How Many Pushups Should I Do a Day?

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If you want to work on your upper body but do not have a lot of time for an elaborate workout routine, then pushup is the best exercise for you.

Pushups are undoubtedly one of the best strength training exercises that have an amazing impact on your upper body muscles, such as shoulders, triceps, and chest.

If you take this exercise seriously and perform it correctly, then no one can stop you from hitting your upper body goals.

But how many push-ups in one set are good? Let us find the answer to this question in the blog!

What Are the Benefits of Pushups?

Before discussing the normal push-up count, let us take a quick look at the benefits of doing push-ups on a daily basis. The following are the primary benefits of pushups:

Helps in Gaining Strength: According to experts, your push-ups are one of the most effective workouts for building strength. They help you work on your upper body and core, which helps you become fitter and stronger.

No Equipment Needed: The best part about push-ups is that you do not need any equipment. You can do them anytime, anywhere and achieve the desired results.

Helps in Burning Calories: Similar to any other strength training exercise, push-ups also allow you to burn excess calories, which can help you keep your body weight in check.

Build Endurance: Push-ups are great for enhancing your endurance. They can help you target multiple muscles simultaneously, allowing you to keep your muscles healthy and active for a long time.

How Much Push Up Should I Do a Day?

Push-ups are not as simple as they look, especially for beginners. When you are getting started, doing a single pushup in the right form is no less than an achievement.

But as you progress, you can increase the number of pushups accordingly.

For Beginners:

As we have discussed, you can start off with learning the correct form and try to perform at least 5-6 pushups per set and target at least two sets. Once you get comfortable with this level, try increasing your push-up count to 10-12 pushups and at least 2-3 sets. For better efficiency, take one minute rest between each set.

For Intermediate Level Individuals

Once you get comfortable with 10-12 push-ups per set, you can increase your repetitions to 15-20 and perform at least 3 sets. This will help you gain effective results.

For Advanced Level Individuals

If you are an advanced level individual, then you can easily target 75-100 pushups divided into multiple sets per day. If you want your push-ups to be more challenging, you can try out different variations such as roll-back push-ups, T-push-ups, knuckle push-ups, and so on.

How Many Calories Do I Burn Doing Push-Ups?

The number of calories burned by doing push ups depends on the time and intensity of doing the exercises. A person can burn roughly around 250-300 calories by performing pushups for one hour.

But as discussed, this number can vary depending upon the intensity at which pushups are being performed.

Besides, the primary goal of pushups is to build strength. It means calorie burn is just a byproduct of it.

Final Thoughts

Pushups are excellent for building strength and training your upper body and abdominal muscles. Because they come in low-intensity exercises, they can be performed by everyone regardless of their age and gender. What’s even better? They can be done without any equipment.

But should you count push ups or keep doing them for a set amount of time? You can do anything depending on your preferences. You can either set a fixed push-up count per set and repeat multiple sets or set a timer for 30-60 seconds and repeat the set several times. Both are equally effective.

Push-ups are great, but they alone can not help you achieve overall health. For that, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and give up on your bad habits.

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Can pushups help in building abs?

Pushups or any kind of exercise alone cannot help you build abs. While pushups surely help you condition and target your core muscles, you need to eat a high-protein and low-carb diet and follow a strict workout routine to build abs.

Are pushups good for weight loss?

Yes, a combination of push-ups along with other bodyweight exercises such as burpees, squats, lunges, and planks can help you shred a few extra kilos, provided that you maintain a calorie deficit.

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