Health Benefits of Naukasana

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Yoga asanas are known to have immense health benefits. While there is no exact count of the total number of asanas, they are primarily categorised into different types based on whether you are sitting, standing, lying on your back or stomach, balancing, etc.

Naukasana, also known as the Boat Pose in yoga, is done while balancing your body in your sitting bones.

While Naukasana is primarily known to relieve stress and benefit the digestive system and posture, there are numerous other benefits that you can derive by regular practice of this asana.

In this article, we will discuss Naukasana Yoga Benefits and discuss various things that you need to know about this yoga asana.

What is Naukasana?

In this yoga pose, you balance your entire body weight only on your sitting bones. You raise your legs and your upper body off the floor. This forms a “V” shape that looks similar to a boat, hence the name.

The name “Naukasana” is a Sanskrit word derived from two words – Nauka, or a boat, and Asana, or a pose. Therefore, it is commonly known as the Boat Pose.

How to do Naukasana?

This is a moderately difficult yoga asana which requires some strength, flexibility, and practice. Here are the Naukasana steps:

Sit on the yoga mat with your legs outstretched in front of you

Keep your feet together and arms in a relaxed position

Bend your knees and lift your feet a few inches off the ground

Extend your arms forward and keep them parallel to the ground

Take a deep breath

As you exhale, straighten your legs at an angle of around 45 degrees to the ground

You will have to engage your core and thigh muscles

Next, breathe in, push your chest upwards, and extend your arms so that they are parallel to your legs

Try to keep your spine straight and avoid a curved back

Balance your weight on your sitting bones

Hold this position and breathe evenly

Exhale as you bring your body back to the normal position

Types of Naukasana

There are two types of Naukasana:

1. Ardha Naukasana (Half Boat Pose)

This variation is for beginners who find it difficult to get into the full Boat Pose.

In this variation, you begin with lying on the floor and only raising your legs a few inches off the ground. Slowly, you can stretch your arms parallel to the legs and try to raise your upper body a few inches off the ground.

Another variant is raising your legs and upper body off the ground but keeping your knees bent. This is relatively easier than the full pose.

2. Paripurna Naukasana (Full Boat Pose)

This is the way the asana is supposed to be done with your legs outstretched at 45 degrees to the ground, torso at a similar angle, straight back, and arms parallel to the legs to form the shape of a boat.

Health Benefits of Naukasana

The Boat Pose benefits various parts of the body and improves our physical and mental well-being. While consulting an expert is recommended to derive the most out of any yoga practice, here are some common health benefits of Naukasana:

Benefit Description
Strengthens core muscles It engages the abdominal muscles. This enhances core strength and stability and aids in better posture.
Improves digestion and metabolism Stimulates digestive organs, potentially improving metabolism and digestion.
Enhances balance and stability It improves balance by engaging core muscles, fostering stability and equilibrium.
Tones leg muscles Strengthens the quadriceps and hip flexors, tones leg muscles, and enhances lower body strength.
Stimulates kidney function For some people, it helps in stimulating and toning the kidneys, potentially improving their function and health.
Alleviates constipation Regular practice may help ease constipation and support healthy bowel movements.
Aids in weight management Since it has a positive impact on your metabolism, it can help you’re your weight management regime
Enhances blood circulation Stimulates blood flow, especially in the abdominal region, improving circulation.
Increases flexibility Regular practice enhances flexibility in the spine and hip flexors.
Boosts concentration Requires focus and concentration, enhancing mental alertness.
Strengthens respiratory muscles Engages the diaphragm, aiding in strengthening respiratory muscles.
Stimulates Manipura Chakra Associated with stimulating the Manipura Chakra, fostering personal power and determination.
Eases strain on the lower back Correctly performed, it can reduce strain on the lower back.
Balances hormonal secretions Regular practice may help in balancing hormonal secretions.
Increases energy levels Activates and invigorates the body, potentially boosting energy levels.
Cultivates mind-body connection Enhances the connection between body and mind, fostering overall well-being.

When to Avoid Naukasana

Avoid Naukasana if you have one or more of the following ailments or conditions:



Heart Problems

High Blood Pressure




Severe injury to the neck or the back

Also, if you are facing difficulty in doing the full pose, then you can start with the Half Boat Pose and slowly build your strength and flexibility to master it.

Safety and Precaution for Naukasana

While this is a relatively simple pose, there are some things you need to keep in mind to ensure your safety:

Avoid practising it if you have any of the conditions listed above

If your legs start shaking or you start experiencing back pain, then release the pose immediately

You should never do yoga on a full stomach. Wait for at least 4-5 hours after a meal

Remember, yoga is about rhythm and being in sync with your body. Avoid over-exerting yourself

Summing Up

As you can see, Naukasana offers a wide range of health benefits. In today’s fast-paced times, we need to create a schedule that allows us to focus on our physical and mental health.

Yoga is an excellent way to pay attention to our bodies. While you create a schedule to stay healthy, also ensure that you buy a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers financial protection during medical emergencies.

Health emergencies can strike us at any time. With increasing costs of healthcare and hospitalisation, medical insurance can help manage the expenses without having to dip into your savings.

Tata AIG offers different types of health insurance plans and riders so that you can leverage the benefits of health insurance at minimal cost.


Q1. Can beginners practise Naukasana?

While Naukasan requires a certain level of flexibility and core strength, it is a simple yoga pose. Hence, even if you are a beginner but have the required strength and flexibility, then practising Naukasana should be easy.

If you are facing difficulties, then you can start with Ardha Naukasana or other simpler variants and then build your strength up.

Q2. How long should one hold Naukasana?

This depends on your fitness levels and comfort. Remember, yoga is not about pushing your physical limits to extreme levels. It is about gradually building up strength and resilience.

You can start with around 10-15 seconds or even less and gradually increase the time. Release the pose as soon as you experience any strain or discomfort.

Q3. Can Naukasana help in reducing belly fat?

When you practise Naukasana, you will need to engage your core muscles intensely. This has a direct impact on the abdominal region.

While Naukasana does not specifically target belly fat, it engages muscles in the area and can help with your weight loss regime.

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