Jumping/Skipping Rope for Weight Loss

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All world-famous sportsmen swear to attest that jumping rope is the way to go. Compared to other cardio types, skipping exercise benefits us by burning more calories per hour. If you are wondering, is skipping good for weight loss? The answer is yes; skipping for weight loss is a good idea. Skipping includes enhancing stamina, making the core strong, and toning your calves and lung function. The time spent skipping rope, along with the number of calories burned while skipping, is calculated by the amount of time you invest and how the speed with which you skip rope. Also, you may shed weight if you do it right and eat the right meals.

Another benefit of jumping rope or skipping is that it keeps you active, and doctors ask people to stay active and fit. It is the best way to stay healthy. Although it is great to be conscious about your health, having good health insurance is important as medical emergencies do not announce themselves. You know your health may take a turn, so it is important to have good mediclaim insurance to fall back on.

Tata AIG provides health insurance tailored to fit your needs. Our mediclaim policies are affordable, and you are assured of aid when you need it. If you know you have good health insurance to fall back on, you can focus more on your health as you will be stress-free. The first step to better health may be getting fit. So here is how skipping exercise can help you in losing weight.

Skipping for Weight Loss: Techniques

If you think of making use of the skipping rope as an exercise for weight loss, getting a specialised skipping rope may benefit you greatly. The right equipment is key to imbibing the benefits of jumping rope. Follow the steps given below for an effective skipping exercise session.

  1. Hold the jump rope in a way that it is behind your legs and keep standing upright and strong while you keep your legs apart (shoulder width).

  2. Extend your arms up in a way that the skipping rope rests in the middle of your knees and ankles as you try to draw the rope ahead in a single motion with the help of your hands. You must keep practising this action a few times so that you can understand where it will land before you try to fall into the exercise with full intensity.

  3. Keep a check on the amount of time it takes the rope to loop so you can lift up your knees and jump over the jump rope as the rope moves over your head. Continue once you've mastered this effectively.

  4. Keep a check on the number of rounds you make the rope move beneath your feet without reaching a halt. This motion needs some amount of practice, but slowly it will become a pattern for you. This is when the skipping exercise benefits will start to show in your body.

How to Make the Most of Skipping for Losing Weight?

If you wish to add more impact to your skipping, there are two basic things you need to do:

  • Increase Speed

Jumping the rope faster burns additional calories in a shorter amount of time. As a result, if a heavier individual increased their pace even slightly, they would burn more fat while maintaining a constant rhythm. This is how you can increase the benefits of skipping.

  • Add Complex Combinations

Increasing the complexity of your jump-rope workout can improve the number of calories you burn. Regular rope jumps can be taken to new strength levels with toe-tapping, kicks and punches, sequential single-leg leaps, and other combinations.

Is Skipping Good for Weight Loss?

Rope skipping can burn from about fifteen to twenty calories every minute. An example is that skipping rope for about 15 minutes will help you burn two hundred to three hundred calories on an average. So, if you're wondering if skipping can help you lose weight, it surely can.

Moreover, when compared to running, which is also a well-known activity to burn some calories and lose pounds, skipping the rope can assist you in losing about 25 per cent more calories every minute. So, if you do not have the space to move out for a run or jog, you can always freely stay home and skip rope. It will do you a world of good. Therefore, there are many benefits of skipping.

Using Caution when Jump Roping

If you have any worries about your capacity to handle the impact and high cardio intensity of rope-jumping, consult your doctor. The importance of shoes and jumping surfaces needs to be emphasised. Warming up, stretching, and cooling down are crucial parts of any workout. The effect on your body is determined by how you jump.

Each time the rope passes, the intensity is reduced by slowing the rope down and adding an extra jump. Keep track of your target heart rate zone. You exercise intensely enough to benefit from the exercise but not so vigorously as to jeopardise your health.

Here's how to figure out your maximum heart rate: Subtract your age from 220. The upper end of your target range is 85% of that figure, while the low end is 70%. So your maximum heart rate is 180 beats per minute, and your ideal zone is 126-153 beats per minute.

Importance of a Health Insurance Policy

Exercising and health insurance are similar, enabling us to lead a more comfortable life. Exercising can keep you in good health, but a sudden health emergency may leave you stranded. Having good mediclaim insurance ensures you have nothing financial to worry about.

Tata AIG provides various health insurance plans to aid you. We offer completely cashless services and have a tie-up with over 7200 hospitals nationwide. You can also use our health premium insurance calculator to work out a premium amount that is suitable for you. So, take a step toward securing your health today!


The last two years have taught us that health is the one thing we should never take for granted. Circumstances may change at the drop of a hat. Therefore, securing our health and our future is a must at any given time. We often think we have time to make the change we have wanted to, but time may not always be on our side. So, if you want to make a change, do it now. Start exercising now! Get your health insurance policy now!

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