Top Parts of Two wheeler and Tips to Maintain It

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Bike maintenance is important to get the best performance out of your bike. In general, a bike has to be serviced twice a year. You should also check your bike before every ride and maintain it weekly for a safer and better riding experience.

If you get your bike maintenance done by a professional, it will cost you money. But knowing your bike inside out can help you maintain it better on your own. You need to know the important parts of your bike and the best care tips to maintain it.

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Tools for Maintenance of Bike

The indispensable tools and accessories for motorcycle maintenance include-.

  • For Primary care:

  • Spare parts: Tubes, valves, and repair tubes are important spare parts for bike maintenance.

  • Cleaner: Cleaning the chain requires water and soap.

  • Cleaning rags and brushes: A clean cloth and different size brushes make cleaning easier.

  • Degreasing agent: A degreaser such as alcohol or turpentine is required to degrease chain lubricant.

  • Chain lubricant: Lubricant suitable for the healthy bike.

  • Tape: Required for multi-purpose use.

  • Repair kit:

  • Wrench: Have at least one pair of properly sized wrenches for tightening and loosening bolts.

  • Multiple tools: Buy a multi-tool that serves multiple purposes.

  • Tire iron: Facilitates flat fixing.

  • Chain link: Is needed to replace the chain.

  • Patch kit box: Required when installing a flat tube.

  • Pump: Is needed to get an inflated tire. Get a floor pump to take home and a mini pump to take on your travels.

  • Wheel stand: Useful for advanced repairs.

Now let us understand the top parts of a two-wheeler and tips to maintain it.

Bike Engine

Among two-wheeler auto parts, the engine is the most crucial and here is how you check and maintain all the necessary components of it.

How to check your bike engine?

  • If the engine oil is black, replace it as soon as possible.
  • Check the engine oil level in time.
  • Check if there is any leakage.
  • If you live in an area prone to flooding or where flooding is a severe problem, your motorcycle insurance should include an engine protection cover.

Bike Carburettor

A carburettor is the traditional fuel delivery system attached to your bike and consists of valves, chambers, and hoses. With the help of these mechanical parts, the Carburetor helps in the combustion process.

How to Maintain your bikes Carburettor?

  • Maintenance by cleaning the carburettor is necessary.
  • The carburettor is a separate part and can be submerged in cleaning fluid.
  • If anything looks rusty or damaged, we recommend replacing these parts.

While regular maintenance and bike cleaning can be done by everyone, servicing the carburettor requires special tools and two-wheeler parts. You may consider taking your bike to a mechanic for servicing

Bike breaks

Brakes are one of the most important components of a motorcycle. They are used to slow down vehicles. There are two types of brakes: disc brakes and drum brakes. To stop a moving car, you must step on the brakes.

On a motorcycle, the front wheel brake is located on the right side of the handlebar, and the rear wheel brake is in the form of a lever that the rider can press with his right foot. On a scooter or moped, both brakes are on the handlebar.

How to Maintain your bike brakes?

  • Inspect the brake shoe linings for wear. Replace worn brake shoes when the pad thickness is reduced
  • To improve braking performance, remove dust from brake drums
  • Check for sufficient brake fluid level. Fill in time

Bike fuel tank

The main purpose of a bike tank is to have enough fuel for its capacity. It is placed directly above the motor of the bike.

How to maintain a bike Fuel tank?

Remove the fuel tank from your bike and start cleaning. To clean, close the fuel inlet port after filling it with octane or gasoline and ball bearings. Shake the tanker for better results. Remove all dirt from the walls.

Bike Tire

Tires separate the bike from the road. As the name suggests, all "two-wheeled vehicles" are equipped with two wheels, one in the front and one in the rear. There are two types of tires: tubeless tires and tubular tires.

Keep in mind that you should always maintain optimum tire pressure. It helps balance the bike and improves the two-wheeler's fuel efficiency. Even if the thread pattern on your bicycle tire is flat, the tire should be replaced.

How to maintain your bike tires?

Check and maintain the optimum air pressure in your bicycle tires. Read your owner's manual to know the correct tire pressure. Get into the habit of washing your wheels regularly. Accumulating dirt on the tire surface can cause the tire to skid and lead to a serious accident. Each tire has a lifespan. Therefore, it should be replaced after a specified period of time.


In this blog, we have mentioned a bike's essential components, which the bike owner should understand. are important to know for the proper functioning of the vehicle. Additionally, these should be checked on time to maintain durability.

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