Natural Home Remedies for Dry Cough

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Coughing is currently the most frightening symptom. It is one of the most prevalent COVID-19 symptoms. It causes us to take additional precautions with our throat and respiratory systems. However, cough is not deadly every time. It may appear in a milder form due to various factors. Nothing, however, is more irritating than a chronic dry cough. It not only irritates your throat but also interferes with your normal activities. Thus, it makes sense to comprehend it and keep the best home remedy for dry cough in mind to part ways with it.

But, apart from just knowing the best natural home remedy for dry cough, you must also know the significance of having a health insurance plan today. While you may not take a dry cough seriously, it can get worse, requiring immediate medical attention. In such circumstances, a health insurance policy with respiratory illness coverage may help you keep financially prepared and protected against crucial respiratory disorders, taking the burden off your shoulders.

Now, without further ado, let us get to the point regarding dry cough treatment at home. Continue reading to learn more about it in detail and depth.

Dry Cough: Causes

A dry cough might be the result of the following:

  • Asthma
  • Smoking
  • Viral infection, like cold, COVID-19 infection, or influenza
  • Allergy - pollen allergy or dust allergy
  • Tuberculosis
  • Post-nasal drip - mucus secretions from the sinuses that run down the back of the throat.
  • Laryngitis
  • Medication-induced such as ACE inhibitors
  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Foreign body inhalation

In most situations, consumers utilise over-the-counter medications to gain immediate relief. However, if the cough lasts longer than two weeks, it is critical to rule out the underlying reason.

Top 13 Home Remedies to Cure Cough That's Dry

A dry cough may significantly influence your daily life, such as interfering with your sleep. However, several dry cough home remedies have been passed down from generation to generation.

Listed below are the top 13 proven natural home remedies for dry cough:

1. Saltwater Gargle

This is one of the most powerful natural treatments for sore throats and coughs. It alleviates throat irritation and coughing spells. Half a teaspoon of salt should dissolve in a cup of warm water. Allow the solution to cool somewhat before gargling with it.

2. Warm Drinks

Staying hydrated and warm is crucial for individuals with a cough or cold. When you take hot beverages, it eases your problems quickly. Warm water, clear broths, and herbal teas can relieve dry cough, throat discomfort, and chills immediately and for an extended length of time after drinking the hot beverage.

3. Ginger

When we think about coughing, ginger is the first natural home remedy for dry cough that comes to mind. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It also helps to strengthen immunity and decrease mucus buildup in the respiratory tract. Ginger has been shown to inhibit the cough reflex by relaxing the smooth muscles of the airways.

You may find ginger in a variety of drinks and foods. Ginger tea is a good remedy for a dry cough and blockage. The addition of honey may make it even more effective for dry cough.

4. Turmeric

It is an excellent anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory substance that aids in healing any ailment. It includes curcumin, which helps to alleviate coughing and other asthma symptoms. Turmeric can also help with upper respiratory diseases, tonsillitis, and bronchitis.

You may prepare your usual tea and put half a teaspoon of turmeric into it. You may add two to three black pepper seeds for more incredible benefits.

5. Raw Honey

One of the best home medicines for dry cough is raw honey; this is not the same as the bottled product you get at the supermarket. It relieves throat discomfort and soothes the throat. It possesses anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, which may help to reduce mild bacterial or viral infections.

You can consume two tablespoons of honey in a glass of warm water once a day. You may also use honey in place of sugar in your tea.

6. Mint Leaves

These leaves contain menthol, which helps numb the nerves in the throat, reducing repeated spells of dry cough. Mint leaves also aid in the relief of throat congestion. Add three to five peppermint leaves to your regular cup of hot tea and let it steep for a few minutes before sipping.

7. Aromatherapy

Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to hot water and inhaling the vapours may also help relieve the symptoms of a dry cough. Because current research literature has demonstrated eucalyptus oil's benefits in treating respiratory disorders, it is an excellent home cure for dry cough.

8. Chilli Peppers

Capsaicin, a chemical found in chilli peppers, attaches to pain receptors and generates the typical burning sensation when ingesting spicy food. Consuming a limited amount of chilli powder (including capsaicin) has been found in studies to considerably increase throat sensitivity and so manage dry cough to some extent.

9. Humidifiers

Several studies have shown that keeping a humidifier at home can dramatically reduce throat discomfort and coughing in persons recuperating from thyroid surgery. Because humidifiers serve to relax the throat, they may also be used to successfully suppress the symptoms of a dry cough.

10. Marshmallow Root

It's an ancient herb that might help with dry cough. According to some research, it can help soothe the throat and reduce the discomfort from a dry cough.

11. Liquorice Root

This home medicine has been used to treat pain, remove phlegm, and relieve coughs since 2100 B.C. Tea made from liquorice root may help to reduce throat inflammation and congestion. It may be found at any grocery store.

12. Thyme Tea

Thyme is a plant with several health advantages. It includes an antispasmodic component, a chemical that aids in muscular relaxation. As a consequence, consuming small amounts of thyme tea daily can assist in calming throat muscles and give long-term relief from chronic coughing.

13. Marjoram

This is a kind of oregano that's been used in traditional medicine for years to treat a variety of ailments. It is reported to include plant-based anti-inflammatory substances that might help relieve coughs caused by bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, and colds.

There are numerous benefits of health insurance that a Tata AIG comprehensive medical insurance plan can offer. By availing of this health insurance, you will be covered for the treatment expenses and other related medical expenditures like pre- and post-hospitalisation charges, reducing your financial stress during times of uncertainty.


Natural dry cough remedies are exclusively designed to provide temporary relief from minor illnesses, reflux, asthma, and allergies. They mustn't be used to postpone the identification or treatment of moderate to persistent or severe coughs.

A healthcare expert can usually determine the reason for persistent dry cough and provide a treatment plan to improve your condition. So, do not overlook it by thinking of it as a regular cough. Monitor your health; if conditions worsen, contact your healthcare provider for further treatment.

You can also avail of a Tata AIG comprehensive health insurance with respiratory disease coverage, as having such a policy will come in handy in times of medical emergency.

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