Health Benefits of Vrikshasana

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Yoga is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Different yoga poses offer different health benefits. One of the top yoga poses that offers various health benefits is the Vrikshasan, also known as the tree pose.

The term ‘vriksha’ means tree, and ‘asana’ means pose. It is one of the easier yoga poses and can be practised by beginners. You can practise it daily and ensure you get the maximum benefits out of the yoga that you perform.

If you are unsure about the Vrikshasana procedure and Vrikshasana yoga benefits, this blog will give you all the information you need. The Vrikshasan is a powerful yoga posture that will help you with many health issues and offers plenty of health benefits.

Let us get into the details of the Vrikshasana steps and benefits.

What is Vrikshasana and its Benefits?

In ancient times, the sages performed a pose resembling the Vrikshasana. So, that is where we inherited the pose from. Moreover, some people say that this pose was used to attain austerity. In the Vrikshasana pose, you stand on one leg and bend the other at a right angle sideways.

Although Vrikshasana may seem easy, it might be challenging for yoga beginners to stand upright on one leg. Also, staying balanced in the pose requires a lot of effort.

Here are some of the Vrikshasana yoga benefits:

Boosts the balance of the body

One of the top 10 benefits of Vrikshasana is that it helps you boost the balance of the body and mind. So, if you wish to attain this yoga pose, you must maintain a steady and balanced stance. Moreover, if you have attained the pose, you must let go of all your thoughts and concentrate. In return, you will feel that your body is becoming a lot calmer and more stable.

Tones the muscles of your legs

Another one of the Vrikshasana benefits is that it helps to tone the muscles in your legs. When you practice this yoga pose daily, you will see the muscles from your thighs to your feet forming and getting toned. This is because you are standing on one leg at a time. Another advantage of Vrikshasana is that it helps to improve the body’s flexibility.

Stabilises your hips

When you bear the weight of your body on one leg, it strengthens your pelvic and hip bones. The yoga pose also helps your hips open up and improves the hip area's flexibility. So, this yoga pose is excellent for improving uterine and ovarian health. Thus, you must learn about Vrikshasana’s steps and benefits to ensure better strength.

Improves the posture

For the Vrikshasana procedure, you have to stand with your back straight. Thus, the pose helps to improve the posture of your spine. If you have a wrong posture, this is one of the best ways to correct it and ensure that your back becomes stronger. Also, you are adding strength to the muscles in the legs, so you will stand stronger and become better. Thus, this is one of the top advantages of Vrikshasana.

Helps in building focus

One of the top 10 benefits of Vrikshasana is that it helps you to build focus. The pose creates a sense of stability and balance in the mind and body. Therefore, if you do the pose regularly, you will be able to balance and stabilise your nervous system leading to better focus and concentration.

Helps to relieve Sciatica

One of the many Vrikshasana yoga benefits is that it can help relieve sciatica pain. The painful condition starts from the body’s Sciatica nerve. It can be due to wrong posture, lifestyle issues, slipped discs, etc. The pain and discomfort in this condition can be severe and disabling, so it is recommended that you do this regularly.

Strengthens your ligaments

The ligaments of the body also get strengthened in the pose, and your calves get toned. This might feel a little painful as you start, but it will start feeling better and relaxing as you continue. Thus, the Vrikshasana procedure has multiple benefits.

Steps to Perform Vrikshasana

Here are the steps to perform the Vrikshasana:

  • Stand upright and do not slouch forward.

  • Lift the left leg and balance this leg on the other leg.

  • Fix the feet to the ground to ensure that they do not slip.

  • Join the hands like you are praying, and then lift the hands above the head.

  • Stay in the same pose for as much time as you can. Continue breathing normally while you are in the asana.

  • You can look straight and keep yourself focused on any object to ensure you stay balanced.

  • Lower your joined hands to the chest once you wish to release from the pose.

  • Now slowly separate the hands and bring the left leg down.

  • You can repeat the pose with the right leg once you have rested.

Tips for Performing the Vrikshasana

Now you know the Vrikshasana procedure and Vrikshasana yoga benefits, here are some tips to help you do the asana properly:

  • Ensure that the hips are stable and do not move to any of the sides.

  • Do not put your feet on the knee joints, as this will make you unstable, and you might lose your balance.

  • The knee of the leg that is bent should be outward to help you stand properly on one leg.

  • When you place your feet, try not to clench. The clenching will lead to a slight movement and might make you lose your balance.

  • Engage the glutes, calves, and muscles to tone them and retain your balance.

  • Try and breathe normally; do not lose focus, as that might make you lose your balance.

What are the Precautionary Methods While Performing the Vrikshasan?

You know the Vrikshasana steps and benefits; here are some precautionary methods that you need to take:

  • If you are recovering from an injury on your legs, back, or knee, you should avoid doing this asana.

  • If you feel that you cannot place your feet above your knees, start by placing your leg below your knees. Do not try to place the legs on the knee joints, as this might make you lose balance.

  • It is better to consult your doctor in case you have insomnia, or you are experiencing low or high blood pressure.

Easy Modifications for the Vrikshasana

If you feel difficulty in doing the Vriskshasan, here are some modifications that you can start with:

  • Stand upright, rotate your left leg, bend the knee, and then rest your left heel on your right shin. Join your hands in a prayer gesture and place them on chest level. Stay in the pose and breathe. Try it with your other leg.

  • Lie down on your mat and pull the knee to chest level. Place your right hand on your right hip so that it does not roll. Now, place the left foot on the right thigh when you bend your left knee. You can place some blocks under the right knee if you need support. Breathe deeply and try it with the other leg.

  • Stand about a distance of half an arm. Take the wall’s support with the right hand. Now, shift the body's weight onto the right leg and place the left foot on your right thigh. Stay in the pose for about 10 seconds, then do it with the other leg.

Thus, now you know all the information about what is Vrikshasana and its benefits.


Now that you are well aware of the Vriskshasana benefits and its steps, you can start performing the yoga pose regularly. The primary importance of the yoga pose is that it helps you improve your balance and posture. It also makes your concentration better and helps you keep calm.

Although the yoga pose might seem easy, as a beginner, you might face some challenges while doing the pose. So, start early, learn the pose, and perform it to gain benefits.

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