HCG- Purpose- Preparations -and Side effects

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One of the most common terms that come across by a couple planning for a baby is HCG. People tend to go to laboratories to find the HCG levels to confirm the pregnancy and keep monitoring it to ensure a safe pregnancy.

On the other hand, people who cannot conceive naturally due to specific medical reasons will be advised to take the HCG injection shots to increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

So, what does HCG mean? Why is it essential for pregnancy?

Here is a detail about HCG, its purpose, preparations, and side effects.

What is HCG?

HCG refers to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone produced by the placenta in females during pregnancy. It is popularly called the pregnancy hormone, which plays an important and distinct role in supporting a pregnancy.

HCG is present in the blood or urine of a female after 10 to 15 days after conception. The hormone stops menstruation and thickens the uterus lining to secure a growing embryo.

The HCG levels start increasing during the start of the pregnancy and continue to rise until 10 weeks into pregnancy. Therefore, the HCG levels are found to be the highest in the 10th week of pregnancy. The qualitative and quantitative tests provide information regarding the HCG levels in the body.

What Is HCG Injection

The HCG injection is a method of providing the synthetic form of the hormone HCG in males and females to stimulate the necessary hormones in them and increase the chances of pregnancy.

Purpose Of HCG Injections

The primary purpose of HCG hormone injection is to treat fertility issues in males and females. In females, it helps to maintain progesterone levels and stimulate ovulation, increasing the chances of pregnancy. HCG injections administered at the right time can help release the mature egg from the ovary for fertilisation.

On the other hand, in males who suffer from insufficient production of testosterone (Hypogonadism) that causes less sperm count, the HCG injection can be administered to stimulate the Leydig cells, the primary source of testosterone.

Preparation Of The HCG Injection

HCG injection can be administered to individuals subcutaneously and intramuscularly. However, it has to be done based on the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

Here are a few steps that can help in understanding the preparation and usage of the HCG injection.

  1. The HCG injection is provided as a pack of two bottles, 10 ml sterile water and a lyophilised powder.
  2. The contents, the powder and the sterile water, are mixed in a syringe with an 18 gauge, 1 and 1/2" long needle.
  3. The mixture is made with 1 ml of water with the dry powder.
  4. The remaining water has to be discarded.
  5. The lyophilised powder and sterile water have to be mixed gently.
  6. After the contents are mixed, the needle has to be changed to a 25 gauge, 1 and 1/2" needle.
  7. The first dose can be injected, and the remaining mixture can be refrigerated.

The second dose can be taken with the preparation and dosage administered by a qualified medical practitioner.

HCG Injection Sites

The doctor will generally give the first dose, and the individuals can take the following doses themselves based on the doctor's directions.

The HCG injection shots can be taken in the following places in the body for the best results.

Subcutaneous sites

  1. Lower abdomen
  2. Upper arm
  3. Front or outer thigh

Intramuscular sites

  1. Outer arm
  2. Upper outer buttocks

As the HCG shots are injected into the fat underneath the skin, it is comparatively painless in subcutaneous sites. On the other hand, as the injection is made directly into the skin in the intramuscular site, the effect is more painful.

Side Effects Of The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Injection

Side effects are common to any medication. Likewise, people who have taken the HCG hormone shots can suffer from the following side effects:

1. Swelling and pain at the injected place- A slight pain will be experienced for individuals taking the injection on intramuscular sites. However, it will settle eventually in a few hours or days.

2. Headache- HCG injections can increase the risk of developing blood clots in the head. Therefore, if there is an increased headache, it is essential to consult a doctor.

3. Fatigue and restlessness- The individuals will experience fatigue and restlessness after taking the HCG shots. Therefore, doctors generally ask people to rest three to four hours after the injection.

4. Nausea- A feeling of nausea can be experienced in some individuals.

It is always important to consider the benefits and risks associated with the HCG injection based on specific body conditions to ensure no severe side effects.

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HCG is an important hormone that plays a significant role in strengthening a pregnancy. The HCG levels will start increasing in females at the start of pregnancy and keep increasing until they reach 10 weeks in their pregnancy.

HCG injections are provided to females and males to treat fertility issues. It can increase sperm count in males and stimulate ovulation in females.

The preparation and administration of the HCG injection must be done based on the directions of a qualified medical practitioner to avoid any complications.

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