for this. Their delicious street food, cosy and affordable accommodation, and other activities are cheaper than popular tourist destinations.

Cheapest Places to Visit in the Philippines

Coron For white-sand beaches and clear turquoise waters

Vigan For a colonial vibe

Catanduanes For green hills, mountainsides and beautiful coastline

Budget-Friendly Travel Planning to the Philippines

Flight tickets (round trip) starting at ₹24,000

Average Daily Cost (per person, per day) ₹2,132

Accommodation (per person) ₹760

Meals (per day) ₹530

Transportation ₹695

Visa and Insurance requirements Indian travellers planning to visit the Philippines must apply for a tourist visa in advance as the visa-on-arrival facility is not applicable for Indian passport holders. Having a travel insurance plan is optional when visiting the Philippines from India. However, it is highly recommended.

Tips When Travelling to Cheapest Places in Asia

Travelling to Asia can be a life-changing experience. To ensure you create abundant memories while on your trip to one of the cheapest Asian countries to visit from India, here are a few tips and precautions you must remember.

Plan ahead of time

Spontaneity is great if you are not restricted by time and budget. However, if you are travelling on a budget, the best thing is to devise a plan. Booking flight tickets, accommodations etc., beforehand will always be less expensive.

Travel off-season

Avoid planning a trip to the cheapest country to visit from India during peak and holiday seasons. Research the best time to visit your destination and plan your trip a few days before or after to get the best of both worlds.

Look for reasonable accommodation alternatives

While you browse for affordable accommodation options, consider homestays. They are significantly less expensive than standard modern hotels.

Travel in a group

Although planning for a group vacation may be more difficult in terms of organisation, it has many advantages. Travelling in a group can significantly reduce your travel expenses and may even be more fun than you thought.

Try street food or local cafes

People may shy away from indulging in street food while travelling to avoid getting sick; it is, however, one of the best ways to explore the country's authentic cuisine and meet locals. Another added benefit, it is light on your pocket.

Get travel insurance plan

Perhaps the most important tip for travelling on a budget is to get proper travel insurance. One might think it is an expense initially, but if your trip gets cancelled or you run into a medical emergency, an overseas travel insurance plan can come to your rescue. Also, ensure you book it from an insurance expert like Tata AIG, which offers holistic coverage, the best online features, 24X7 customer support and easy to claim travel insurance policy.


Asia has many incredible countries with spectacular landscapes, remarkable historical sites, and multiple unique attractions. If you love travelling but want to save money, you can explore the above countries for a memorable trip. With a limited budget, you can have a wonderful trip to one of the cheapest Asian countries to visit from India. Just remember to follow the tips mentioned above (including buying travel insurance) when planning a voyage!

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