Why Go For A Top Up Health Insurance Plan?

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At school and home alike, we are taught to be disciplined and prudent and prepare ourselves for different challenges in life. However, even if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle and routine, eat well, do yoga, sleep on time, and restrict your exposure to electronic gadgets, you are still vulnerable to a plethora of health-related issues, infections and accidents being on top of that list. In such a scenario, a health insurance policy can prove to be of great assistance to you.

With the availability of online health insurance plans, buying medical insurance for yourself and your family has become an easy and swift process. At Tata AIG, we offer some of the best health insurance plans in the country, packed with excellent benefits and feasible premiums. Whether you are looking for an individual health insurance plan or a family health insurance, our wide range of plans have you covered.

However, in the present times ridden with unprecedented health risks, including life-threatening viral infections, having a health insurance policy is not enough. Therefore, you must enhance your health insurance coverage with a top-up health insurance plan.

What Is Meant By Top Up Health Insurance?

If you have ever used a top-up plan to recharge the talktime or data balance in your phone, you must be familiar with the notion of top-ups. Just as a mobile top-up plan helps you get additional talktime or Internet usage, a top-up health insurance enables you to enhance your medical insurance coverage.

A top-up health insurance plan is, as the name suggests, a product that offers you additional health insurance benefits. Although it has been designed to help you cover the medical costs that are in excess of your regular health insurance policy, it can serve as a medical insurance policy in its own right and provide you substantial coverage at a feasible premium.

Here's Why You Should Buy Top-up Mediclaim Insurance

If you are wondering why you must purchase a top-up health insurance policy if you already have a health insurance policy or a group mediclaim policy, here are a few reasons which make such a decision not only advisable but also necessary

1. Medical Inflation On The Rise

If you ask your parents what a doctor's consultation or a routine health check-up used to cost when they were your age, the answer may leave you shocked. And if you were to ask the same question of your grandparents, the answer may very well seem unfathomable. Such has been the magnitude of medical inflation in India over the past few decades that a product or service that cost, say, a rupee in your parents' youth costs four to five times that amount now.

Estimates suggest that medical inflation in India is growing at twice the rate of retail inflation. Therefore, what may seem as sufficient medical insurance coverage today may actually be much below what you may end up needing in case of major surgery or accident. Therefore, you must factor in the potential costs of future medical treatments and opt for a top-up health insurance policy that offers you substantial coverage.

2. High Coverage at Low Premium

With a top-up health insurance plan, you get a significant amount of medical insurance coverage at a relatively low premium, particularly compared to the cost of buying a regular health insurance policy. The Tata AIG Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan offers a substantial medical cover at pocket-friendly premiums, thereby making it convenient for you to manage any additional or unanticipated medical bills.

3. A Safety Net in an Unpredictable Environment

Never in the lifetime of our generation or the one that preceded us has a global medical emergency of such catastrophic proportions as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic transpired. With the vast population that our country has, the incidence of the virus and the corresponding fatalities have been incredibly high.

Therefore, having health insurance in India has become a matter of significant importance and urgency. And even that may not be enough, which is why you must select a top-up health insurance policy that can serve as a safety net amidst unfavourable health-related circumstances.

4. Limited Coverage of Group Health Insurance Policies

If you are covered by a Group Health Insurance Policy purchased by your employer and think said coverage is enough, think again and think deeply. Such plans usually provide an utterly basic cover and are barely sufficient to cover the costs of advanced medical treatments and long-term medical care.

However, you can enhance your health insurance coverage by opting for the Tata AIG MediCare Plus Plan, a super top-up health insurance policy that comprises extensive medical insurance coverage at a price that may be feasible to you.

5. Your Savings Are Sacrosanct

Imagine a situation wherein you meet with a serious accident and end up needing a minor or major surgery or a scenario wherein you get diagnosed with diabetes. How, at first glance, it may seem that your regular health insurance policy shall suffice to help you bear the costs of the treatments that follow. However, accounting for medical inflation, that is unlikely to hold true.

As a result, you shall be forced to delve into your hard-earned savings or, worse yet, seek financial assistance. All the financial discipline and meticulous financial planning will go down the drain in one fell swoop. To prevent such a situation, you must always have more medical insurance than you think you need, and buying a super top-up health insurance plan is the easiest way to achieve that goal.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons why you must buy a top-up health insurance policy. The fact that such a plan increases your level of preparedness against any medical emergencies ought to be more than enough for you to decide to select a top-up medical insurance plan at the earliest.

If you do end up making such a decision, check out the Tata AIG MediCare line of health insurance policies, including the MediCare Plus Super Top-up Plan and benefit from the treasured TATA promise. Remember that health is not just wealth, it is much more important, and by spending a little bit of that wealth, you can better secure your health!

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