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Does Health Insurance cover Cosmetic Surgery

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  • 31/01/2024
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With over 7 lakh cosmetic surgeries done annually, India is in the list of top 10 countries for most cosmetic surgeries. The reasons for these cosmetic surgeries vary from beautifying the features to curing any medical illness.

Whatever, is the reason for getting cosmetic surgery, the point that can not be missed is the requirement of finance.

Most of the medical insurance providers do not provide the coverage for cosmetic surgeries. It leads the patients to bear the cost, but there are certain exceptions and scenarios under which you can get a claim for cosmetic surgery.

Here, you will get to learn about this in detail.

Cosmetic Surgeries and Their Cost Coverage

The very first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear about undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery is the cost. Different surgeries incur different costs depending upon various factors like risk factors, type of hospital, doctors' fees, and, most important, whether you have health insurance for surgery or not. Here are the major categories of cosmetic surgeries:

Reconstructive Surgery: Reconstruction surgeries are done to correct the defects that you might be born with or incurred due to some kind of injury or disease. Such surgeries are done as corrective measures to ensure the appearance and functioning of the affected part of the body gets better.

There are different types of reconstructive surgeries, such as facial reconstruction, limb salvage, reconstruction for breast conditions, hand reconstruction, and others.

Fortunately, most medical insurance providers cover the cost of reconstruction surgery and provide you with the proper assistance and facilities required.

Cosmetic Surgery: Unlike reconstructive surgeries, cosmetic surgeries are not done because of any medical emergency or disease. Patients get cosmetic surgeries to beautify and enhance their physical features or any body part. It helps them boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Unfortunately, cosmetic surgeries are not included in the health insurance plan, and you might have to buy a separate cosmetic surgery insurance to cover its cost.

Circumstance to Cover the Cost of Cosmetic Surgery Under Health Insurance Plan

You got to know what are the major categories of cosmetic surgeries and the ones that are covered under the medical insurance plans. However, there are circumstances under which health insurance plans might cover the cost of medical-related cosmetic surgery. These surgeries include:

  • Surgeries that are done to treat congenital abnormalities such as nasal deformities, cleft lips, and cleft palates might also be included in health insurance plans.

  • Cancer and tumour treatment surgeries are also covered under health insurance plans.

  • Surgeries performed to treat injuries related to burns such as skin tightening, grafting, skin rearrangement, etc.

  • Laceration surgery to treat blunt traumas or injuries might also be included in medical insurance.

Cosmetic Surgeries Not Included in the Health Insurance

It is essential to know about cosmetic surgeries that are not covered under the medical insurance plan before you move forward with any of such surgeries.

Liposuction: This kind of surgery is done to remove the excess fat from a particular body part(s), such as tummy tucking and removing fat from thighs, buttocks, and hips to contour the body. It is one of the most expensive cosmetic surgeries and is not included in medical insurance.

Hair Transplant: This surgery is quite in demand nowadays because of patterned baldness in both males and females. The expense of such surgeries depends on the amount of skin graft used.

Facelift Cosmetic Surgery: Facelift is another cosmetic surgery excluded from medical insurance plans. The surgery includes removing excess fat from the face, giving it a lift and contour. Patients get this surgery to look beautiful and youthful when they are in the later years of their lives.

Rhinoplasty: Also known as “nose job” surgery, it is done to contour the nose and beautify it to enhance overall face features. Does insurance cover cosmetic surgery of this type? It might be a bit tricky as the answer might be yes. The insurance company might cover the cost of rhinoplasty if it is done to correct any respiratory or nasal issues.

Upgradation of Insurance for Cosmetic Surgery Coverage

If you want to get cosmetic surgery that cures any medical or health issues, then you can get an upgrade on your current health insurance plan. Several people search for individual cosmetic surgery insurance plans and need to learn about this feature.

However, there are specific terms and conditions to this upgrade that you need to fulfil. Additionally, You need to be aware of the waiting period that usually accompanies a health insurance plan. So, be careful and understand all the conditions of the upgrade before agreeing to anything.


Getting any surgery, including cosmetic surgery, can sound scary, whether you are getting it because of any medical condition or for body feature enhancement. Adding on the cost of surgery can also seem an additional burden if you do not have good medical insurance to cover the cost.

Tata AIG offers the best health insurance plans that include several benefits like cashless treatment at network hospitals, daily allowance, covering the cost of consumable expenses, and emergency air ambulance. All this, so that you do not have to worry about finances and can take care of your health recovery.


Can we claim insurance for skin treatment?

Yes, skin problems or Dermatology issues are covered by most of the insurance providers in India. A patient getting treated for skin issues or Dermatology can claim health insurance.

Can we claim insurance for cosmetic surgery?

No, the health insurance plan does not cover cosmetic surgeries. However, if the surgery is ruled as reconstructive surgery or is done to treat any medical illness, then the patient can claim insurance.

What should I consider while buying health insurance for corrective surgery?

The points that you need to keep in mind are reading and understanding all the terms of insurance. You need to get detailed information from the insurance provider regarding the coverage and estimate the surgery cost as closely as possible by researching it through hospitals.

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