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An insurance is a contract to protect the insurance holder from a risk. That’s what a mediclaim does. Today, most of our medical needs are being covered by a mediclaim. A Mediclaim covers all the health-related risks borne by a health insurance policyholder.

The claim can cover medical expenses too. Insurance or a mediclaim can be claimed during an emergency or other times by filling out certain forms and submitting necessary documents.

The good news is, filing a claim is not as uncomplicated as it used to be. Now, medical insurance companies have a literal process with several complications to ensure that only a proper claim is entertained.

There are several obstacles a claimant has to face while he files his claim. One such obstacle that a claimant faces during the claim process is to get a CCN number.

Let us find out the CCN full form and its essential aspects.

What is the CCN Number in Mediclaim?

CCN full form in medical billing is the Claim Communication Number. CCN meaning is a claim holder's unique identity number that differentiates him from other claimants. It is like an Aadhar card number which is unique to all individuals.

What is the Purpose of CCN?

A CCN number is a unique number that a claimant receives after he submits his insurance claim or medical claim application and when the insurance company streamlines the claim.

This number will help the claimant track the status of his claim and the approval or denial of the same. He could also fast-track his claim, or extract details of his claims effortlessly with the help of CCN.

Where Can I Get My CCN Number?

Here is where you can find your CCN Number:

Physical Documents

Most of the time, the insurance companies return the reports which are submitted to them after the claim is settled. CCN medical can be found on the top of the document or upper left-hand corner of such reports.

CCN numbers can also be found on the copies of the claim documents. Although finding such documents or copies can be a challenging job, it can provide you with a CCN.

Mobile App

Nowadays, most insurance companies have offered mobile apps to their clients. Claimants can check the status of their claim by logging on to the mobile app or the insurance company’s website.

While checking the status, they can also examine the details of their claim where they will find the CCN number.

Go Thoroughly Through the Inbox

Most insurance providers or mediclaim companies send an email or text message at the start of the claim process or as a confirmation of verification of documents. The company may provide the CCN in one such message.

Contact the Insurer

CCN number can be obtained via your insurance provider, by either communicating to your agent or by contacting the customer service of the service provider.

When Can I Get My CCN Number

CCN number in mediclaim is issued, once the medical insurance company verifies the various documents like proof of identity, age proof, medical reports, hospital bills, doctor consultation receipts, and medical bills. Once the insurance company is satisfied that the claim is valid, a CCN number is issued.

Is CCN Important?

The CCN number in medical billing is significant for multiple reasons.

Once issued and known, a CCN number can help individuals retrieve their claim information easily, within minutes.

CCN number helps individuals check the status of their claim and keep occasional checks regarding its approval.

In some cases, CCN can help individuals fast-track the claim process by understanding which stage their insurance claim is at and taking necessary action.


The CCN number in medical billing can be a helpful tool for easing your critical illness insurance claim process. Insurance claim does not have to be a lengthy and tedious process.

With the right insurance company, individuals can gain timely claims and hassle-free help during an emergency.

Tata AIG provides health insurance with pre and post-hospitalisation benefits. Along with a high claim settlement ratio, Tata AIG maximises the benefits of health insurance and helps you during times of critical illness.

Buying critical illness insurance along with a health insurance plan, will provide assurance and a myriad of help.

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