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Papaya During Pregnancy?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 21/09/2022

Pregnancy can be a very beautiful time in the life of parents-to-be, especially a mother. However, this is not to be seen as a blanket statement. For first-time parents, it is a time fraught with fear and uncertainty. They fear doing the simplest things because it is bad for a baby. And with the fear and anxiety, the parents feel the words of caution and advice from many ‘well-meaning’ family members, friends and even strangers. One of the most common things mothers are told is what they can eat and cannot. And if a mother-to-be has ever wondered, ‘can we eat papaya during pregnancy’, the answer is a loud and resounding no. However, with advancements in science, mothers are questioning this papaya in the pregnancy narrative. People should take the ‘is papaya safe in pregnancy’ narrative with a grain of salt. It has some truth, but it should not be believed blindly.

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Now that we have spoken about mediclaim insurance, let us see if papaya is safe in pregnancy.

Can We Eat Papaya During Pregnancy?

Yes, papaya in pregnancy is safe, as long as the papaya is ripe. However, papaya for a pregnant lady should be avoided if the papaya is green or semi-ripe. This is because an unripe papaya has a lot of latex. According to studies, uterine contractions might be brought on by this concentrated type of latex. However, we need to remember that this is only the case with unripe papaya.

Papaya is also seen as one of the "hot fruits" believed to induce excessive body heat and should be eliminated during pregnancy. This explains the widespread myth that consuming the fruit can result in miscarriage and early labour and that papaya for a pregnant lady is poison. There is no evidence on whether eating can substantially elevate core body heat to endanger the unborn child in this way. A widely prevalent belief is that if a woman is experiencing a delay in her periods, she can consume papaya to force start their periods.

Thus, people also draw parallels between the two phenomena and say that if a pregnant lady consumes papaya, it will cause bleeding to start, leading to the detachment of the placenta from the uterus. However, no scientific research can back this fact, which can mean that it is an old wives' tale or a superstition.

Another reason papaya is thought to trigger miscarriages is that camels were given papaya seeds in ancient Egypt in cases of unplanned pregnancy. This was thought to cause an early miscarriage in the camel so they could continue their tasks unhindered. However, this practice is no longer used today because it is considered barbaric and morally wrong. Thus, there is once again no scientific backing to this claim. It is just a belief that has been passed down through the ages.

All this put aside, we must remember that papaya is a highly nutritious fruit that works wonders for the body. Many women love papayas and crave them during their pregnancy. If you are someone who is pregnant and wants papaya, you can consume it without having to worry about a miscarriage. Contrary to popular belief, consuming papaya has some benefits during pregnancy. If you wish to know the papaya health benefits in pregnancy, just read on

Papaya Health Benefits for Pregnant Women

There are several papaya health benefits for pregnant women who wish to consume the fruit while carrying the baby. Some of the most common health benefits of consuming papaya during pregnancy are;

  • Papayas are rich in nutrients and minerals, which help enhance the mother and child's immunity and help prevent infections.
  • Papaya has been known to help women counter morning sickness and nausea in general.
  • Papaya is seen as an instigator in milk production. If a mother does not have adequate milk production and wishes to breastfeed their baby, having one serving of papaya daily is recommended.
  • Most mothers-to-be complain of constipation and heartburn as a result of pregnancy. Papaya is good for constipation and can relieve mothers suffering from the disease. It also helps in digestion.
  • Papaya is rich in potassium, beta-carotene and vitamins A, B and C. All of this contributes to the foetus' overall neurological growth and development.
  • If the mother gets a viral illness during her pregnancy, consuming papayas can help get the platelets count back into the normal range.

Things to Remember

If you are going to consume papaya during your pregnancy, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. They are;

  • Do not consume unripe papayas, especially during the first trimester of your pregnancy.
  • Do not consume papayas that have spots of brown or green on them, are squishy or have mould growing on them.
  • Do not consume the papaya seeds. Consume only the flesh of the papaya after removing the seeds and the adjoining parts.
  • Do not consume the skin of the papaya.
  • Do not consume the fruit if it is seeping latex (a white sticky liquid).
  • Do not over-consume the fruit. Maintain moderation as with all foods.


Many women forego papayas during their pregnancy; some choose not to consume them during the first trimester, and others eat them freely throughout the pregnancy. There is no right or wrong way to go about your pregnancy. You need to do what is right for you and the baby. Following your instincts often gives you the best results. However, you can always speak with your primary physician if you are in doubt. And yes, when securing your health and the baby, choose mediclaim insurance from Tata AIG!

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