Tips & Health Routine To Be Followed Post Corona Vaccination

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  • 25/03/2021

In India, the world’s biggest vaccination drive has been launched by the government. Dubbed as the beginning of the end, the Corona vaccination drive is being rolled out in phases. While the first phase includes health care and other frontline workers for vaccination, it will soon be available for all other citizens.

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Health Routine Post Corona Vaccination

Corona vaccination, right now, is a good way of achieving herd immunity. With health insurances covered with COVID vaccination, it will be easier for everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Plus, it will give us a scope when things can get back to normal, albeit slightly. However, it is vital to note that vaccination does not guarantee a complete end of the pandemic.

What Will Happen Once You Get Vaccinated?

Generally, Corona vaccination is a process that does not end until you get a second dose. There are a few weeks in between the first and second shot. After the vaccination, you may experience some common side effects. These include pain in the injection site, swelling in the arm you got shot, fever, headache and more. However, these are simple and small steps towards the significant goal-elimination of the virus.

All Corona vaccinations being used worldwide are still experimental, and there is no credible evidence to support its working. Thus, resuming a total pre-COVID lifestyle will not be so easy. Although the vaccine can make our lives easier, it will still be a long fight before we bid COVID goodbye.

So, it will be helpful if you follow these tips post-Corona vaccination:

Do Not Ditch Your Masks

Eliminating the mask from your daily life would be one of the biggest mistakes to make post-Corona vaccination. The possibility of re-infection has not been ruled out, and the vaccination would offer only a certain degree of protection.

The vaccines, in general, offer protection after 14-28 days. It takes time for robust antibodies to develop in the body. Moreover, mass immunization may take more than a year to develop fully. Thus, many people will still be vulnerable. And since there is no way of knowing the carrier, there might be people around you who are not vaccinated. Therefore, wearing a mask will be basic hygiene and the best way to keep COVID-19 at bay.

Cannot Consume Alcohol

Once you get vaccinated, you need to know that the vaccine will only do its job when there is a strong and healthy immune system to support it. Solely for this reason, it may be beneficial to avoid certain things for a while, like alcohol.

Many experts think it is best to refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 45 days after getting the Corona vaccination. The common belief is that alcohol suppresses immune functioning and render a person incapable of developing immunogenicity after receiving the vaccine dose.

Remember to Follow Social Distancing

It is essential to follow the six-feet distance to prevent infections. The ample social distancing has helped minimize the risk of infection ever since the pandemic started. So, since there is a long time for mass immunization, it must be followed even post Corona vaccination.

As another hygiene protocol, it will help you remain protected, at least on a community level.

Avoid Crowded Places

You may take note that Corona vaccination will not give you a free pass to roam around or gather in large numbers- at least initially. Since there can be a sizeable number of people who are not immunized, there is a chance that the infection grows. The vaccine will only prevent the spread of the virus in the body and not necessarily cut down transmission risk.

Thus, it is better to avoid crowded places like bars, close restaurants, and others. If you are wondering about how can you workout with COVID vaccination, then do not worry. You can seek the professional’s advice that administers the vaccination. However, try to avoid crowded places like gyms for your workout. If you want to know how can you exercise after COVID, the answer is simple. You can opt for home workouts and use digital platforms to follow a workout routine.

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