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Track PAN Card Delivery Status: Speed Post, UTIITSL & NSDL

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  • 30/01/2024
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All taxpayers in India are assigned a ten-digit unique alphanumeric (containing both alphabets and numbers) code which is also known as PAN or Permanent Account Number.

The PAN card comprises all tax-related information for a person and acts as the primary key for the storage of this information. It is an essential document for most financial operations right from opening a bank account to loan or credit/debit card applications.

Once you apply for a PAN card, it takes around 15 days for the application to be processed. Let’s understand how to track your PAN card dispatch status.

Importance of PAN Card Delivery Status Check

A PAN card is more than a mere identification number. It is an essential document for several transactions as well as legal processes. Here is a list of some important things that require a PAN card:

Most banking-related financial operations

  • Buying/selling property

  • Applying for a loan

  • Purchasing jewellery

  • Buying vehicles

  • Investing in mutual funds

  • In employment for salary accounting and tax purposes

There are many things in addition to the aforementioned where a PAN card is required. Given its significance, it becomes important to track PAN card delivery status once you have applied. Most tracking services will enable PAN card location tracking for individuals.

Once the PAN card application has been submitted successfully, the applicants receive a 15-digit acknowledgement number. This PAN card tracking number reveals all application details, such as the dispatch date and expected date of delivery.

However, the PAN card tracking number to track PAN card delivery status can be used three days after the application has been made.

Let’s discover the different ways for PAN card location track.

Ways to Track PAN Card Delivery Status

In addition to applying for a new PAN card, individuals can also request a correction or an update on their existing PAN. Those who have misplaced their PAN card can request a reprint by visiting the official e-filing portal homepage.

It takes about 15 days for the respective authorities at the Income Tax Department to process the PAN card application. However, this duration can increase if the officials find any errors or discrepancies in the application.

Applicants can do a quick PAN card delivery status check through one of three ways:**

UTI Portal, which is the UTIITSL PAN Portal

TIN-NSDL, which is the TIN-NSDL PAN Portal

Speed Post

Let’s unravel the procedure to track the PAN card dispatch status for each of these.

Tracking PAN Card Delivery Status Via Speed Post

India Post is the official postal system of the Indian Government and is greatly trusted for its reliability. The online portal of Speed Post is user-friendly and updates the applicant with all the necessary information on their consignment.

Once your PAN card is dispatched, you will receive a 15-digit PAN card tracking number. This number is needed when tracking the status of your application. Here is the process to check your PAN card status by post:**

Step 1: Visit the official portal of India Post and click on the “Track Consignment” button

Step 2: You will find a space to enter the consignment number. Enter the number correctly.

Step 3: The screen will then ask you for a security code. This is an additional layer of safety that intends to protect the privacy of your consignment.

Step 4: To check your PAN card status by post, enter the tracking number and the delivery code and click on the “Search” button. The screen will then display the status of your PAN card with its last location and the expected delivery date.

Tracking PAN Card Delivery Status Via UTIITSL Portal

The Income Tax Department has authorised the UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL) to issue PAN cards. If individuals have applied for a PAN card through the UTIITSL portal, they can track the status of their application through the portal’s specialised tracking service. This service is exclusively available for applicants who have applied on the UTIITSL portal:**

Step 1: Visit the official UTIITSL portal, and on the home page, you will find a section dedicated to PAN card services. From the drop-down, select the “Track Your PAN card” option.

Step 2: You will be redirected to the next page, wherein you will be asked to enter your application coupon number. Those applying for a reprint will need to enter their existing PAN card number for tracking.

Step 3: You will be asked to enter additional details, such as your birth date, which is important for further verification. This is important for ensuring the security of the applicant’s information.

Step 4: Finally, you will see a slot for entering the captcha code. Once you punch in the code and click on “Submit”, see your PAN card application status.

Tracking PAN Card Delivery Status Via the NSDL Portal

The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) is another agency that is authorised for PAN card issuance by the Income Tax Department. The tracking system of the NDSL is robust and makes it easy for individuals to check their PAN card dispatch status. Here is how you can check the status of your PAN card via the NSDL portal:**

Step 1: Visit the official TIN-NSDL website and click on the tab that reads “Know Status of PAN Application”.

Step 2: From the drop-down, select the option that corresponds to your application. In this case, it would be “PAN-New/Change Request”.

Step 3: In the respective field, enter the acknowledgement number. You should have received this number when you applied for a PAN card on the NSDL portal.

Step 4: In case you have misplaced the acknowledgement number, you will be asked to enter your full name and birth date to track your application.

Step 5: Once all the necessary details have been entered, click on the “Submit” button, after which the screen will display the status of your application.

In Conclusion

A PAN card is an essential document that is required for several financial operations. Even when investing in a health insurance policy, the insurance seeker will need to share their PAN card information.

In addition to the basic benefits of health insurance, individuals also get tax benefits when they invest in a health insurance policy. However, to avail of these, it is crucial to have your PAN card.

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, individuals can claim tax deductions of up to ₹25,000 on premiums paid in a financial year. This tax deduction is also available for critical illness insurance.

Moreover, when you buy health insurance online from Tata AIG, you can even get discounts on your premiums to enhance your savings further.


Can I change the address for my PAN card delivery?

Yes, applicants have the option of changing the delivery address for their PAN card. Applicants will have to re-visit the website where they applied for their PAN card and, from there, “Apply for change/correction in PAN.”

What to do if my PAN card is dispatched but not yet delivered to my address?

It typically takes about 15-20 working days to get your PAN card delivered to your address once the application is submitted. This includes dispatch time. Use the acknowledgement number to track the delivery status of your PAN card. If required, you can contact customer service for further assistance.

How long does it take for the PAN to be dispatched?

It takes about two weeks for the authorities to process and dispatch your PAN card, considering you have accurately filled in the application.

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