Healthy Living Resolutions For The Year!

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  • 28/06/2020

Healthy Living Resolutions For The Year!

We all make those unrealistic health resolutions every year and then forget about them!

At this time of the year, parties and fun take centre stage, and health goes for a toss. Amid all the Christmas and New Year parties you attend and throw, it’s very easy just to let go and worry about the consequences later. What’s more, with winter making its presence felt and you being all bundled up, exercise goals take the backseat as well. 

And by the time January rolls out, your body takes a toll and all your good intentions to be healthy surface again. We are very familiar with this journey, so why make unrealistic resolutions in the first place? Instead, this year, let’s be healthier and happier in without too much hassle.

So here are some healthy living resolutions that you can easily keep this year. 

##1. Give yourself mini check-ups 

The importance of your health cannot be undermined. While an annual check-up is advised, even smaller, basic ones from time to time to check the susceptible parts of your body will keep you on track to look and feel good. If you suspect anything is even a little off, don’t wait – visit your doctor immediately. Especially for women, it is important to do regular breast self check-ups for lumps or any abnormalities.

##2. Get yourself some ‘me’ time

With all the parties and social events, you rarely end up getting any time for yourself towards the end of the year. Focus on that in January to maintain healthy mind-body equilibrium. Spend time on yourself and by yourself like meditation, reading, cooking or doing things you enjoy. Get outside and go for a walk for 10 minutes. Pamper yourself too – you totally deserve that indulgent spa treatment!

##3. Skip the unhealthy lifestyle

We know it’s tough (and maybe a little unrealistic) to skip all the unhealthy foods altogether, but you could make a start by skipping on the unhealthy beverages instead. Ditch the sodas and even canned fruit juices – instead, have natural beverages like coconut water, fresh fruit juice, nimbu paani, and plenty of water.  Try green tea, it’s really good!

##4. Travel more

The benefits of travel cannot be stated enough. Travel is therapeutic – it’s good not just for the body but also the mind. It helps you relax, meet and connect with new people, learn about new cultures, reduce stress, boost happiness, and much more. It enables you to escape your mundane boring life for once in a while and experience a different world. If this isn’t reason enough to travel, then what is?

##5. Get more sleep

The parties may have left you sleep deprived, but it is essential to get your daily 7-9 hours of sleep once it’s all done. Sleep not only makes you feel rested and happy but also makes you more productive. Getting adequate sleep can help protect your mental and physical health, and quality of life.

You can do it! Go ahead, have an amazing new year!

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