10 Tips for Faster Hair Growth

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Troubled by a receding hairline? Facing hair fall issues?

Hair fall is a matter of grave concern for men and women alike. And if you are facing this issue at a young age, you are probably searching for the fastest way for hair to grow. However, there is no way one can get overnight solutions to their hair loss problems.

According to research, human hair can grow about 0.35 mm/day. So, if you want your hair to grow longer, you must wait for quite some time. Following the right hair growth process with patience can lead to a ponytail — if that is what you aim for.

But before we start talking about hair growth tricks, we would like to tell you that hair loss can be an indicator of undiagnosed diseases or side effects of some medicine. So, you should consult your doctor if you are experiencing sudden hair loss.

If you suspect any undiscovered illnesses, you can also perform some preventive healthcare tests. Here, if you have an active medical insurance plan, you can claim the deductions on the expenses of the checkups.

Health insurance policies from Tata AIG allow you to claim these benefits. This is one of the benefits of health insurance. Also, when you buy health insurance online, you can customise the health insurance policy as per your needs and financial capacity.

Returning to the topic, this article is for people trying to make their hair grow faster. Here we will share some tricks to grow hair faster. So, stay tuned.

Here are Some Super Fast Hair Growth Tips

1. Make Sure Your Hair Gets Enough Vitamins and Nutrients

Hair needs nourishment like vitamin E, keratin and other nutrients. If you watch TV or are active on any form of social media, you might already have seen ads promoting different kinds of nutrient-rich shampoos and hair oils. You may choose to use any of them, but they don’t necessarily help in hair growth.

So, the use of such cosmetics can supplement a balanced diet. Make sure you include zinc, omega-3 and 6, biotin, B-5, iron, and vitamins C and D in your diet.

2. Tea Tree Oil Can Boost Hair Growth

Tea tree oil is distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. Tea tree oil is a plant extract, and it is an essential component present in hair care products. With all this said, there is no strong research evidence backing the efficacy of tea tree oil in promoting hair growth, but it certainly does help in relieving some hair-related problems.

For example, tea tree oil helps remove chemicals from your hair, protecting its health. It is also effective in treating dandruff. You can mix tea tree oil and almond oil in a 1:10 ratio and apply it to your scalp to treat dandruff.

3. Use Proteins to Boost Hair Growth

Protein is the building block of tissues, and they help in hair growth as well. There are only a few ways to use protein in your hair — you can include protein that is required by hair in your diet, or you can go for a protein treatment.

Protein treatments can protect your hair from damage if you apply various chemicals to your hair. Also, homemade remedies like using coconut oil can help reduce protein loss. Use it before and after washing your hair. With all that said, do not get totally inclined towards protein intake as too much protein can interfere with your kidney function. So, protein from sources like vegetables, yoghurt, nuts, and other foods is safer for your body as well as your hair.

4. Minoxidil Can Help to Some Extent

Many people with alopecia or male-pattern baldness would probably have heard the name Minoxidil. It is arguably the most used medication to treat and prevent hair loss and hair thinning. It is clinically tested for hair growth and has shown positive results. However, we strongly recommend you consult a dermatologist before starting minoxidil treatment.

There are certain side effects of minoxidil such as allergic reactions in the region of application. More so, stopping minoxidil treatment can drastically reverse the progress and you may find yourself starting to lose hair again.

5. Refrain from Applying Extreme Heat to Your Hair

You have a function in the evening and you want to try a different style. You probably want to straighten your hair or curl it to sport a different look. But be very careful not to overdo it.

The heat from hair dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners can damage your hair and even cause breakage. If you cannot stop thermal styling, you should definitely limit how often you use these tools. Besides, you may also want to lower the temperature of such styling tools to avoid any drastic damage to your hair.

If you must heat style your hair, we strongly recommend you go through heat treatment. Heat treatment can lock the moisture in your hair and create a protective barrier between the hair strands and the heat styling tool.

6. Do Not Brush your Hair Harshly

Imagine you have managed to grow your hair a bit longer and cannot contain your desire to tie it in a ponytail. Now, as you pull your hair to tightly tie it in a knot to make that ponytail, you run the risk of harming your hair. After a few repeated efforts, you may find your hairline receding.

So, it is ideal to go brush your hair gently and opt for loose hairstyles for the first few months until your hair gets stronger and longer.


Your hair can determine as much as 70% of your looks. A receding hairline or thinning hair can drastically change your looks. If you have hereditary hair loss, the chances of getting your hair back are actually very thin. In such cases, people tend to go for a hair transplant operation, but that, too, may not have a very high success rate.

Therefore, it is paramount that you take good care of your hair as long as you have them. Be more gentle with your hairstyles, and make sure you nourish your hair with proper nutrients.

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