How Does Yoga Help In Preventing Diseases?

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Many people wonder if a few sun salutations or calming yogic breathing can help in becoming healthier. Over the past several years, yoga has gained immense popularity in the western world. It is a spiritual, mental, and physical practice with several associated benefits. First, it is a form of workout that involves both the body and mind. It doesn’t only burn calories and strengthen muscles but also helps in dealing with stress and anxiety.

A yoga session leverages over 100 different forms and targets almost all areas of the body - back, core, arms, and legs. In addition, you can perform asanas as preventive measures. Some forms of yoga, like Hatha and Iyengar, are relaxing with gentle movements. Others like Bikram and power yoga are faster and more strenuous. Practising yoga asanas regularly can prevent many diseases like hypertension, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, PCOS, back pain, and respiratory conditions.

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What is the Role of Yoga in Preventing Lifestyle Diseases?

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that connects the body, mind, and soul through controlled breathing, body postures, and meditation. Its practice has many health benefits. By practising yoga regularly, you can get toned muscles.

Moreover, yogic management of common diseases helps cure asthma, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, depression, polycystic ovaries, liver problems, and lower back pain. There is hardly any disease that yoga cannot help in controlling.

When you start practising yoga, you promise yourself the following health benefits that prevent lifestyle diseases:

  • Improves posture

Sitting at the work desk for long hours can hurt your spine. It can also make you feel exhausted. Some yoga asanas help to improve your posture and keep neck and lower back pain at bay. Thus, this helps in the yogic management of common diseases.

  • Builds muscle strength

Yoga asanas strengthen the weak muscles of the body. They tone the muscles, thereby preventing frequent straining of the muscles.

  • Enhances flexibility

When you practice different yoga asanas regularly, your body’s flexibility improves. For example, you can hope to touch your toes while bending forward. Over time, yoga lets you perform complex asanas. Thus, this is essential for yogic management of common diseases.

  • Lowers blood sugar

If you’re wondering how can yoga help in preventing diabetes, you must know that it can lower blood sugar, lower bad cholesterol, and boost good cholesterol. In addition, performing various asanas help in weight loss and improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

  • Avoids diseases

Yoga for diseases helps in boosting the body’s immune system. It helps in destroying different viruses the body can contract during season change. Moreover, it can boost immunity to ward off diseases.

  • Increases blood flow

Yoga helps to regulate blood flow to all parts of the body. Yogic postures like handstands help in flowing venous blood from the lower part of the body to the heart. From here, the body pumps blood back into the lungs for oxygenation. Therefore, practising yoga for disease control and prevention is beneficial as blood flow increases in your body.

  • Improves sleep

The number of diseases cured by yoga is plenty. The practice also helps you develop a routine that leads to a more disciplined sleeping pattern. It reduces stress and anxiety. When your body is relaxed, you enjoy a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

  • Increases lung capacity

Breathing exercises help in improving lung function. By establishing a routine and practising breathing exercises in the long run, you can avoid many respiratory conditions. Likewise, yoga helps to increase your lung capacity. Thus, doing yoga for diseases is one of the ways to stay away from them.

Now that you have understood what is the role of yoga in preventing lifestyle diseases, let us proceed.

Preventive Care vs Curative Care

Healthcare expenses are rapidly rising. For example, a single visit to the hospital for diagnostic testing can cost you thousands. While healthcare resources are limited, their demand is high. As a result, you must accept and understand that preventive measures are vital.

There are many benefits of asanas for the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular illness, and blood pressure. Yoga reduces the need for curative medicine. It also helps in avoiding arthritis, chronic back pain, and other lifestyle diseases. In addition, it can treat anxiety, stress, depression, and pain.

How Can Yoga Help In Cutting Health Insurance Costs?

Practising yoga helps you achieve overall body fitness. As a result, it helps to reduce the overall cost of your health insurance policy.

  • Lower premium

Various factors determine the premium you need to pay for a health insurance policy. The medical history of the policy consumer is one of the vital factors. Good health means a lower premium comparatively. Therefore, if you regularly practice yoga, you can ensure all-round fitness and stay healthy. Insurance companies place healthy individuals under the low-risk category.

Unhealthy individuals suffering from prolonged health-related issues will require more coverage. As a result, the insurance company can demand a high premium rate. In certain cases, the insurer can deny providing insurance coverage. So, the practice of yoga not only helps in remaining fit but also saves money on your premium amount. Moreover, it eliminates the need to purchase critical illness insurance, further helping you save on premium costs.

  • Higher coverage

Yoga helps in boosting immunity. It reduces risks to your health and also improves health development. If you’re healthy, you don’t need to spend much on health care. When it comes to health insurance, you can enjoy comprehensive coverage with a minimum exclusion and a lower premium rate.

The benefits of health insurance include coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation, domiciliary hospitalisation, day-care procedure, in-patient hospitalisation, etc. Thus, yoga helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and availing comprehensive coverage under the policy.

  • Avail No-claim bonus

Practising yoga regularly keeps you protected from different illnesses. When an individual is healthy and does not suffer from illnesses, the need to file a claim under the policy reduces. One of the most vital benefits of health insurance is that you can earn a cumulative No-claim Bonus for every year that you do not file a claim. The reward results in an enhancement in the sum insured without any increase in your health insurance premium.

Wrapping Up

Yoga is a complete mind-body workout. It combines meditation and deep breathing exercises with strengthening and stretching asanas. Although there are many high-quality medicines for treating almost all diseases, one can practice asanas as preventive measures against the development of many medical conditions. One of the essential benefits of yoga is that it is a completely natural form of mind-body exercise. Also, there are numerous benefits of asanas for the prevention of diseases.

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