Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme

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CMCHIS, or the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, is an excellent step towards the provision of healthcare facilities to the people of the state of Tamil Nadu. The scheme is proving to be quite successful, with about 65% of the population of the state enrolled under the health insurance scheme. CMCHIS scheme is also known as Amma Health Insurance Scheme.

Let us get into the details of the CMCHIS insurance.

What is CMCHIS Insurance?

The CMCHIS full form is the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme. The Amma Health Insurance Scheme is designed to help people of the state of Tamil Nadu who have very low annual income. With the CM Comprehensive Health Insurance, low-income families will not have to face financial struggles if they face any medical emergency. The CMCHIS scheme covers the whole family under a cashless claim facility.

What is the CMCHIS Eligibility?

The CMCHIS scheme is for all the underprivileged families in Tamil Nadu who might not get the required medical facilities when they require them. The CMCHIS eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • The family must be a resident of the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • The family’s annual income must be less than ₹72,000 per year.
  • Only members whose name is there on the ration card will be covered.
  • The family may be a Srilankan refugee but must have proof of their citizenship.
  • Migrants from other Indian states who have a certificate of migration from a suitable authority (must reside in Tamil Nadu for 6 months).
  • Rescued girl children or orphans from an unrecognised or recognised institution will be covered.

What is Covered Under CMCHIS?

The CMCHIS scheme helps underprivileged people when they are in need of medical treatment. The CMCHIS package covers the following:

  • Hospitalisation

If the beneficiary avails treatment at one of the empanelled hospitals under the scheme, then the cost is covered. But, the treatment should be there under the medical procedures covered under this scheme.

  • Follow-up treatments

Most health insurance plans tend not to cover follow-up treatments, but this scheme also covers that. This helps reduce medical treatment costs for people who do not have the necessary resources.

  • Diagnostic tests and procedures

Although a major part of your costs are because of hospitalisation, diagnostic tests, and procedures also require a lot of money. Under the CMCHIS package, the diagnostic tests and procedures are covered.

Features of CMCHIS Scheme

Here are some of the top features of the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme:

  • Family floater health insurance

The CMCHIS package or the Amma health insurance is a type of family floater medical insurance plan. All the members of the family are covered under the plan. Thus, in case of a medical emergency, no member of the family has to worry about the costs of hospitalisation and treatment.

  • Cashless claim settlement

The CMCHIS beneficiaries do not have to pay money to get treated at one of the network hospitals. This is one of the top benefits as the beneficiary does not have to withdraw savings or arrange money at the time of treatment. The focus can lay on the well-being and treatment of the patient.

  • Srilankan refugee beneficiaries

The government has not placed any cap on the annual income of Srilankan refugees. Thus, they can get the required medical treatment at any medical centres empanelled by the government.

  • Frequent healthcare camps

The state government has instructed the empanelled healthcare centres to organise medical camps at least once a time in a month. The beneficiaries will get follow-up treatments and free check-ups frequently.

  • 24*7 assistance

The government has set up a 24x7 call centre that enables people to get any questions regarding the scheme answered. If there is any issue regarding the CMCHIS online or offline, the call centre will provide the solution.

Benefits of the CM Comprehensive Health Insurance

Here are some of the top benefits of the CMCHIS scheme:

  • Covers medical emergencies

There are many unprivileged families who are unable to bear the costs of treatment. This scheme will allow those families to get treated timely and ensure that they do not have to pay from their pockets. In a time when medical costs are rising, this is an important step to provide healthcare to people who cannot afford it.

  • Huge network of hospitals

The government has empanelled a large network of hospitals under the scheme so that healthcare is accessible. This ensures that people are able to reach the healthcare centre on time and get treated for a medical emergency.

  • Several treatments are covered

There is a large list of treatments that are covered under the CMCHIS scheme. So, for multiple health-related emergencies, the beneficiaries do not have to pay money from their pockets. They can visit the empanelled hospital and get the treatment free of cost.

  • High sum insured

A sum insured of ₹5 lakhs is provided to every family annually under the scheme for every policy year. This amount is sufficient to cover the costs of minor and major health concerns of most families.

  • **Additional coverage **

Under the Amma health insurance plan, the beneficiaries are provided coverage for diagnostic treatments and follow-up treatments. This is additional coverage provided under the plan which makes it even more beneficial.

Treatments and Diseases Covered Under CMCHIS

Here is the list of treatments and diseases that are covered under the CMCHIS package:

CMCHIS Apply Online: How Can Eligible Beneficiaries Enrol for the CMCHIS Scheme?

The CMCHIS online application facility cannot be availed as you have to visit the centre to get enrolled for the scheme. It is easy to apply for the scheme if you have all the necessary documents.

Here are the steps that you can take to enrol for the CMCHIS scheme:

  • Get an income certificate from the revenue authorities or the village administrative department.
  • Take all the required documents to the centre for the scheme.
  • The kiosk operator will verify all your documents.
  • All the biometric details like eye scans, photographs, fingerprints, etc., will be taken.
  • After the documents have been verified and biometric scanning is completed, the e-card will be issued to you.

Documents for CMCHIS Application

To apply for the CMCHIS scheme, the documents that you need include

  • The certificate of income
  • Original and a copy of your ration card
  • Self-declaration from the immediate head of your family
  • Identity proof
  • Proof of your address
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card


The CMCHIS scheme is a step in the right direction to ensure that underprivileged people have medical facilities when they face a medical emergency. Ensure that you are eligible for the scheme and apply for the scheme by visiting the designated centre. Also, in case of a medical emergency ensure that you visit the network hospital to get treatment free of cost for the medical treatments and diseases listed in the scheme.

Health insurance has become necessary today due to the growing medical expenses. During a medical emergency, a medical insurance plan ensures that you do not have to worry about the expenses, and instead, you can focus on getting treatment. It is essential to understand the benefits of health insurance and choose a plan that suits your requirements.

If you are looking for a health insurance plan, over and above any government-sponsored or employee-offered plans, you can get one from Tata AIG. With a medical insurance plan, you do not have to worry about finances if a medical emergency arises.

Buying a health insurance plan with Tata AIG is simple and quick. You can buy health insurance online in a few easy steps. Moreover, you can also calculate the premium you will pay for the medical insurance plan by using the online medical insurance plan premium calculator. Also, in case of a medical emergency, you also have the facility of cashless claim settlement at the network hospitals.

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