Health Benefits Of Paneer Doda

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For time immemorial, Indian households have turned to their kitchen to treat health concerns but now there is a growing global preference towards plant-based medicine over modern medicine.

In recent years an interest has been stirring in the medical community in the perennial shrub Indian Rennet a.k.a. paneer doda owing to a study wherein an antidiabetic medicine was created using extracts from this plant. Let’s take a closer look at these paneer flower benefits.

Health Benefits of Paneer Doda

Paneer doda - a member of the Solanaceae family is a humble shrub native to India (also found in Nepal and Afghanistan). Famed as the elixir of health, paneer doda benefits for diabetes are particularly celebrated.

Used in the preparation of ayurvedic medicine, this sweet fruit has sedative and diuretic properties. In addition to this, paneer phool is rich in carbohydrates, tannins, steroids, esterase, phenolic compounds, free amino acids, organic acids, essential oil, and fatty oil, alkaloids, and is free from sugar.

Let’s explore the numerous paneer doda benefits:


Diabetes is a chronic disease where the pancreas stops making insulin so when food breaks down into sugar and enters our bloodstream, it spikes the blood sugar levels. The paneer doda benefits for diabetes have been widely used in Ayurveda. It heals the beta-cells of your pancreas which are important in the management of blood sugar levels and promoting better use of insulin in your body.

Wound Healing

One of the most remarkable paneer flower benefits is that it can heal wounds because of its regenerative properties. A paste of the herb can be applied to the wounds which would kill the pathogens and assist with the healing process.

Blood Purification

Amongst many paneer doda benefits, a prominent one is its role in detoxifying and cleansing the blood from pollutants. This is owing to the abundance of antioxidants in the herb that also fight harmful free radicals keeping your skin looking youthful.

Low Urine Output

Paneer flower uses are also renowned for increasing the production of urine in your body. The diuretic properties of the medicinal herb relieve pain from urination.


Paneer phool benefits also assist with relieving the signs of inflammation in joints such as swelling, redness, and tenderness. This makes it particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from arthritis or gout.

**Asthma **

Paneer phool benefits in managing asthma are also gaining popularity. This magical herb assists in enhancing lung functions and treating respiratory concerns.

Incorporating paneer doda into an asthmatic individual’s diet may ease the symptoms associated with asthma and can potentially mitigate the onset of a sudden attack of asthma.

Menstrual Disorders

Of the numerous paneer doda uses, its role in overcoming menstrual problems is gaining recognition. Although there may be medicines to alleviate menstruation problems, these can have side effects.

Instead, you can turn to paneer doda for treating irregular menstrual cycles and painful menstruation. It also helps improve the blood flow and keep the uterus healthy.

Now that we have discovered the many health benefits of paneer doda, let us explore some paneer flower uses so you can easily incorporate this medicinal herb into your routine.

Paneer Doda Uses

Before exploring the different ways in which paneer phool can be used, it is important to note that it is not a replacement for any ongoing treatment of modern medicine.

Individuals must consult their doctor before incorporating paneer doda into their healthcare routine. With that in mind, here are some uses of the Indian Rennet:

Powder: The whole flower can be ground into a power to apply topically on wounds.

Leaves: Rub some milk or water on the leaf and add it to a bowl of milk to curdle it.

Twigs: The twigs can be chewed for stronger teeth or you can heat the twigs and inhale the vapour to relieve toothaches.

Whole Fruit: Consuming the fruit can help cure asthma, biliousness, and strangury. The sedatives in the fruit can also relieve pain and induce sleep.

Seeds: Eating the seeds of Indian Rennet can relieve joint or muscle pain in the lower back. It also aids in treating eye inflammation and piles.

Paneer Doda Side Effects

Even good things must be consumed in moderation and when it comes to paneer phool, it is important to exercise caution. Before including it in your routine, here are some paneer doda side effects to be mindful of:

Sedative properties: Although the sedative properties of the medicinal herb can induce a calming effect, eating more than the recommended amount can cause unwanted drowsiness or lethargy.

Induce vomiting: Paneer flower can induce vomiting which in some cases can be a natural response, however, an increased inclination toward vomiting can disrupt digestive processes.

Increased urination: While adequate urination indicates healthy kidneys, an unnatural rise in the frequency of urination can be concerning especially for those with specific health conditions.

Precaution in Paneer Doda Uses

While there are several health benefits of paneer doda, the herb must be consumed in moderation. This particularly applies to:

Pregnant and Lactating Women: There is not enough information about whether it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to consume paneer doda. So, it is important to consult with your gynaecologist before incorporating the herb into your routine.

Children and Elderly: Organic herbs can make one vulnerable to infections and diseases and the susceptibility of this to impact children and the elderly is greater. To prevent this, a doctor must be consulted before feeding the paneer flower to children and the elderly.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous health benefits of paneer doda which make it an effective medicinal herb for treating a host of health conditions. However, it is essential to speak with your healthcare provider before incorporating it into your diet.

Most importantly, it is not a replacement for ongoing medication, and for wholesome well-being, it is important to have regular health checkups, analyse your healthcare needs, and make appropriate lifestyle changes.

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