Lymphocytes High – Causes, Signs, and Symptoms

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Different components in the human body have their unique function, and all of them work to protect you from different diseases and infections. It is the blood, especially, that carries all these nutrients and components. If you have ever recovered from a bad bout of cough, cold or any other type of infection, you should know that the white blood cells grow in number leading to a high lymphocyte count. This enables your body to fight against diseases, viruses and bacteria that make you sick.

The presence of exceptionally high lymphocytes in the blood is known as Lymphocytosis, and this is most commonly seen when you are suffering from major ailments such as cancer or any other critical illness. To bring back the lymphocyte levels to normal, it is essential to treat the underlying disease that causes a spike in the lymphocyte levels.

Let us explore further what causes a high lymphocyte count in the blood and what it means.

High Lymphocytes in Blood: Why Do Lymphocytes Increase?

About 20% to 40% of the white blood cells are lymphocytes, meaning at any given point in time, the normal range of adults would be 1,000 and 4,800 per microlitre of blood. In children, the normal range would be 3,000 and 9,500 lymphocytes for each microlitre of blood.

But what does this mean for you? A normal lymphocyte count indicates that your body is healthy and is not suffering from any diseases since the white blood cell count is normal. However, increased lymphocytes mean that your body is carrying infection and that the white blood cells have to increase the lymphocyte count to battle the ailment.

The white blood cell count will remain high until the ailment has healed or been eliminated. However, that is not a major cause of concern unless your doctor asks you to take additional precautions.

As noted above, major illnesses like cancer or tumours cause the lymphocyte count to rise unnaturally since the body has to prepare for bigger combat. In the case of minor illnesses and infections such as viral infection or bacterial infection, the lymphocyte count will rise temporarily but not be as high as it would have in the case of a critical ailment.

Therefore, this simply means health conditions result in high lymphocytes in the blood, and this spike will vary as per the severity of the illness or infection.

Below are some causes of lymphocytosis:


-Whooping Cough

-Hepatitis A

-Hepatitis B

-Hepatitis C


However, it is to be noted that lymphocytosis can also be caused due to mild or severe allergies to a range of prescribed or unprescribed medication, autoimmune diseases, smoking and also health conditions that are a direct result of high stress levels. This is one of the main reasons you must always strive to keep your stress in check while leading a healthy lifestyle.

High Lymphocyte Count: Symptoms

Have you been to the doctor when you are suffering from an ailment such as a fever or a cold? If you ask them how your body will deal with the infection, they’ll carry out a blood test increased lymphocytes in your blood and then explain how these lymphocytes help curb the infection.

However, a high level of lymphocytes in your blood can lead to lymphocytosis, which is not a disease or condition in itself; instead, it results from an illness, infection or health condition. Therefore, when you are ill, your white blood cells will multiply to combat the infection in your body, which can lead to some notable symptoms.

Since the body’s white blood cells increase and fight off the infection that affects you, it is common for someone with lymphocytosis to feel breathless and tired, which is expected when the lymphocyte levels are high.

With the staggering increase in lymphocyte levels, the lymph nodes in your neck may swell. This may or may not result in pain, but you should immediately visit your doctor. Also, do not try to self-medicate or deal with this situation on your own. Often, the wrong medication may result in further allergies, which can worsen your current health issues.

Some important symptoms of lymphocytosis also include:

-Night Sweats

-Unexplained Weight Loss

-Mild or High Fever

-Mild and treatable infections (resulting from lymphocytosis)

What to do if Your Lymphocytes are High?

A simple blood test can reveal if your body has high levels of lymphocytes. This helps your doctor figure out if you could be suffering from any infections or diseases, which will enable timely diagnosis and treatment.

Generally, if it is a regular infection that causes cold, cough or fever, regular medication under the doctor’s guidance can help you recover. Once the infection starts waning, the lymphocytes’ high level will also come back to normal since the body will be healthy again. However, at this point in time, you need to be patient and eat healthy food.

Additionally, when the lymphocyte levels in your body are already high, your doctor may advise you to avoid contact with other people. This is because, at this time, your body is already producing additional white blood cells to combat an existing disease. And as we have seen above, you may also experience fatigue. Hence, be sure to get enough rest when you are unwell.

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A majority of our health issues can be prevented or taken care of with a healthy lifestyle that comprises nutritious food, adequate sleep, exercise, and sound mental health. As seen above, different health issues can result in varying levels of lymphocytes in our body, which helps the body fight off diseases and infections.

However, do remember that even a simple fever can cause a spike in the lymphocyte levels; while you certainly contact your doctor, avoid panicking and getting stressed. Since high stress levels can lead to a range of lifestyle diseases, find simple ways and means to avoid stress and anxiety in your daily life.

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