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Health Benefits of Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

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  • 03/01/2024
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Yoga is a great exercise for weight management and mental well-being. Various effective asanas targeting specific body parts enhance flexibility, aid in weight loss, and promote mental stability. One of the popular yoga asanas or poses is the ustrasana or the camel yoga pose.

'Ustra' means camel, and 'asana' means seat or posture. Therefore, ustrasana yoga is also popularly known as the camel yoga pose.

Ustrasana yoga rejuvenates the body and undoes the day-to-day damage induced by an inactive lifestyle. Furthermore, it helps in enhancing your spinal mobility.

Stay along to know comprehensively about ustrasana steps and benefits.

What Is Ustrasana?

Ustrasana is a classic yoga posture that activates the Anahata or the heart chakra. It is a pose that helps open up your chest and back. It is good for preventing slouching and relieving stiffness in your lower back.

Therefore, the camel pose can benefit people who are willing to enhance their flexibility and strength.

Another one of ustrasana benefits is that it helps individuals with poor digestion. It is an intermediate-level backbend, and paying attention to details is important to do it correctly.

Steps to Perform Ustrasana

Like various other yoga asanas, kneeling on the floor or on a yoga mat is the classic starting step for ustrasana.

Here is the step-by-step guide to correctly performing the camel yoga pose:

Step 1: Kneel on the yoga mat with your hips and back upright above your knees. If you experience sore knees, put padding underneath them. You may use a folded blanket or mat for additional support.

Step 2: Position your palms alongside your rib cage while you lift your hands to the sides of your body. With your elbows facing outward, encircle the fronts and sides of your rib cage with your other four fingers. Next, allow your thumbs to relax on the back side of your ribs.

Step 3: While opening your chest towards the ceiling, utilise your arms to uplift the rib cage for added support swiftly.

Step 4: Slowly stretch and extend each hand's back to hold your heels. Hold your chest in position while doing the same. If you require more height for your hands to reach the heels, tuck your toes under them.

Step 5: While leaning forward, raise your hips above your knees.

Step 6: Keep your mouth open and, if comfortable, let your head come back. You can keep your chin tucked if this doesn't feel suitable for your neck.

Step 7: Eventually, bring your chin towards your chest and your hands towards your hips to slowly exhale. As you gradually lift your body to a straight kneeling posture, engage your abdominal muscles and utilise your arms to support your lower back.

What Are the Health Benefits of Ustrasana?

Here are some camel pose yoga benefits:

  • It helps stretch the hip flexors deeply, promoting greater hip flexibility.

  • Since the camel pose helps to stretch your back, it further aids in straightening it and contributes to improving your posture.

  • It helps to relieve lower back pain as it assists your hip flexors in relaxing.

  • The ustrasana procedure involves the entire body, promoting healthy blood circulation to the whole body.

  • Following all ustrasana steps correctly helps you stretch your upper body, focusing on your back and shoulders. This enhances your overall flexibility and mobility.

  • The pose targets the ankles, hamstrings, and leg muscles (the muscles behind your thighs). It also helps in preventing issues related to varicose veins.

  • Camel pose benefits particularly extend to women. The pose helps relieve menstrual pain. It also helps a female body open up in the pelvic region.

  • Regularly practising and holding the camel pose for up to a minute helps tone your back muscles, thighs, glutes, and hips.

  • The pose stretches the abdomen, further helping relieve constipation and other abdomen-related conditions.

  • Maintaining a steady breathing rhythm during the camel pose, from getting into the posture and holding it to relieving, enhances lung function and increases the flexibility of lung tissue.

  • As you extend your upper body while practising the camel pose, the core, throat, and back tighten. This positively affects your thyroid, pineal, adrenal, and pituitary glands.

Tips for Practising Ustrasana

Here are some tips to help you easily and correctly practice the camel pose:

  • Since putting the top surface of the foot flat on the floor might feel difficult as a beginner, you can tuck your toes under. This will make standing up and placing your hands on your ankles easier.

  • As a beginner, you can tuck a thick blanket under your knees for support.

  • You can place yoga blocks close to your feet under your arms to provide you with more height so you can easily place your hands.

  • Start with this pose with your knees and thighs close to a wall in front. You will notice that it helps you maintain a good and stable posture.

Contraindications and Precautions of the Ustrasana

Here are the contraindications and precautions while practising the ustrasana to prevent yourself from any injuries.

  • You should know your physical limitations while practising yoga asana. In the case of ustrasana, avoid overstretching as it may lead to injuries and discomfort.

  • Refrain from performing the camel pose if you have suffered severe or recent physical damage to your feet, shoulder, core, thighs, spine, or knees.

  • You should slowly perform the ustrasana steps. Inadequately performing the steps may cause injuries.

  • If you have migraines, fluctuating blood pressure, or insomnia, it is advisable to avoid this pose. In such cases, the neck and head tilting in this asana can be harmful. So, it is recommended to consult a professional before attempting it.


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Is camel pose good for anxiety?

The camel pose is a very effective asana to relieve stress. It decreases anxiety while calming your body and mind.

What are the constraints of the camel pose?

Individuals with neck, knee, wrist, spine, and ankle injuries must avoid practising the camel pose. In addition, people with recent hip, knee, and spiral surgeries should refrain from practising the pose to avoid further damage and straining.

Does practising ustrasana help the practitioner improve their height?

Yes, ustrasana helps improve your height by stretching your entire upper body.

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