5 Myths Of Travel Insurance

You are all set for your vacation; your luggage is packed and all checklists ticked off. However did you consider buying travel insurance?

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5 Myths Of Travel Insurance

If the answer was no, you might be harbouring some common misconceptions about travel insurance. Let us debunk them for you.

Myth 1 - Nothing could possibly go wrong, so the trip does not warrant insurance

Maybe you are extra careful and may have taken numerous trips without anything untoward ever having happened, yet it always pays to be prepared. You never know when your luck may run out. A good travel insurance will protect you in case of accident and sickness expenses, lost or misplaced baggage, baggage delay, passport loss and flight delay; some of the innumerable things that may go wrong. In all these cases you will lose a substantial amount of money on pre-paid expenses in case you do not have travel insurance.

Myth 2 - My Normal Health Insurance Policy is Enough

Many people do not opt for travel insurance since they assume that their normal health insurance policy will cover them in case of an illness abroad. While, there are some policies offering cover for short international trips, these policies will not be helpful in case your trip gets delayed and your regular health insurance cover expires. Reputed travel insurance schemes also provide emergency assistance, medical evacuation and repatriation across the globe, a feature missing in most domestic health policies.

Myth 3 - The Airlines Offer Covers for Delayed / Cancelled Flight Hence I Don’t Need Additional Cover

Many travellers think their airlines will reimburse them in case they miss their flights due to connecting flight delays or in case of flight cancellations, however most airlines do not reimburse unless it is a grave or unavoidable reason. More often than not, the fine prints in airline insurance make it almost impossible to get any coverage. Also in case you have to cancel your flight due to illness or any emergency, you are left high and dry. On the other hand by opting for travel insurance you get covered for most such eventualities.

Myth 4 - All Travel Policies are The Same, It Does Not Matter Which one I Buy

While there are numerous travel insurance policies available, one needs to be careful to opt for a policy provided by a trusted insurance provider. Different policies cater to needs of different categories of travellers. Lately some good travel policies also cover for pre-existing conditions or provide life-long cover and you need to scrutinize your options before settling for any policy. A wide variety of travel insurance policies catering to customers of different age groups, and for different destinations exist. Travel policies specially catering to overseas students are also available today and one needs to look around and choose best one available.

*Myth 5 - Claim Collection Is A Pain *

Many travellers believe that it is close to impossible to get the claim amount unless something disastrous has happened. This is not at all true if you opt for a good insurance provider. Do not fall prey to lure of fly by the wall operators. A good policy from an institution of repute will ensure your every step right from filing the claim to collecting it is easy and hassle free.

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