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Height is a sensitive topic for many. It is common to hear individuals complain about their height and ask around for tips on how to increase height. Some even have specific requirements, such as knowing how to increase height by 4 inches. However, before knowing how to grow taller, one must learn if it is possible. An individual’s overall height is influenced by several factors, but genetic factors account for as much as 80% of this. The remaining percentage comprises environmental factors, including nutrition and exercise.

Generally, after the age of 2, children grow about 2 to 2.5 inches each year. This growth may increase as they hit puberty. However, every child will grow at their own pace. For girls, this growth spurt initiates at the beginning of their teenage whereas, for boys, this spurt is experienced a few years into their teens. Typically, you stop growing taller after going through puberty which means that it is unlikely for adults to increase their height.

Considering this, there are a few things that can be done throughout adolescence to increase growth potential.

Factors that Influence Height

Before exploring some effective height increase tips, let’s take a look at the determinants that affect the height of an individual:

  • Genetics

Studies indicate that the variations of the DNA sequence that an individual inherits are what primarily determine their height. However, the specifications of these genes and their impact are only partially understood.

Some uncommon gene variations can have dramatic effects on an individual’s height. For example, the FGFR3 gene can cause achondroplasia (a rare condition characterised by a short stature). For most individuals, however, a combination of genetic variations and environmental factors like nutrition determines height.

  • Sex

Females do not have the male sex chromosome (Y). Both sexes use the aromatase enzyme to change testosterone into oestrogen. Oestrogen influences height because it causes the end-fusing of bones, preventing growth.

Contrarily, it is believed that aromatase primarily affects long bones such as those present in the legs. And so, while the bodies of both men and women are typically about the same size, men usually tend to have longer legs. Since legs play an important role in determining height, there is a difference in height between women and men.

  • **Medical Conditions **

The height of an individual can also be affected by certain medical conditions, such as:

  • Dwarfism
  • Dwarf Syndrome
  • Gigantism
  • Untreated celiac disease
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • A condition that requires long-term use of steroids
  • Turner Disease

All these aforementioned circumstances can affect the height of an individual in their developmental age. To keep ailments such as cancer from denting your savings, it is advised to invest in a comprehensive health insurance policy. Your Mediclaim insurance can help you cover the cost of treatment and hospitalisation so you can focus on a speedy recovery instead of worrying about the bills.

  • Nutrition

A balanced and nutritious diet is important for the well-rounded growth of every child. While eating loads of fruits and vegetables won’t necessarily make a person taller, it can assist them in reaching their maximum growth potential.

  • Exercise

Amongst tips on how to increase height naturally, the height increase exercise list can seem unending. However, some exercises can positively influence the ability of a child to grow – particularly in the early stages of life. This theory is founded on the notion that increased physical activity leads to stronger and larger bones.

Now that we have understood the factors that affect height let’s have a look at how to grow height.

Height Increase Tips

If you are unhappy with your height, here are some helpful tips on how to increase height:

  • Consume a Balanced Diet

In the formative years, your body must be adequately supplemented with the right nutrition to promote wholesome growth. And so, your diet must include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and dairy. You must also avoid indulging in foods that contain a high amount of sugar, trans fat, and saturated fats.

If your height is being affected by an underlying medical condition or old age impacting your bone density, you can also consider increasing your calcium intake. Vitamin D is also known to promote bone health. However, these decisions must only be taken after consulting a doctor.

  • Consider Supplements (with caution)

There are only a few conditions where supplements can come to your aid to increase height if you are a child or prevent shrinking if you are an aged adult. For instance, some people have a condition that influences the production of human growth hormone (HGH). If you have similar issues, your doctor may recommend supplements infused with synthetic HGH. Moreover, to prevent the risk of osteoporosis, older adults may be prescribed calcium or vitamin D supplements.

  • Get Adequate Sleep

It may be alright if you occasionally don’t get enough sleep. But if, in adolescence, you continually don’t get the right amount of sleep, it can cause complications. This is because when you are sleeping, your body releases HGH, and these hormones may not be produced if you are not sleeping enough.

  • Exercise

Perhaps the best way to increase height is to stay active and exercise regularly. Several individuals looking up “how to increase height by 4 inches” will mostly be redirected to exercise pages. Following a height increase exercise routine can promote growth – particularly in children.

Here is how to grow height with exercise:

o Focus in strength building exercises such as sit-ups or push-ups o Engage in exercises that help with flexibility, such as yoga o Do aerobic exercises such as cycling, jumping rope, running, etc.

These exercises can also benefit adults by helping reduce their risk of osteoporosis.

Maintain a Good Posture

Poor posture can make you appear shorter than you are. Slumping and slouching can also affect your actual height in the longer run. Slouching for long can also lead to pain in your back and your neck. And so, it is important to be mindful of how you sleep, stand, and sit.

You can consult your doctor on how to improve your posture, and they may recommend a standing desk or a memory foam pillow, depending on your physical needs to correct your posture. Maintaining your posture is, therefore, the best way to increase height.

Following the aforementioned tips on how to increase height naturally can help a person assist their growth spurt in their formative years. However, it is important to remember that your height is primarily influenced by your genetics and cannot be significantly altered with other methods.

To Wrap Up

Height of the human body depends on many factors - some we can control, and some are beyond any control. Genetics, for example, is one significant height-influencing factor that we cannot control. However, young people who eat healthily and follow routine exercise can build a more athletic physique and maintain a good posture. Even if they are shorter than their desired height, they may appear tall.

For those wondering how to grow taller, your best chance is to consume a nutritious diet and exercise regularly. While diet and workout regimes help maintain a healthy life, people can still fall sick and need medical attention. And for those times, having a health insurance policy becomes crucial. Mediclaim insurance is designed to take care of contingency medical scenarios without impacting your savings.

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